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Ass Magic Chamois Cream Tub (200ml)



Good cream that's easy to apply and works well on shorter and half-day rides
Works well
Smells good
Not tingly
Not 100% natural
Other creams last longer
Not tingly

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Ass Magic Chamois Cream is a non-sticky, mid-weight cream that's good at keeping you comfortable on shorter and mid-length rides.

Check out our guide to the best chamois creams for more options.

It comes in a fairly sturdy screw-top plastic tub so it'll survive being thrown in the kit bag without ending up everywhere. Its 'secret blend of essential oils' is rendered a bit less secret by the unhelpful fact that the law requires that you list the ingredients on the side of the tub, even if you are allowed to do it in Latin.

So you get a mix of lanolin, synthetic beeswax, sweet almond, citrus peel, witch hazel and paperbark leaf in a fairly standard base of stearic acid, liquid paraffin and petroleum jelly; if you're looking for a cream that's 100 per cent organic or natural, then it's not that. Texture-wise it's a fairly solid cream at UK room temperature and it has a nice, fresh smell.

Ass Magic is staying firmly on the fence as regards the on-the-chammy-or-on-the-skin debate, although there's a nice big warning on the top of the tub not to double dip if you're slathering it directly onto your nether regions. I'll spare you the intimate details of my application preferences, but the cream is pretty easy to apply: although it's quite solid in the tub, it's not as thick as some, for example the Veloskin Chamois Cream I've also reviewed recently, so it's pretty easy to work with. You don't need loads of it to be effective either, so a tub should last a good while.

There's no menthol in the mix so you're not getting a Euro-style tingle (whether that's a plus or minus will depend on your preference), and once it's in place it does a good job of keeping you comfy in the saddle. I found that for rides of three to four hours there was still plenty of evidence of the cream being in place come the post-ride shower. The thickness of a chamois cream tends to correlate with how long it'll stick around for, and on rides over about six hours I'd probably be packing a sachet of cream in the saddlebag for reapplication along the way, but I'd do that for pretty much any cream really.

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In terms of longevity I'd say it was respectable mid-table; the Veloskin and Muc-Off's Luxury chamois cream that I tested back in 2016 are a bit more tenacious but are also a bit harder to apply, so it'll depend on how often you're out on your bike longer than about four hours as to whether they're a better bet.

At £17.99 for a 200ml tub the Ass Magic cream is not especially expensive; all-natural creams like Bikemonger's Happy Bottom Bum Butter tend to be a bit more, and others such as Be Elite (as reviewed by John in 2021) seem to be permanently discounted so are better value at the till.

It's decent value, though, and if you're not looking for a cream for all-day or multi-day epics, then it'll do a good job for you.


Good cream that's easy to apply and works well on shorter and half-day rides test report

Make and model: Ass Magic Ass Magic Chamois Cream Tub (200ml)

Size tested: 200 ml

Tell us what the product is for and who it's aimed at. What do the manufacturers say about it? How does that compare to your own feelings about it?

Ass Magic says: "ASS MAGIC Chamois Cream is the finest anti-chafe cream for your nether regions. ASS MAGIC has been formulated and field tested by industry leading experts and athletes, so that your sporting activities are done in comfort.

"A secret blend of essential oils ensures that ASS MAGIC promotes personal hygiene. The cream also has superior anti chafing protection through the use of Lanolin and Synthetic Beeswax. Whilst originally developed for cyclists, ASS MAGIC can be used by any sports man or woman as an anti-chafe cream."

Tell us some more about the technical aspects of the product?

From Ass Magic:

HOW TO USE: ASS MAGIC can be applied directly to your skin or the chamois of your cycling shorts. When applying to your skin, make sure you don't double dip! Using a clean hand, scoop enough chamois cream, anywhere from 5 to 10ml a ride and apply to your ASS on the areas in which you will have contact with the saddle.

UNISEX: pH which is suitable for ladies as well as gents. Used by hundreds of women in South Africa with excellent feedback!

TOP TIPS: As mentioned you can also apply to the chamois of your cycling shorts, again be sure to apply on the area which is in contact with your saddle.

You can also apply ASS MAGIC anywhere else where you may have experienced chafe before.

It is recommended that cyclists change out of their cycling shorts as soon as possible after riding and shower. This will help reduce the risk of saddle sores and infection.

Still not comfortable on your rides? It's worth having a look at your saddle, bike setup and or cycling shorts. When testing either of these potential solutions, be sure to test one solution at a time so you can figure out which it is that is causing the problem.

Also be sure to check out the ASS MAGIC blog for more top tips.

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Pretty well, good for short to medium rides.

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Works well, smells good, not tingly.

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Not 100% natural, other creams last longer.

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It's about on par with other creams, at rrp. Organic/natural creams are more expensive, and you can buy cheaper too.

Did you enjoy using the product? Yes

Would you consider buying the product? It probably doesn't do enough to be my first choice, especially for longer rides.

Would you recommend the product to a friend? Yes, if they want a lighter cream that works well.

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Good performance and decent value. It doesn't excel in anything specifically but it's a solid choice.

Overall rating: 7/10

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Age: 50  Height: 189cm  Weight: 98kg

I usually ride: whatever I'm testing...  My best bike is: Kinesis Tripster ATR, Merida Scultura, Dward Design fixed

I've been riding for: Over 20 years  I ride: Every day  I would class myself as: Expert

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Dave is a founding father of, having previously worked on Cycling Plus and What Mountain Bike magazines back in the day. He also writes about e-bikes for our sister publication ebiketips. He's won three mountain bike bog snorkelling World Championships, and races at the back of the third cats.

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keirik | 1 year ago
1 like

Or buy a tub of sudacrem, twice the size for less than a third of the price of this, and it'll help treat saddle sores as well as prevent them

perce replied to keirik | 1 year ago

I'm also a big fan of the sudacrem, wonderful stuff.

dave atkinson replied to perce | 1 year ago

meh. sudacrem is hard to apply, gets everywhere, is difficult to wash out and isn't as good at keeping you comfortable on a long ride in my experience. useful to have a little pot on a long ride if you get really sore though. if you want a cheap alternative, go for udder cream. that comes in REALLY big pots  1

dolphy replied to dave atkinson | 1 year ago

Thanks, I'll give some udders a try.

Sriracha | 1 year ago

I get using chamois cream when you had a genuine leather chamois off the back of a goat. But am I to understand people rub this stuff all over synthetic "chamois" in modern padded shorts/bibs?

TheHungryGhost replied to Sriracha | 1 year ago

My understanding is that in addition to keeping your genuine chamois supple, cyclists found slathering on the cream helped to reduce rubbing and chafing.  Therefore when things moved to synthetic padding, people still used the creams for comfort, and they have evolved from there.

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