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Ass Savers launch first front mudguard called the Speed Mullet

Looking to keep your feet dry, Ass Savers launch first front mudguard

Ass Savers has carved a small niche in the cycling market with simple plastic mudguards that attach to the saddle rails, and they’re seen everywhere from the local club run to the professional peloton. Since launching in 2011 the company has sold a staggering one million mudguards.

And now the company has added its first ever front mudguard called the Speed Mullet. What a name!

The new Speed Mullet's universal fit is designed to be attached easily to any bike in seconds, regardless of the frame size or cable routing. It uses a simple velcro strap that accommodates skinny and fat down tubes, and the design of the fold ensures that it’s always set at the optimum angle.

To enable compatibility with external cable routing, the Speed Mullet features two shallow channels that prevent interference with the cables. The company is confident it is compatible with the majority of existing cable combinations.

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ass savers speed mullet1.jpeg

“Ass Savers first front mudguard that will keep your feet happy is finally here,” says the company.  “It mounts in seconds on basically any bike, regardless of frame size or cables. The long downward reach makes sure it's busy where it really counts.”

The Speed Mullet takes a very different approach to the more typical downtube-mounted mudguards like the PDW Origami Front Fender. It’ll be interesting to see how it compares and how much protection it offers from front wheel spray.

The Speed Mullet comes Pitch Black and costs €11.95. It’s available now from We’ve got a sample winging its way to the office for review.

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