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Zwift launches Zwift Games with $10,000 top prize and Gold Wahoo Kickr Bike up for grabs, plus Community Racing Series that is open to all

Zwift's "largest ever virtual racing series" offers an impressive prize purse and will be open for amateur and elite riders, with a separate five-stage Community event taking place in March for those of us who don't produce quite so many watts

The virtual cycling and fitness platform Zwift has announced the launch of the inaugural Zwift Games, which it boasts is the "largest virtual cycling racing event ever held". Taking place throughout March 2024, the indoor cycling stage race series stacks both amateur and elite riders against each other. Although the amateurs won't get awarded as generously for their sweaty efforts, there are a lot of new things up for grabs. Meanwhile, the crowned elite champions will each receive a gold Concept Z1 bike in-game and a (real, not virtual) gold-painted Wahoo KICKR Bike. 

Zwift Games Community Racing Series

With Zwift announcing that it will be pulling out of hardware by discontinuing the Zwift Hub One smart trainer (the remaining units now have tempting discounts applied), it was perhaps inevitable that it would focus its intention back on the Zwift platform itself; and so we have the all new Zwift Games. 

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The Games won't just be for elite indoor racers but also includes the Community Racing series, where pretty much anyone with a turbo trainer can take part in a five-stage challenge. From 1 March to 17 March, riders from all parts of the world can race against each other in their respective categories on the new race courses, ranging from sprints to long climbs. 

The online registrations for the Community Racing series open on Monday 26 February. The prizes in the Community Racing Series include exclusive in-game unlocks which, admittedly, are a little less exciting than the elite prizes… 

Zwift Games Elite Racing Series

Zwift Games gold Z1 tron bike

For elite cyclists and indoor riding specialists, the Zwift Games represents arguably the biggest race opportunity Zwift has offered. There's also the hurdle that the UCI Cycling Esports World Championships will be hosted by the fledgling MyWhoosh virtual cycling platform for the first time this year, so we can only assume the Games is Zwift's bid to keep the top talent on its platform. The prize money will be an incentive too, though MyWhoosh currently offers more lucrative financial rewards for elites, with a cool $1 million prize pot in its Championship Series last year. 

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The Zwift Games elite start lists comprise 300 athletes representing 33 countries, which means the competition will be fierce across the Sprint, Epic, and Climb stages. The first stage is the Spring Championship, raced by the Elite Men on 2 March and the Elite Women on 3 March.

On each of those stages, the racers are fighting for the largest prize purse in Zwift history and the title of Wahoo Overall Champion. The prizes range from $3,000 for the third spot to $7,000 (£5,500) for the first in the category. All of the racers are also competing in the General Classification race, which will award $10,000 (£7,800) to the male and female winners of the most points across the stages. 

In addition to the prize money, the riders getting on the virtual podium will also receive a golden Z1 Concept bike (which is in essence a fancy af Tron bike), and the two Wahoo Overall Zwift Games champions will each receive a golden Wahoo Kickr Bike. That, if something, could make the future turbo sessions that little bit more bearable… 

Four new courses

Zwift games mountain mash stage map

Ahead of the Zwift Games, the Watopia virtual riding world has been expanded by four new courses. According to Zwift, each of the new routes has been designed to "deliver dynamic racing that will be as fun to ride, as they will be to watch". If you look at the course names, 'Mountain Mash' sounds especially fun. Those who complete the latest courses will also receive all-new badges in the game. 

Want to watch the Zwift Games?

For those enthusiasts who would rather watch others sweat it out on their turbo trainers, there is a full broadcast of each of the races available live on the Zwift YouTube Channel

You can find the full race schedule and start lists from the Zwift Games fan guide here

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