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Pirelli launches 35g ‘superlight, reinforced and space-saving’ SmarTUBE inner tubes

The new inner tubes made of TPU claim to save up to 70% of the weight of a standard butyl tube…

Pirelli has released its new SmarTUBE inner tubes for road and gravel, with huge weight and space savings promised. The lightest tube is the 23mm narrow P Zero SmarTUBE that comes in at a claimed weight of 35g, which if accurate is lighter than both Tubolito’s Tubo Road 700c at 38g and the Schwalbe Aerothan at 43g

2021 Pirelli SmarTUBE 4

Available for £27.99, Pirelli’s new inner tubes are designed to enhance the performance of its road racing P Zero and endurance Cinturato models.

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“Made from a thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), it can save up to 70% of the weight of a general butyl tube and almost 50% of the space in your pockets, while being stronger than butyl as a raw material,” says Pirelli.

The Italian brand says the benefits over butyl tubes are a reduced rotating mass for livelier handling and quick accelerations, as well as saving space in your jersey pockets or saddle bags so you can carry more nutrition.

2021 Pirelli SmarTUBE 1

There’s also a reinforced Cinturato SmarTUBE model for double the puncture protection compared to a standard butyl tube.

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These seem to be reasonably lightweight for the resistance promised and Pirelli says the reinforced tubes are also compact when folded away as a spare.

2021 Pirelli SmarTUBE 3

The SmarTUBE inner tubes are available in a wide range of sizes, and also weights:

  • P Zero SmarTUBE, 700x23c, 35g
  • Cinturato SmarTUBE 650bx40, 45g
  • Cinturato SmarTUBE 700x33c, 49g
  • Cinturato SmarTUBE 700x28c, 70g, reinforced
  • Cinturato SmarTUBE 700x35c, 110g, reinforced

The inner tubes come equipped with a 60mm Presta Valve to work with the majority of rim depths. Although one of the Cinturato SmarTUBE sizes, the 700x35c option, has a 42mm Valve instead.

These claimed weights are very light.

Tubolito has its CX/Gravel inner tube (£27.99), with a new single model that works with both 650b and 700c wheels, for tyre widths from 30mm up to 47mm. This weighs in at 60g with a 42mm Presta Valve, and 61g with a 60mm Valve.

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Although the Austrian brand does also have its even lighter spare tube model, the S-Tubo-CX/Gravel All, that weighs 35g with a 42mm Presta valve.

Tubolito’s lightweight tubes came in orange, and Pirelli’s offerings follow this bright theme with theirs available in yellow. It's no surprise these are aesthetically similar as both the Pirelli and Tubolito tubes use TPU.

Unlike Tubolito who also use orange valves, you won’t be able to spot a rider using Pirelli’s ultra-lightweight tubes as the valves are black for a clean finish; the Schwable Aerothan also uses black valves. 

If you're sold by Pirelli's take on the ultra-light inner tube, they're available to buy now on the Pirelli website.  

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froze | 3 years ago

Really?  they're are almost as much as the tires I buy!!!  There is no freaking way I would spend $40 for a tube, not now, not ever.

Plus it won't work with screw on pumps, which all my pumps screw on.

Also no word about patches, did they make patches? will those patches stick for several years?

This is just another worthless product to get cyclists who are a bit insane to pay a lot of money for nothing, a lot like Graft chain oil at $40 for a 4 ounce bottle...LOL!! I'm sorry, but I'm just not that stupid with my money.


996ducati | 3 years ago

Great idea and it will be interesting to see if you can patch this tube using standard butyl and glue in the event of a puncture, or if you need a "special" kit to repair?

richardb20 | 3 years ago

@Anna - As far as I see, these are not yet for sale anywhere.  Did you have a link on where you saw them for sale now please?


ktache | 3 years ago

What I really want to know with these is, is it going to work after a year or two stuffed in my spare tube bag on the chest strap.

I stopped to assist a fellow a while back whose latex spare had disintegrated in his saddle bag.  I know that you need to well talc a latex tube before wrapping it in tissue paper and then in a sandwich bag, then in a freezer bag.  Bit much maybe but when you want your emergency tube you REALLY WANT your emergency tube to work.

For my current plus tubeless setup I have a big and heavy butyl tube, cared for as above, and I would like to get something smaller and lighter, but I reckon the traditional butyl tube will still be good, even after 2 years, hopefully many more  Will the pricey plastic one?

Sriracha | 3 years ago

Oh great, now it's hi-viz inner tubes!

adamrice | 3 years ago

I wonder if this works with screw-on pump chucks. The Tubolito and Schwalbe ones do not.

andystow replied to adamrice | 3 years ago

Wait, what? Crap. I'm carrying a Tubolito in case my tubeless fails, never thought to try inflating it with my pump.


andystow replied to andystow | 3 years ago

Ok, I tried last night, and I can inflate my Tubolito spare with my Crankbrothers Klic. The hose screws onto the smaller threads on the valve core.

ChrisB200SX | 3 years ago

No mention of comparison to Schwalbe Aerothan ?

Rich_cb | 3 years ago

No idea if it's technically possible but would like to see one of these tubes with a ridiculously short valve and then a valve extender that fitted in the middle of the rolled up tube.

I carry a tubolito as a spare purely to save space, if they could do the above it would make it even neater.

hawkinspeter replied to Rich_cb | 3 years ago
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I carry a little valve extender in my toolkit though I've never used it so can't tell if it works or not.

Longer valve options would be good or like you say, a short valve along with different re-usable extenders.

Pilot Pete replied to hawkinspeter | 3 years ago

I carry two different types of valve extender - I use Conti removable core tubes, so have an extender to fit them, BUT, if I ever need to borrow or buy a tube whilst out on a ride, it MAY NOT be one with a removable core. For that I also carry a suitable extender. They take up very little room.

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