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Muc-Off launches new ‘Ride Box’ subscription service for keeping your bike care stash topped up

Products from across the Clean, Protect and Lube range are delivered every three months and are available in a range of size and discipline options

Muc-Off has launched a new ‘Ride Box’ subscription service to help ensure riders never run out of bike care and cleaning essentials. You can save money too and Muc-Off also notes that with the bulk shipments this service reduces the number of deliveries needed, which is kinder on the environment. 

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The new Ride Boxes are delivered directly to customers every three months and are offered in a total of eight different variants, covering off-road, road and e-bike use.  Muc-Off also has a range of size options too, so “every type of rider and riding is catered for”, says the brand. 

“The service experience begins with a short series of questions based on customer riding habits, including frequency, duration, discipline and location, to ensure the boxes are packed with exactly the right products, at the right quantity, for each rider, from across the Muc-Off Clean, Protect and Lube range,” explains the bicycle care and maintenance brand. 

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Editing, pausing, skipping or cancelling a box can be done at any time, says Muc-Off, either directly through the personalised customer portal, or via the customer support chat facility on There’s no “tied-in-for-life nonsense” the brand promises. 

Muc-Off says it will also be throwing in free stash with every delivery, along with exclusive early access to the latest content, as well as ‘first-looks’ at new product releases.

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The brand has had quite a few interesting launches this year including a “pro-level chain optimisation service” that utilises new ultrasonic clean and lube tanks, making drivetrain efficiency accessible to all riders. This service also makes use of another product which was released this year, Muc-Off’s Ludicrous AF lube, which it claims is “the world’s fastest lube”, offering 18% less power consumption than the nearest competitor.

2021 Muc-Off Ultrasonic Tanks - 11

Prices start at £39.99, you can start your ‘Ride Box’ subscription here by filling out the form with your typical riding details .

Based on riding 1-2 times a week, for 1-3 hours on a road bike (with no electric assist), for example, Muc-Off reckons you’ll need the enthusiasts ride box - small box every 3 months which costs £54.99 as part of the subscription (down from £80.93 if purchasing separately). If you pay for the whole year upfront you’ll also save another £20.

Does the subscription take into account that the products will run out at different rates, which can often depend on your personal technique when applying? It's hard to say without giving it a go! 

Instead of using this subscription service you could of course keep an eye on what you use yourself and what you have left, and then re-order quarterly accordingly. But if you'd rather take your mind off it and purchase the products at a discounted price, perhaps this could be a useful service for you.

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