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2016 - Creating the perfect cycling year?

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What's possible beyond cat 4 racing & l'Etape?

I’m incredibly, incredibly lucky (touch wood non stop!) that my lungs are big and my wife is even bigger hearted and that the combination of the two allows me to cycle a lot! Also that my work on the UN Global Goals enables me to work from anywhere (often in Lycra from Giro in Esher!). In 2015 I entered the UCWT world finals for the first time, managed to qualify in St Tropez and finished 3rd Brit, in the over 50’s, in the finals in Denmark.

Even more thanks to my wife is due in that she has a brother we haven’t visited who lives in Perth, Australia. Guess where the UCWT finals are in 2016?! I want to give it a real go this year – before lungs, legs and kind hearted wife give up on me! So I’m trying to plan a perfect year of great cycling leading up to Perth. If you can join me at any of these PLEASE do and if you have better suggestions I’m all ears! 


29 Dec & 2 Jan 2015

Cycling to  friends in Pouille, France for new year & back, in 27hrs each way (310 miles + Ferry!)


11 – 22 Jan 2016


I was given free flights for arranging the UK coffee awards. Aiming to do a cycle tour like this. Anyone have any advice?


1-7 March

Qualifier for worlds is in April so need to do big week of training. Will be in Mallorca, Genoa or Nice?


26 March – 2nd April

Family skiing holiday in Morzine. Will ride there and ride Le Tour stage while there.


2 April 100th Flanders



10 April

St Tropez UCWT qualifier


16 -24 April

‘HARD IN THE ARDENNES’ week with Phil Deeker

16 Saturday : Amstel sportive 120 /160 km

17 Sunday : Amstel Gold ride & race-watch : 150kms

18 Monday : Malmedy / Spa / Stavelot 180kms

19 Tuesday : Fleche Wallonne Taster. 170kms

20 Wednesday: Fleche Wallonne ride & race-watch: 150kms

21 Thursday : Luxembourg Explorer. 180kms

22 Friday : Local Loops. 100 / 130 / 160kms

23 Saturday: LBL sportive 155 /275kms

24th Sunday : LBL race-watch (ride optional)


25 April – 25 May

UK 3rd cat races.


28-30 May (TBC)

Tour of Wessex


29 May

Cheshire classic


5 June

Tour of Cambridge (UCWT qualifier)


6-12 June (TBC)

Girona Gran fondo


12 –19 June Dolomites (TBC)

Gran Fondo Eddy Mercyx  - June 12 (Verona)

June 13 – June 18 week of dolomites riding

Gran Fondo Sportful - June 19 (Feltre)


1 July

Mille Pennines

1002km audax


16 July

Tour Du Mont Blanc

Hardest one day road race in world? 330km 8500m up


1 -4 September…

UCWT Final in Perth Australia


6 Sept – 30 Sept

cycle across Australia (possibly!)


8 October (TBC)

Master Games in Nice


Cycle around all London football clubs in 1 day


North Coast 500

500 miles round Scottish coast

Mark Beaumont film 


Please add your thoughts as to what will make the best rides, races, audax's, fondo's or sportives in 2016!?


Chris Ward was brought up with the dodgy sight of his father appearing in their lounge every Sunday lunchtime in the brightest red & yellow wool of FCCC (Farnborough & Camberley Cycling Club). It was the spindle thin bright white legs though that put him off cycling until he was 40.

Since then, in a bid to play catch up he has cycled up and down Ventoux 6 times in a day, cycled the whole Le Tour route with Tour de Force, managed C2C2C in a day, ridden around the M25, competed in the Trans Alp, Trans Rockies and Cape Epic Mountain Bike Races and finally in 2015 & 2016, qualified in St Tropez and Albi and competed for GB in the UCI Amateur World Championships.

When he's not cycling he's hanging out in coffee shops, writing books and trying to engage the world in charitable campaigns.

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