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Ekoi Outlast Marbre Red Summer Jersey



If you're up for some wild design and are not budget conscious, then this is a decent jersey with some advanced materials
Silky feel against your skin
Well-made seams with solid stitching
Snug and thin sleeves
Smart locking zipper
Secure valuables pocket
Available in six different colours
Lots of branding and slogans woven in
Laser-cut sleeve is frayed and rolls up
Security pocket is small

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If you're looking for some interplanetary tech in your cycling gear, the Ekoi Outlast Marbre Red Summer Jersey uses fabric developed by NASA, which is designed to help you maintain your body temperature while riding. This came through to a certain extent during testing, and overall, the jersey ticks most boxes you would expect without particularly excelling – but it comes in a number of colours and the aesthetics are certainly head-turning.

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> Buy now: Ekoi Outlast Marbre Red Summer Jersey for £166.88 from Ekoi

Ekoi can be quite hard to pin down on price, so while you wouldn't be happy paying north of £160 for this, its seemingly permanently discounted price of £83.93 makes it much more competitive and more appealing. The fabric is interesting to wear, as it combines both density and lightness in the same garment.

Ekoi seems very pleased with its trademarked Outlast fabric. In brief, layman's terms, Ekoi has added some kind of magical wax to the material, which releases or traps warmth when required, as well as helping to reduce sweating by up to 50%. Quite the claim.

2023 Ekoi Summer Jersey Ekoi Outlast Marbre Red - shoulders.jpg

I wore this, as intended by Ekoi, during the great British summer, though I wasn't exposed to the 'very hot' temperatures Ekoi claims the jersey can withstand. It had to look after me at temperatures between 12-28°C, and I was definitely inhabiting a pleasant 'skin microclimate' as Ekoi would put it.

2023 Ekoi Summer Jersey Ekoi Outlast Marbre Red - hem.jpg

Presumably, the lack of any vents or ventilated sections is due to the faith Ekoi has in the Outlast material. Oddly it does manage to feel both thick and substantial, only for a quick tug of the jersey to reveal that it is in fact a gossamer-thin top. I wasn't convinced it reduced the amount I sweated, but it did wick away perspiration promptly, which meant I didn't feel cold when I dipped into some woodland or shaded forest. Nor did I see any of my trademark salt rings.

The neckline comes up quite high, which I like for the extra sun protection this provides.

2023 Ekoi Summer Jersey Ekoi Outlast Marbre Red - collar.jpg

The sleeves would also be long enough except for the fact that the laser cutting has been done quite haphazardly, so I found them constantly rolling themselves up. This is a shame, as the arms' hexagonal pattern feels nice and sleek.

2023 Ekoi Summer Jersey Ekoi Outlast Marbre Red - sleeve logo.jpg

The zips are good, with a lockable YKK front zip – complete with zip garage – and a hidden pendant zip on the rear. This rear zip protects a diddy stash pocket that can't accommodate an iPhone X. The three rear pockets are secured by some quite tight elastic, so while they do a satisfactory job, I occasionally found myself struggling for on-road access. That said, I would prefer this to some baggy un-aero flaps.

2023 Ekoi Summer Jersey Ekoi Outlast Marbre Red - pockets.jpg

To keep the jersey in place Ekoi uses thick elastic at the rear and a narrow elastic strip at the front. This worked well enough, as there is also a small amount of white- branded gripping material dotted around the jersey – though overall I'd still prefer the consistency of a gripper band.

2023 Ekoi Summer Jersey Ekoi Outlast Marbre Red - gripper strip.jpg

I had no problems at all with the jersey's fit. The body length was what I'd expect for a large and the fit was snug without being restrictive.

2023 Ekoi Summer Jersey Ekoi Outlast Marbre Red - back.jpg


Since you can occasionally get an Albion jersey for less than £70, and which scored well in Alex's review, the Ekoi's full retail price of £167.21 seems wildly steep – though at its 50% sale price it's a much more attractive proposition.

If you want a funky design that's very zeitgeist then check out the Universal Colours Spectrum Jersey that Jamie rated highly, finding it light, breathable, and stretchy. And this is for £50 less than the Ekoi RRP.

If you are looking for a jersey in the same ballpark as the Ekoi's full price, then Steve was impressed by the MAAP Evade Pro Base Jersey 2.0, which is a comfortable and great-looking jersey, though at £165 it's at the wallet-emptying end of the market.


This is a good jersey for summer and the shoulder seasons, as I found its thermoregulation qualities pretty decent – if not quite scaling the ambitious heights suggested by Ekoi's marketing spiel. But despite not looking especially high-tech and feeling just like a standard nylon jersey from the noughties, the Ekoi is clearly rocking some sophisticated material.


Advanced materials, a striking design and a high full retail price – but the performance is decent rather than space age test report

Make and model: Ekoi Summer Jersey Ekoi Outlast Marbre Red

Size tested: Large

Tell us what the product is for

Ekoi says:

When comfort = performance. 'Not too hot ... not too cold ... just right


By using Outlast® technology, Ekoi has designed the first generation of jerseys capable of actively and continuously participating in the regulation of your body temperature: when it is (very) hot, the fabric absorbs the excess heat and keeps you cool. When it is cool, the heat previously stored in the fiber is restored and protects you from the temp drop.

Developed for NASA to cope with extreme temperature variations in space, the Outlast® concept, applied for the first time by Ekoï to cycling, extends the thermal amplitude of use: cold starts, heat peaks, exposed climbs, passages in shade, descents of passes, etc. You will go from a cool atmosphere to (very) hot (and vice versa) without feeling the effects (chills, hot flashes). Thanks to its thermo-regulating properties, this jersey is the ultimate weapon for riding whatever temperature changes during your training!


Another major advantage of Outlast technology: The action on water loss.

By preventing overheating, Outlast® technology leads to a massive reduction in perspiration by 30 to 50% on average*. The body has less need to sweat to self-regulate. By sweating less, you have better comfort and save considerably. This unspent energy remains available for muscular activity: you can plan to ride longer and more efficiently.


This comfort is accompanied by increased performance: by reducing the increase in body temperature by an average of 8% (-2°C)**, the fabric with Outlast fiber reduces the heart rate acceleration and also optimizes the breathing control.

By offering the body constant optimal thermal conditions (neither too hot nor too cold, just right), Outlast technology contributes to your performance on the bike: endurance, resistance to effort, fatigue reduction.


Tested, proven and approved by the Israel Premier-Tech team, the jerseys designed with this new technology combine an unrivalled comfort and performance

Tell us some more about the technical aspects of the product?

Ekoi lists:

Outlast® fabric with microencapsulated wax: continuous regulation of the skin's microclimate. When the skin warms up, heat is absorbed and when it cools down, that heat is released.

Silky fabric for a pleasant feeling in contact with the skin.

Fabric with stretch properties: second skin effect, hugs your silhouette and offers great freedom of movement.

Beveled cut at the front for optimal comfort when pedaling

Flat seams

Self-locking and invisible ZIP

Flared neck

Laser cut on the sleeves

Textured hexagonal pattern (sleeves + back pockets)

Embossed EKOI logo (avoids the risk of wear)

3 back pockets with elastic for excellent support

1 zipped back side pocket

Elastic front support band (front)

Wide elastic band 30mm (rear)



Ultra climatic versatility: cool temperatures (10°C) to (very) hot.

Worn next to the skin to optimize the OUTLAST effect


90% PES Outlast®

10% Elasthanne

Rate the product for quality of construction:

Feels like a pretty standard jersey except for the sleeves, which have this nice hexagonal texture that gives the a slightly fancier feeling. It comes in a few different colours too. However, the fraying of the laser-cut edges was disappointing.

Rate the product for performance:

Well, this jersey – in some format – is supposedly used in the Tour de France by riders from the Israel Premier Tech team. Its aim to both reduce and increase temperature was achieved during my test period.

Rate the product for durability:

Surviving well after a few weeks of summer rides.

Rate the product for fit:

Snug without being restrictive.

Rate the product for sizing:

As expected – I've got pretty normal proportions and my large size jersey was grand.

Rate the product for weight:

155 grams doesn't put this into the super-light category. The Ekoi Graphene, which I also review this month, is six grams lighter at 149 grams and is a good jersey all round.

Rate the product for comfort:

Fitted nicely, soft-feeling material and I like the high collar.

Rate the product for value:

As with other Ekoi products, a confusing approach to RRP renders the value element a sliding scale. That said, the £167.24 RRP is a serious investment for a jersey, and you will have to be very sure that the features it offers are important to you.

How easy is the product to care for? How did it respond to being washed?

30 degrees in with all your normal clothes – no issues at all.

Tell us how the product performed overall when used for its designed purpose

Effective in its purpose, which is to create a summer jersey that can also insulate you a little when required.

Tell us what you particularly liked about the product

The material does its job well, offering different levels of insulation.

Tell us what you particularly disliked about the product

Ekoi does provide a large range of designs, so there is probably something for everyone, but this particular edition does not do it for me. While the elasticated hem was reasonably effective, I'd have still preferred the usual gripper.

How does the price compare to that of similar products in the market, including ones recently tested on

At the reduced price that the Ekoi is often available for, this isn't wildly expensive – but at its full £167.24 it is a different proposition, and it's price I just wouldn't pay. At that price I'd want a product that appealed to me in every way,  rather than just for its high-tech materials.

Did you enjoy using the product? Yes – at least to a degree

Would you consider buying the product? No

Would you recommend the product to a friend? No

Use this box to explain your overall score

To my mind, there are more desirable jerseys available around this price, but if you are a total convert to the marketing of the Outlast material then maybe this couldbe  the jersey for you. The fundamentals are all sound and I don't doubt that it would last you a good while.

Overall rating: 7/10

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