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Beeline launches Velo 2 navigation device with improved simple, safe routing options

The device combines road data with ongoing real user feedback to improve routing suggestions

British brand Beeline has launched its Kickstarter campaign for its Velo 2, the latest generation of its navigation device for simple and safe routes and navigation. It lands with an all-new interface, a larger display screen, a twist-lock mounting mechanism as well as improved waterproofing. £94,786 has already been pledged, absolutely smashing the £14,114 target.

2021 Beeline Velo 2  2

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Beeline says the Velo 2 incorporates the following features:

2021 Beeline Velo 2 8

The London-based brand Beeline released the first generation Velo back in 2017 that pairs with the Beeline App for customised routes suggestions which are continuously improved through ongoing community feedback.

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After typing in your destination, Beeline provides three routes to get there, providing options on the type of ride you want to take.

2021 Beeline Velo 2 5

“A fast route will get you there as quickly as possible, a quiet route will prioritise roads that feel the safest, and a balanced route will blend the two,” Beeline says.

“All of them will show you which parts of the route have been well rated by other riders, and which have been poorly rated; so you know when you can relax and enjoy the ride and prepare for any trickier sections.”

Riders using the Beeline can indicate if they are having a positive or negative experience on that particular section of road, by pressing the plus button as a ‘like’, or the minus button if it’s not so suitable.

2021 Beeline Velo 2 1

With this feedback, Beeline says it feeds directly back into its routing algorithm to adapt and improve future suggestions.

By combining real user data with road data, Beeline claims its routing is better optimised for safe riding.

2021 Beeline Velo 2 7

This feature seeks to help avoid the issue of heatmaps which display the roads cyclists ride the most, but don’t necessarily enjoy riding.

Alongside the Beeline Smart Routing which guides you through turn-by-turn directions, the Velo 2 has a Compass made for “as-the-crow-flies” navigation. Here an arrow just points at your final destination which allows you to pick your own route.

GPX routes can also be imported into the Beeline app.

Beeline has a simple navigation interface that promises all the information you need is just a glance away. As well as turning guidance, the Velo 2 has a speedo, odometer, clocks and ETA.

2021 Beeline Velo 2 9

In terms of battery life, the Beeline claims the Velo 2 has up to 10 hours of daytime use, 20 hours of night-time use and up to six months on standby.

Beeline adds: “It will be shock and water-resistant - we’re targeting a high rating to ensure you can ride with confidence in the worst of weather conditions.”

You can find the Kickstarter page over here and by pledging $79 (~£56) you can get 28% off the future retail price of $109 (£79). Delivery is expected in February 2022 for backers.

All the usual Kickstarter rules and regulations apply which can be found here.

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