This wonderful news article on Road.cc features one of the biggest challenges facing cycling fans and weekend riders in 2011.

Nothing to do with a throwaway remark from Clarkson that got everyone hot under the collar or the contents of Riccardo Ricco's fridge.

It is all about British Cycling and Adidas releasing the national team kit in April for cyclists like you and I to buy, and maybe even wear on a bike!!

As usual with replica pro or national team kit this seems to polarise the cycling forumite like no other topic (well maybe apart from Rapha...)

I remember Impsport knocking out replica GB kit before Adidas and Nike got the contract (although I think they make the Swoosh emblazoned ones) and no-one complained then.

Also check many of the online bike clothing retailers and see how Italian and Dutch replica national team kits are stocked.

It isn't a crime...

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I do see the point that unless you have earned the right to represent your country you shouldn't wear national team kit. But for me that is an out of date notion.

Even the rainbow jersey is fair game for me... even though I wouldn't wear one personally.

The Union flag jersey looks bloody marvellous and why shouldn't British Cycling and Wiggle (stockists) make some cash on the back of our current credibility in the sport? 

If people are getting out on their bikes and enjoying themselves, what harm is dressing like Bradley Wiggins doing ? (unless they copy his haircut)

I hope my birthday wish comes true and I get one of the jerseys. My second wish is that when people see me out riding in that they think "what a patriotic chap supporting his nation and backing Team GB", rather than being all stuffy and complaining that I haven't earned the right...


James has been blogging for road.cc for 5 years and racing bicycles (averagely) for 20 years. 


creepymonkey [31 posts] 8 years ago

If it was lose fitting, mainly white, had a "7" on it and "Beckham", then no one would look twice.

mandelstam [3 posts] 8 years ago

I can't see what the problem is... But I do get a bit edgy seeing people in the yellow, gold, pink etc jerseys. I mean would you go out with your fake olympic medal on?
Anyhoo life goes on...

vorsprung [293 posts] 8 years ago

I think the shorts might make my arse look big

Might get one for PBP but TBH I guess they will be too expensive to bother with

herlihy [11 posts] 8 years ago

'I do see the point that unless you have earned the right to represent your country you shouldn't wear national team kit. But for me that is an out of date notion'
It is a moronic notion. I play 5 a side with my aging mates; Liverpool shirts, Man U shirts, a Barcelona shirt , even a Bristol Rovers one. I've a ticket to see Ireland at rugby in a few weeks. My mate will wear the Scotland shirt, I'll wear the Irish shirt.But dear God get on a bike with team or national kit in this country and some ejit will say you've not earned the right. Last year I spent a pleasant summer's evening at an outside table at a bar on a quet road leading out of a small slovenian town. All evening groups of friends, individuals, families cycled out to the hills wearing Lampre, T Mobile, Garmin, Discovery etc. Just enjoying being on a bike wearing the kit. Why not here? Fear of ejits methinks

The _Kaner [1203 posts] 8 years ago

I have no affiliation for any team in the modern cycling world...I wear stuff that I feel comfortable in (hoping I don't look a complete twangle)..Rapha, Shutt, Torm...(can we say all those in the one sentence?)
...I remember wearing a yellow jersey (Adidas)...out on an MTB back in the mid 90's ..and a full Off Beat Bikes ensemble (bought on a mad spree in Fort William)..I've never raced..oh the shame and horror...have I no respect..I didn't earn..
..fook me....what am I droning on about...if you think you can pull off the Team GB look...go ahead...here in Ireland there are countless An Post replica's..I'm sure there are the 'snobs'..deriding the wearers of these...but they're usually wearing 'A' that famous Swiss stuff...riding €4k+ bikes (usually badly...and think us 'commoners' have no right to be within their breathing space...tough luck 'monkey boys'...I'm off to put on my Cervo Rosso National Pride Gran Fondo ltd Edition (Swiss Armband no 43)...and pretend I'm in the Alpe d'Huez....  16 Scotsman  30 in Ireland  30 Pretending to be Swiss  30

FMOAB [289 posts] 8 years ago

Do they do it in size XXXL?  19

David cycling t... [64 posts] 8 years ago

All i wear, whether its out training or away riding for a week, is replica team kits. I see no problem with it. (obviously once my sponsors are all in for the global cycle race, i can switch to my own designed kit when it arrives) but until then, i'm more than happy to ride around with my replica team radioshack jersey and bib shorts on. and when that's dirty, my Saxo bank kit. needless to say, i have had the odd comment, but that's usually by someone just calling me lance or andy schleck, trying to be funny, but then soon put them into place when i ride past and give them a wave.

So as it goes for the Team GB kit, if your supporting team GB, wear it, be proud to wear it. Your an idiot if you think someone isn't worthy to wear it.

Alex Gilbert [2 posts] 8 years ago

I used to row before I took up cycling and even rowed for GB once. In that sport, you do not wear national kit unless you've earnt it, but rowing doesn't really have a large following or people who support it regularly.

Cycling does.

I see nothing wrong with supporting your team by wearing team or country colours. I've had an Aussie national champs jersey for a year or two now as well as many team tops and bibs.

I was very excited to hear that you could now buy GB kit to "fly the flag" and support the boys and girls you want to see win. In fact, I've just ordered a set of the GB kit from Wiggle.


RuthF28 [101 posts] 8 years ago

I wouldn't wear it, nor any other team kit, but don't have any issue with people who do. When I see cyclists in team kit I always assume they are tough, fast and much better than I am; since I'm not in that class of cycling I don't wear professional gear, as it would be laughable for someone plodding along at 15 mph. Anyway, I've got a huge supply of technical triathlon tops to wear for cycling and running in, which shows my chosen sport to any interested party.

I take the point about any and everybody wearing football shirts, but then people don't usually wear bike gear unless they're actually on a bike, do they? Whereas footie and rugby shirts are worn just as casual fashion items. But I wouldn't wear those either  1