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New Tacx Neo 2T Smart trainer is claimed to be quieter and more realistic

Tacx's Neo 2T smart trainer gets even smarter. And quieter

It’ll soon be that time of year to dust down the smart trainer, or maybe it’s time to buy a new one? Tacx today launches its brand new Neo 2T Smart trainer (£1,199) which is claimed to be even quieter than the old model so you’re less likely to disturb the rest of the house during those early morning sessions.

The previous Neo 2 smart trainer was an impressive bit of kit, Dave Atkinson even went as far as calling it the gold standard for indoor trainers due to its realistic road feel, low level of noise and solid platform.


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But Tacx has made improvements. It has redesigned the motor with higher torque to provide a smoother and even more realistic ride feel, with a particular focus on how it feels during climbs and sprints. It can simulate up to 25% gradients and handle 2,200 watt sprints.

It’s the claims of even less noise that are perhaps most appealing because we know noise, or lack of it, is something a lot of you look for in a smart trainer. Tacx says it has redesigned the internal components to “significantly improve the stillness and power of the NEO 2T” and reduce the noise created by air displacement and vibrations generated at lower cadences.


The redesigned motor delivers higher resistance at lower speeds, leading to a claimed improvement in a realistic riding feel on hills and sprint intervals. Also claimed to improve realism is a small amount of flex in the frame. IT still offers Road feel so it can vibrate to simulate riding over cobbles and gravel.

Tacx has improved the pedal stroke analysis which can be accessed in third party apps using ANT+ Cycling dynamics, so it’ll work on a Garmin Edge computer. It uses a capacitive left and right detection sensor that accurately measures the exact position of both your legs and this can be utilised to improve your pedalling technique.

As before, Tacx claims a 1% accuracy with the new Neo 2T Smart trainer. It doesn’t require a calibration process so setup is really easy. It still folds up for easy storage, with the folded legs acting as carrying handles.


Compatibility with all current axle systems is guaranteed out of the box, so that’s 130, 135, 142x12 and 148x12mm, but you’ll need an adapter for 135x10 and 135x12 axles.

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