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Honest Hemp promises "no more saddle sores" with new Hemp Oil-based chamois cream for cyclists

The British manufacturer of CBD products has also launched a Warming Gel to relax aching muscles, made from cannabidiol found in the hemp variety of the Cannabis plant

Honest Hemp has added more gels and creams to its natural oil-based Hemp Active sports product line-up, with a Chamois Anti-Chafe Cream and a Deep Relief Warming Gel alongside its Active Gel.

“Fast-acting, fast-absorbing and made from all-natural extracts, these products are designed to relieve pain and help aching muscles following a heavy workout,” says Honest Hemp.

Honest Hemp is a British grower of organic industrial hemp, and with the new Active range the brand hopes more people “discover the healing power of this plant”.

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“Hemp oil for topical use allows the product to absorb directly into the cannabinoid receptors, without having to pass through the digestive system or liver,” says Honest Hemp.

The Active range falls into Honest Hemps CBD Topical category. CBD stands for cannabidiol and is found in the hemp variety of the Cannabis plant.

Hemp plants, by definition, do not contain more than 0.3% THC, unlike its close relative Marijuana explains Honest Hemp. THC is the compound that causes psychoactive effects, or a ‘high’. Every Honest Hemp product is 100% THC free.

The brand has infused the cannabidiol with essential oils and plant extracts for moisturisation.

Hemp Deep Relief Warming Gel, £19.99

2021 Honest Hemp Warming-Gel-1

Designed to help warm leg muscles on a cold day, Honest Hemps says it contains a range of high-quality ingredients with natural healing properties, including hemp oil (of course), along with grapefruit seed extract and vegetable glycerine.

Hemp Anti-Chafe Chamois Cream, £19.99

2021 Honest Hemp Chafe-Cream-1

Ideal for cyclists, but also said to be suitable as an “everyday chafe cream”.

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“The active and warming gels provide a natural way to soothe pain and help aching muscles recover after a strenuous workout,” says Honest Hemp.

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Hemp Active Gel, £19.99

2021 Honest Hemp Active Range Active Gel

Using Hemp Oil, Omega-4 and cooling menthol, this gel promises to help smooth joint aches and pains, after a heavy workout.

Honest Hemp says the soothing and cooling gel is cruelty-free and fast-acting, and it is also said to be a good option for those experiencing swelling from conditions including arthritis.

It's not the first time cycling and the humble Cannabis plant have crossed over; Floyd Landis, the American former pro most famous for winning and then subsequently being stripped of his 2006 Tour de France title for doping offences, launched his own herbal remedies company called Floyd's of Leadville in 2016, with products in the range including CBD-infused balms, creams and even CBD recovery bars. 

You can check out the Honest Hemp website here

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