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Crap driver tells Jeremy Vine to “Fuck off”; Geraint Thomas's season over; Demare wins again at Giro; 100 miles at 42.6mph (while drafting); Car tech preventing speeding mandatory in EU from 2022; Muddy Classics; + more

Today's live blog with Alex Bowden (daytime) and Simon MacMichael (evening)...
08 October 2020, 20:36
Crap driver tells Jeremy Vine to eff off

BBC Radio and Channel 5 broadcaster Jeremy Vine often posts videos from his commute to Twitter, and here's one from this evening in which a driver who seems to be stuck in her own world tells him to "Fuck off" when he points out that not only did she overtake him at speed, but also ignored pedestrians waiting to go across a zebra crossing.

Your favourite website may be based in Bath ... but we do have a presence in London (well, me) and living not far from Jeremy, I often ride the same roads into the West End and back.

Am I surprised by this kind of entitled driving on George Street in Marylebone, a route I often take in and out of town? Not at all. 

You can imagine some of the muppets in the mentions though ...


08 October 2020, 16:11
England's footballers should be good and warm for the Wales match tonight
08 October 2020, 16:08
Not exactly a photo finish for Demare this time around

Demare edged out Peter Sagan by a matter of millimetres on Stage 4.

Today's win was by a healthier margin.

Jaw-droppingly healthy really.

08 October 2020, 15:17
Demare (Eurosport)
Demare dodges the photographers
08 October 2020, 15:11
This is what it takes to finish second in a stage at the Giro
08 October 2020, 14:55
Arnaud Demare wins Stage 6 of Giro d'Italia

Arnaud Demare of Groupama-FDJ has won Stage 6 of the Giro d'Italia in Matera, his second victory in this year's race, and 12th of this strangest of seasons.

The French national champion made it look easy today, unlike his hair's-breadth win in Villafranca Tirreno on Tuesday, distancing his rivals before the line in a tough finale.

Bora-Hansgrohe's Peter Sagan was favourite for the win today but finished eighth and loses the points jersey to Demare. The three-time world champion, riding the Giro for the first time, is also still waiting to become the 99th rider to have won a stage of each of cycling's three Grand Tours.

08 October 2020, 14:30
Thomas's season is over

Confirmation, if it were needed, that Geraint Thomas's season is over following the broken pelvis he sustained in a crash in the neutral zone on Stage 3 of the Giro d'Italia.

Three weeks off the bike.

But at least he's doing off season properly.

08 October 2020, 14:25
Boardman's BBC beef

Chris Boardman has been a bit more specific about his dissatisfaction with that BBC segment on low traffic neighbourhoods. (See yesterday's live blog and also Jon Burke's comments earlier.)

08 October 2020, 13:58
Almost time for The Muddy Classics

Paris Roubaix recon today. I think there are cobblestones in the mud somewhere?

A post shared by Matt S (@mpshriver) on

Paris-Roubaix is on Sunday October 25.

08 October 2020, 12:53
It's Clear Air Day - time to show your support for bike lanes

Cycling UK is asking you to mark Clean Air Day by expressing your support for cycle lanes.

"Too many journalists looking for a cheap story have taken the complaints of a few and blown them out of proportion," says Cycling UK director, Matt Mallinder.

“It’s time to fight back. We can all play a role. It's not too late. We can turn the tide by simply speaking up and letting our councils know.

"And we can use social media, write to the local paper to tell them we applaud the schemes or leave positive comments on negative online news stories. You can also provide us with evidence of where the schemes are working well and give us the knowledge so we can continue fighting the battle.

“That’s the only way we’re going to get our voices heard above the cacophony of complaints and ensure cyclists and pedestrians get the infrastructure they deserve. And the more people who take the time to contact their councils, the bigger impact it's going to have.”

You can get in touch with Cycling UK here.

And here's a page that'll give you a bit of a steer if you want to tell your local paper why cycle lanes make sense.

08 October 2020, 12:40
Lime hire bike distribution to be carried out by e-cargo bike

Pedal Me are to replace the vans that Lime Bike has been using to redistribute its bikes on the streets.

E-cargo bikes will now be used to pick up/drop off multiple e-bikes at a time.

They'll be swapping batteries in and out as well.

The partnership will negate over 60,0000 motor vehicle miles per year and means Lime’s e-bike service will be fully car-free across London

08 October 2020, 11:28
Video: Drafting at 125mph

Here's Brazilian cyclist Evandro Portela drafting a truck at 125mph.

Full story here.


08 October 2020, 11:25
Jon Ornee (Facebook)
This guy did 100 miles at 42.6mph (while drafting)

On Monday, Jon Ornée set what he believes is a world record for fastest 100 miles by bicycle (while drafting).

He rode behind a minivan on a NASCAR racetrack for 100 miles in 2:20:46 at an average speed of 42.6mph.

In 2019, Marcin Bialoblocki rode a 100-mile time trial in 3:13:37. Drafting behind a vehicle is obviously a huge advantage and Ornée is applying for it to be a new category.

Ornée was hit by an SUV while cycling in May last year, a near-death experience he says has changed his life.

“I thought, ‘wouldn’t it be cool if a car and bike teamed up for a change and did something spectacular?’”

Ornée’s dad drove the van and he wore a bluetooth earpiece so that he could chat to him.

“Going around a track while staring at the back of a vehicle is a ton of fun for the first couple laps,” he explained. “Doing it for over two hours is somewhat hypnotic. It was good to be able to chat a bit to keep my mind engaged.”

Ornée said the plan was originally to do 42mph on the straights and 40mph on the turns, “but after a few laps I asked him to hold it steady at 42, which felt comfortable.”

Hydration was one of his main concerns, to the extent that he “definitely over-hydrated the 24 hours before the ride.”

He said reaching down for a water bottle at 43mph felt a little sketchy, so he drank from a bottle mounted between his aerobars using a straw.

08 October 2020, 10:39
Freeman tribunal conjecture

Shane Sutton?

Remember his spectacular appearance last November?

08 October 2020, 09:56
The AA do use bikes sometimes apparently
08 October 2020, 09:42
More on that BBC segment on Low Traffic Neighbourhoods

Chris Boardman called this report "irresponsible" yesterday.

Jon Burke - the Hackney councillor who has received death threats over his support for Low Traffic Neighbourhoods - expands on that.

08 October 2020, 09:06
Met Police speed enforcement (via TfL)
Car tech preventing speeding to be mandatory in the EU from 2022

Mandatory safety features will be introduced in cars to combat speeding in the EU from 2022. The only question is what form they will take.

The BBC reports that the EU is proposing kit that will render the accelerator pedal temporarily unresponsive when the speed limit is reached.

Car makers want a bleeping light on the dashboard.

Oliver Carsten from Leeds University trialled the “Intelligent Speed Assistant” accelerator pedal and said: “It gave us a massive improvement in speed compliance with UK drivers, especially on urban roads.

“We fear that replacing it with a beeping system will just annoy drivers, so they will mute it as soon as they step into the vehicle.”

The issue is being debated today. Whether the system they go for will apply in the UK depends on trade deals and whatnot.

08 October 2020, 08:27
Luca Wackermann (via Vini Zabu-KTM on Twitter)
Luca Wackerman suffered a broken back and nose thanks to the Giro helicopter

Luca Wackermann sustained injuries including a broken back when he crashed at the end of Stage 4 after barriers were blown across the road, apparently due to the downdraft from a helicopter taking aerial shots of the sprint.

Full story here.


08 October 2020, 08:18
Dr Richard Freeman (picture credit Team Sky)
Latest from the Dr Richard Freeman medical tribunal

Here's the latest from the medical tribunal of Former British Cycling and Team Sky doctor, Richard Freeman.

Freeman says he destroyed Testogel patches that he ordered to be delivered to the National Cycling Centre in 2011 the same day they were delivered - but hasn't managed to explain why he did so.

He also admitted not being fully familiar with World Anti-doping Code.

Full story here.


08 October 2020, 08:13
Today's stage of the Giro d'Italia

Described as "wavy and demanding" in early parts before "a few mild climbs and descents in the closing part lead to punchier bits in the stage finale."

Stage 6

Race situation: Joao Almeida (Deceuninck - Quick Step) leads Pello Bilbao (Bahrain-McLaren) by 43 seconds with Wilco Kelderman (Sunweb) a further five seconds back. There are currently 14 riders within two minutes.

Peter Sagan (Bora-Hansgrohe) leads the points classification, ahead of Arnaud Demare (Groupama-FDJ) and Filippo Ganna (Ineos Grenadiers).

Alex has written for more cricket publications than the rest of the team combined. Despite the apparent evidence of this picture, he doesn't especially like cake.

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