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Earphones on cyclists: Yea or Nay?

Can you carry a tune?

49 years ago today Dylan went electric. He was booed, notoriously, by folk aficionados who weren't quite ready to be yanked out of the accoustic age. It isn't clear if they were Luddites, or Peter Paul & Mary fans who had bought tickets to the wrong concert and were confused if that was his voice or the feedback.

It seems an appropriate day to do this short quiz:
When is music not a distraction?

A. When in control of any vehicle heavier than a bicycle

B. If a surgeon, performing an operation

C. Those times you have a baton in your hand and are quite dressed up

My point being, why are cyclists singled out? What makes us so uniquely unqualified at multitasking that we can't handle Handel and handlebars at the same time? Why should we be condemned to have to listen to the unlovely and often not particularly helpful sharps and flats of traffic?

I ride a bike. I listen to music. Frequently I do both at the same time. This makes me, in the eyes of many, mad, bad, and dangerous to know.

Am I? Are you? Answers on a postcard. doesn't do polls, so I've put one up here. You don't need to register to vote.

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