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Can I wear a Team GB jersey or not ?

This wonderful news article on features one of the biggest challenges facing cycling fans and weekend riders in 2011.

Nothing to do with a throwaway remark from Clarkson that got everyone hot under the collar or the contents of Riccardo Ricco's fridge.

It is all about British Cycling and Adidas releasing the national team kit in April for cyclists like you and I to buy, and maybe even wear on a bike!!

As usual with replica pro or national team kit this seems to polarise the cycling forumite like no other topic (well maybe apart from Rapha...)

I remember Impsport knocking out replica GB kit before Adidas and Nike got the contract (although I think they make the Swoosh emblazoned ones) and no-one complained then.

Also check many of the online bike clothing retailers and see how Italian and Dutch replica national team kits are stocked.

It isn't a crime...

Picture and article found here...

I do see the point that unless you have earned the right to represent your country you shouldn't wear national team kit. But for me that is an out of date notion.

Even the rainbow jersey is fair game for me... even though I wouldn't wear one personally.

The Union flag jersey looks bloody marvellous and why shouldn't British Cycling and Wiggle (stockists) make some cash on the back of our current credibility in the sport? 

If people are getting out on their bikes and enjoying themselves, what harm is dressing like Bradley Wiggins doing ? (unless they copy his haircut)

I hope my birthday wish comes true and I get one of the jerseys. My second wish is that when people see me out riding in that they think "what a patriotic chap supporting his nation and backing Team GB", rather than being all stuffy and complaining that I haven't earned the right...


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