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Bryton takes on Garmin with new Gardia R300L bike radar + more tech news from Wattbike, Assos, Goodyear, Scott, Pirelli, Van Rysel, Muc-Off, Reilly, and more

Find out about the invention that reunited a rider with their stolen bike, £440 shoes, and a chainring in the shape of the Batman logo. No, really

There’s so much going on in the bike tech world this week, including the introduction of super-fast tyres, Van Rysel’s yet-to-be-released speed machine, and an innovation that reunited a rider with their stolen £7,000 bike, but we’re starting with news of Bryton taking on Garmin in the radar market, and undercutting it by 30%.

Bryton takes on Garmin with new Gardia R300L bike radar tail light

Bryton has introduced a new Gardia R300L bike radar tail light that notifies you of vehicles approaching from behind via a supported bike computer or phone app and alters its lighting mode to provide a warning to drivers – and it’s much cheaper than its direct rival from Garmin.

Bryton Gardia R300L Rear View Bike Radar Tail Light

Bryton says, “The Gardia R300L radar sensor detects vehicles approaching from behind up to 190 metres away. By working seamlessly with compatible bike computers, [it] provides both visual and audio alerts to make you aware of approaching vehicles.

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The compatible bike computers in question are from Bryton itself although the brand’s new Gardia app also allows you to see and hear warnings on a handlebar-mounted phone.

“When vehicles are approaching from behind, the Gardia R300L will automatically assign a threat level based on the relative speed and change to a suitable warning light to alert the vehicles coming from behind,” says Bryton.

The Gardia R300L has another couple of tricks up its sleeve too. First, a built-in sensor means it can detect when you’re slowing so it can act as a brake light.

Second, when connected to compatible Bryton bike computers, it will use the computer’s built-in light sensor to adjust its light mode to current light conditions. 

2023 Bryton Gardia R300 Rearview Radar and Tail Light - unit front.jpg

On top of that, the Gardia R300L can connect with compatible headlights and bike computers via Bluetooth to form a network. This allows you to control your lights from the computer.

Bryton claims that the Gardia R300L’s interruptive flash pattern provides daylight visibility up to 1.6km – which is a mile.

The runtime depends on the light mode you’re using, of course. Bryton claims 17 hours in day flash mode and up to 12 hours in solid mode. Recharging is via USB-C.

The Bryton Gardia R300L is priced at £119.99, which is 30% cheaper than the Garmin Varia RTL515 (£169.99). We'll have a review on in the next few weeks.

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Garmin also offers the Varia RCT715 (£349.99) which includes a camera. It’ll be interesting to see whether Bryton follows suit.

Do you think of the idea of a bike radar tail light, a useful addition or a needless gimmick? Let us know in the comments.

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Muc-Off Stealth Tubeless Tag Holder developer has stolen bike returned thanks to invention

A Muc-Off employee who developed the brand’s Stealth Tubeless Tag Holder – which houses an Apple AirTag inside a tubeless tyre – had their £7,000 stolen bike returned to them after their invention helped track down the thieves.

2023 Muc-Off Stealth Tubeless Tag Holder - 1

The product developer, who wishes to remain anonymous, had their £7,000 Cannondale Moterra Neo e-bike stolen from their home earlier this month. The bike had been fitted with a Muc-Off Stealth Tubeless Tag Holder which holds an Apple AirTag. An AirTag allows a user to track an item from their iPhone using the Find My app.

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“Upon realising their new eBike was gone, the target immediately contacted Dorset Police who claimed they were unable to help with the matter,” says Muc-Off.

“Within the space of a few hours, the AirTag showed the Cannondale had already been transported over 250 miles north, from Dorset all the way to Cheshire. The police in Widnes were contacted and claimed the location to be an address they were familiar with, so they quickly mobilised, arresting the thieves responsible and recovering the e-bike.”

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Scott revamps high-end Road RC Ultimate shoes... but you’re not going to like the price

Scott has given its Road RC Ultimate shoes a major revamp, including the addition of Boa Li2 dials.

2023 Scott Road RC Ultimate shoes - 1 (1)

“These top-of-the-line shoes offer unrivalled power transfer with a lightweight construction,” says Scott. “They provide the perfect fit for racers and those who want the ultimate performance.”

As previously, the uppers feature Carbitex, a material that’s designed to be lightweight and durable. Strips of Carbitex were spread over the upper previously whereas now it comes in a large panel over the midfoot.   

Scott gives the HMX carbon sole a 10 out of 10 stiffness rating and claims a weight of 260g per shoe (size Euro 42).

Price? Ah, well, you're not going to like this. The Scott Road RC Ultimate shoes are £439.99. Don't be like that, I did warn you.

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Holy chainring, Robin!

Chainrings aren’t always round – just ask Chris Froome – but a chainring in the shape of the Batman logo? Bam!

Check out Brendan Carberry’s Instagram to see loads more interestingly shaped chainrings.

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Pirelli claims 24% reduction in rolling resistance with P Zero Race TLR tubeless tyre

Pirelli says that the rolling resistance of its new P Zero Race TLR tubeless tyre is 24% lower than that of its predecessor thanks to new technology and in-house production.

2023 P Zero Race TLR tyre - 1

“The structure of the P Zero Race TLR features a tyre tread made with the SmartEVO formulation, a cutting-edge compound of polymers created to offer an excellent grip and low rolling resistance,” says Pirelli.

“The tyre is different on the inside compared to its predecessor: here the use of the new Speedcore technology offers low rolling resistance and great protection from punctures, thus reinforcing the casing – without making it stiff – through the use of aramid fibres.

“The aramid fibres bind evenly with the other chemical elements in the rubber, arranging themselves homogeneously in the structure, thus favouring the high mechanical properties required of low rolling resistance, high puncture resistance and low rigidity.”

2023 P Zero Race TLR tyre - 4

Pirelli claims that the structure of the new tyre is thinner and much more flexible than that of a traditional butyl rubber layer, with improved mechanical resistance characteristics so that it offers a better level of puncture protection.

“Compared to the previous version on the market, the weight and excellent grip and reliability characteristics in dry and wet conditions remain unchanged,” says Pirelli.

The 700c Pirelli P Zero Race TLR is available in 26, 28 and 30mm widths with black or tan sidewalls, with prices starting at £77.99 per tyre, while 35 and 40mm versions will be added later in the year.

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Reilly goes bling with Iwan Thomas’s Fusion

British titanium bike brand Reilly Cycleworks has provided former athletics star Iwan Thomas with this super-bling custom Fusion.

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Cool-looking bike. The fleece? Hell, why not?

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Van Rysel’s new time trial bike: it certainly looks fast!

Decathlon’s Van Rysel brand has shared pics of its new XCR time trial/triathlon bike being ridden by pro athletes Justine Mathieux and Denis Chevrot for the first time. The XCR, short for Extrem Racer (that's how they spell it), is Van Rysel’s first time trial bike.


A post shared by VAN RYSEL (@van_rysel)

We initially told you about this bike back in January when it was one of seven new models Van Rysel exhibited at the Velofollies exhibition in Belgium.

“Tested in digital simulation and in the wind tunnel, every detail has been optimised to be as aerodynamic as possible,” says Van Rysel.

The bike comes with an integrated fork crown, an integrated cockpit, and very deep tubes. Swiss Side provides the wheels and Van Rysel says that the brand has also “tested and improved” the bike’s aerodynamics.

Justine Mathieux and Denis Chevrot are both elite triathletes but the sheer number of high-end bikes that Van Rysel has developed recently makes us wonder whether it plans to support a high-level cycling team next year.

This idea is supported by printing on the top tube of the XCR shown at Velofollies which said “UCI 2024 World Championship Ready to Win”. Van Rysel posted pictures of it accompanied by a #uciworldtour hashtag. Compelling evidence?

Van Rysel says that the XCR will be available in early 2024 at prices from €5,500 to €7,000.

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Islabikes offers up to 35% off premium kids’ bikes

Islabikes is holding its first-ever price promotion ahead of the Easter holidays.

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2023 Islabikes Beinn 26 - 1

The sale sees discounts of up to 35% off selected bikes while stocks last, with prices ranging from £129.99 to £999.99.

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Goodyear launches “faster and grippier” road and time trial tyres

It has been a big week for tyre brands making sizeable claims, Goodyear launching four new models and saying that rolling resistance has decreased by up to 35% and wet grip increased by up to 19% versus its first-generation Eagle F1 tyres. The tyres in question are designed for both racing and endurance.

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The Eagle F1 R Ultra High-Performance (tube-type £60, tubeless £65) is an all-round road race tyre and features a 120tpi short-ply casing, meaning that there’s just one tread casing layer, the idea being to reduce weight and improve suppleness.

2023 Goodyear Eagle F1 R tyre - 1

It also has a new Dynamic: UHP tread compound that’s intended “to further reduce rolling resistance while improving grip across a wider range of conditions”.

Goodyear says, “This is the go-to tyre for racers and enthusiasts seeking low rolling resistance without compromising balanced wet and dry grip.”

Like the Eagle F1 SuperSport R and the Eagle (below), the Eagle F1 R is available with either black or transparent (tan) sidewalls.

2023 Goodyear Eagle F1 SuperSport R  - 1

The Eagle F1 SuperSport R (tube-type £60, tubeless £65) is Goodyear’s lightest weight Ultra High-Performance road tyre, “designed to provide ultimate race day performance in road, time trial, and triathlon competition”.

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It uses a 150tpi short-ply casing construction and the same new Dynamic:UHP compound as the Eagle F1 R.

2023 Goodyear Eagle Tan - 1

The Eagle (tube-type £45, tubeless £50) is from Goodyear’s High-Performance range and is said to offer “excellent puncture protection in either a tube-type or tubeless-ready configuration”.

2023 Goodyear Vector - 1

Finally, the Vector Sport (tube-type £48, tubeless £53) is designed for “multi-condition durability with enhanced puncture protection” courtesy of a dual R:Shield anti-puncture belt and 60tpi single-ply carcass.

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Hey Assos, what kit should I wear (and buy) today? 

Assos app

If you’re not sure what kit to wear in different weather conditions, clothing brand Assos has launched a mobile app offering customers a new platform to purchase its products, with tailored recommendations based on your preferences and the local weather. 

Essential wet weather cycle clothing and gear - find the best ways to beat bad weather on the bike

The app – which is available for iOS and Android systems – promises to simplify the shopping experience for Assos regulars and keep them updated on any new launches and news. After you’ve set your style preferences and measurements on the first login, the app will recommend Assos equipment based on those metrics.

The built-in weather forecast helps the app tailor those kit recommendations. We hope there's a wide range of waterproofs to recommend for the UK.

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Wattbike launches premium version of training app - and a mobile workout builder


A premium Wattbike Hub+ app will be available as a subscription option alongside the smart training bike brand’s existing free Hub app. While the original Hub is free, the Hub+ costs £7.99 per month or £79.99 annually. 

With the paid subscription, you get workout customisation, deeper integration with third-party apps such as Zwift, Strava, Apple Health and TrainingPeaks, and more training content. 

If you already have a Wattbike, you can trial the Hub+ free for a month. If you don’t yet have the bike, a brand new Wattbike Atom sets you back £2,399.

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