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Muc-Off reveals ‘world’s first plastic-free bike cleaner’ with 75% plant-based formula

Punk Powder uses 92% less packaging than the equivalent two litres of regular bike cleaner, claims the brand

Bicycle care specialist Muc-Off has released an “all-eco, smaller and more convenient cleaner” called Punk Powder, after developing the new 75% plant-based formula over the last three years. The British brand says it worked on over 20 variations before landing on what it claims is a winning formula for both the environment and cleaning performance.

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2021 Muc-Off Punk Powder 8

The new Punk Powder consists of two 30g powder sachets, which can each be made into a litre of cleaning product by just adding water. As a result of this, the cleaner uses 92% less packaging than the equivalent two litres of regular bike cleaner, claims Muc-Off.

2021 Muc-Off Punk Powder 3

The formula of Punk Powder is made from readily biodegradable ingredients, says Muc-Off, 95% of which are plant-based.

“The fast-dissolving powder lets users quickly clean their machines so they can get back to the important business of riding them,” says Muc-Off.

To activate the Punk Powder, you can refill a used, washed-out Nano Tech cleaner bottle, add the powder and shake.

2021 Muc-Off Punk Powder 1

“Any type of water can be used providing it’s clean, offering the opportunity to clean a machine during a bikepacking adventure or after a race,” Muc-Off notes.

As Punk Powder is water-free, it’s also significantly lighter and smaller to ship around the world, which has environmental benefits.

“This is helping to dramatically reduce the brand’s CO2 impact throughout their entire global supply chain,” explains Muc-Off.

The brand has calculated that by using Punk Powder more than 61 tonnes of plastic will be saved per year.

Punk Powder is also vegan and vegetarian-friendly and has never been tested on animals.

The packaging is 100% plastic-free and petroleum-free and is made from more than 50% renewable raw materials, with vegetable-based inks used for printing.

2021 Muc-Off Punk Powder 7

Each sachet is also compostable and certified to EN 13432 standard and the two sachets come packed in a recycled FSC card box. This even comes with instructions for converting it into a handy funnel so no powder will go to waste, Muc-Off hopes.

Muc-Off is also selling the Punk Powder as a bundle with its new Bottle For Life for what it calls the “ultimate green-cleaning solution”.

2021 Muc-Off Punk Powder 6

Muc-Off describes the reusable solution as “an ultra-long-lasting aluminium bottle, complete with a non-toxic, food-grade silicone base that provides protection and stability”.

The launch of Muc-Off’s plastic-free bike cleaner follows the recent news about its new Project Green commitment to save 200 tonnes of plastic by 2023 after the brand smashed its original 30-tonne target.

Punk Powder is priced at £14.99 for two 30g sachets, while the Bottle For Life bundle is priced at £29.99.

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