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Two cyclists injured as Irish cycling club ride crash caused by loose dogs, owner fined in court

One rider fractured his left arm and was off work for three months, while another who suffered road rash saw their bike worth €5,000 written off

A man has been fined after two cyclists were injured during a cycling club ride when a crash was caused by two dogs running out of a property and onto the road. 

The incident in Ireland, specifically County Cork, happened last April and saw a group from West Cork Cycling Club brought down during a ride from Juke Park to Newcestown. Brian Heffernan pleaded guilty to failing to have adequate control over his dogs, the Southern Star reports, the 70-year-old fined €500 at Bandon District Court.

A report was made to gardaí on April 24th, a day after the crash, two cyclists falling from their bikes as the mini sheepdog and corgi suddenly ran out of an address on Old Park. The court heard the gate was usually closed but had been opened while cutting works were undertaken.

One of the cyclists who fell suffered a fracture to his left arm and cuts, meaning they were unable to work as a driver for three months. The other West Cork Cycling Club member escaped with road rash and grazing but their bike, worth between €5,000 and €6,000, was written off.

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The court heard from Heffernan's defence representation, a solicitor reporting the defendant had helped the injured riders following the crash and had offered to give them a lift. It was also stressed that he has no previous convictions and household insurance to deal with the damage.

The judge, James McNulty, fined Heffernan €500 and gave him 90 days to pay.

In 2022, the Cork owner of a dog that ran out in front of a cyclist, causing him to crash and sustain fatal injuries, was fined €625 — €300 having admitted not having his dog under proper control and a further €325 for two other animals that he was in charge of not being properly licensed.

Cyclist Patrick O’Brien, aged 63, was killed when he crashed after swerving to avoid the Yorkshire Terrier that ran out in front of him on the morning of 25 October 2020. He had been cycling with two friends in Ballybrack, Carrignavar at around 43km/h when the crash happened.

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"I heard Pat falling off the bike and hitting the ground," one of the riders Jim Rocks recalled. "Pat was lying prone in the recovery position on the middle of the road. He was breathing. He was not responding. Blood was coming out of his nose and left ear."

Mr Rocks' wife Lucy explained how she had seen a "small dog dart out from a property".

"First, Jim reacted. I reacted. I looked back and saw Pat react. For Pat to miss the dog he turned the handlebars and came off the bike. He was on the ground. He landed in a recovery position," she said.

"The dog came out from under the fence at the end of the property. It is a small dog, it didn't have to bend its head to get out under the fence."

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don simon fbpe | 1 month ago

Excellent result, and I hope the entitled dog owners and their shitty attitude to others in the public domain take note. Given their refusal to follow the Highway Code and demands that cyclists follow made up rules, I shan't hold my breath.

HLaB replied to don simon fbpe | 1 month ago
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I'd only describe it as an excellent result if the bloke was still with us  2

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