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Lance Watch 4. Watching Lance have his say on poss not riding Le Tour and more…


 Update on Lance's Injury, Response to Drug Testing Allegations -- powered by

... the big man has been clearing the air on video on the Livestrong site - most of this we've already heard but here it all is from the horse's mouth, at the end though he drops a bomb about the Tour and his possible participation in it, or not. Rumours have been flying around in the day or so since the row about the haircut blew up that the French might bar him from competing in their race - in this video Armstrong admits this could happen. Some of the comments on the page are gold, too...

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thebikeboy | 15 years ago

My thoughts also.

He's got everything to lose and nothing to gain (and I'm sure he's the sort of chap who takes that sort of thing into account) by riding the Tour, let's face it he isn't going to win. The Giro on the other hand is different, he's got no record there and he's guaranteed a hero's welcome come what may.

John_the_Monkey | 15 years ago

Does Lance actually want to ride the TdeF?

Wasn't he talking earlier in the year about being worried that French fans would attack him? It seems that it's either that, or he's setting the French up for an outcry from his fans if they do try to stop him riding.

Hammy | 15 years ago

That man is scary.
Or maybe it's because I'm a hamster

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