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"Anyone got the route?": Critérium du Dauphiné riders copy group rides everywhere and miss their turn; Camera shows 91km/h just before another crash hits race; Kopecky wins again at ToB; Castelli's "aero sleeves" amuse us all + more on the live blog

You've almost done it, the weekend's just around the corner at the top of the last climb... Dan Alexander is here for one more live blog before we can all ride off into the sunset...


07 June 2024, 14:45
"Anyone got the route?": Critérium du Dauphiné riders copy amateur cyclists everywhere and miss their turn

I've got to admit, I do love it when the pros are brought back down to the level of the rest of us and made to see that even the most amateurish mistakes can befall any cyclist (regardless of if you can push 7w/kg or not).

Today's edition: route-following gone wrong. A familiar one for any of you who've been on a group ride, or do sportives where your progress relies on following roadside signs — a missed turn, off course, that moment of realisation, the inevitable... "Anyone got the route?"

In such situations everyone rushes to their roles. You'll get at least one grumpy rider cursing the person meant to be in charge of directions, you'll get the chirpy rider who believes they "know exactly where we are" and can wing a diversion on the fly (despite having not had the navigational nous to notice things going wrong in the first place), you'll get someone sheepishly blaming their headunit for their own mistake, and of course you'll get complaints all the way back to the point at which you're back on track, extra punishing metres which the cycling gods always seem to make uphill just so you suffer more.

In fairness to the pros at the Dauphiné, when you're racing a WorldTour pre-Tour de France warm-up event, you don't expect it to be like a small-time Sunday sportive. Far more blame has to go for the lack of marshalling or whoever in the lead car missed their turn. Top marks for the roadside supporters doing their best to point out the mista... ah, they're gone...

Not so for the riders and teams, but quite amusing for us enjoying from the sofa. 

07 June 2024, 15:45
Red Bull gives you wings... (but more importantly a pro team contract)...
Red Bull Junior Brothers Programme 2024

A global talent scouting initiative aimed at discovering the next generation of professional road cyclists, the Red Bull Junior Brothers Programme 2024, has completed its econd annual search for two promising prospects to keep an eye on. 

After "an intense week of testing at the Red Bull Athlete Performance Centre (APC)" in Thalgau, Austria, Georgs Tjumins and Karl Herzog have earned a contract with Bora-Hansgrohe's U19 team, Team GRENKE - Auto Eder, Karl the brother of current Bora-Hansgrohe pro rider Emil Herzog.

> A-Levels, angry sportive riders, and forgetting your gloves at Paris-Roubaix: A beginner’s guide to racing in Europe and the fight to become a pro cyclist

Who knows, perhaps it won't be long before it's Primož Roglič towing them to victory?

07 June 2024, 15:44
Wheely petty

A post shared by Zipp Speed (@zippspeed)

07 June 2024, 15:33
Primož Roglič wins Critérium du Dauphiné with all too familiar summit finish sprint

If the Tour gives us one thing (other than Cav up fit and firing for win number 35, of course), I'll go for Primož Roglič getting a crash-free run at the yellow jersey. A certain other Slovenian at UAE Team Emirates will make it tough to win outright, but it would be great to see a fully fit Roglič having another shot.

Aleksandr Vlasov deserves plenty of plaudits for his work to set the Dauphiné stage six victory up, towing his teammate and Giulio Ciccone to the closing metres before the Bora-Hansgrohe leader set off on one of his familiar stage-crushing uphill sprints. Behind, Remco Evenepoel struggled a day on from yesterday's crash, Roglič taking enough time to sit atop the GC, 19 seconds clear of the Belgian. Gutsy rides from Matteo Jorgenson and Derek Gee keep them in the hunt for a podium place, we'll see how their GC credentials fare during the mountainous weekend to come.

07 June 2024, 15:23
"Read the Highway Code – that is not a safe pass": Police say post advising drivers to give cyclists "an arm's length" of space while overtaking was published "in error"
07 June 2024, 15:02
Camera shows 91km/h just before another crash hits race

If the cameraman pulls the classic 'get a shot of the speedometer on a fast descent', the last thing I want to see when the camera returns to the race is two riders flying towards the edge of a bend. Thankfully, Mason Hollyman and Thibault Guernalec managed to slow themselves down sufficiently to avoid disaster, both up on their feet and back on the bike quickly.

07 June 2024, 14:31
Lotte Kopecky wins stage two of the Tour of Britain

There's no doubt about who won today, the world champion doubling up at the Tour of Britain, taking a second sprint victory in as many days, this time gracing Wrexham with her power. A cracking ride by Anna Henderson to stick with the rampaging Belgian over Horseshoe Pass, but it's a tough ask going head to head with Kopecky at the finish.

SD Worx teammate Lorena Wiebes was on hand to win the sprint for third and suddenly the team is halfway to winning every stage of the race. Can anyone stop them as the race heads to Warrington and Manchester this weekend?

Kopecky's GC lead will be 17 seconds heading into tomorrow, Letizia Paternoster, Pfeiffer Georgi and Lizzie Deignan a few of those a bit further back.

Again, credit to British Cycling for two entertaining stages and the sort of scenery that makes UK races so great to watch.

07 June 2024, 13:54
15-year-old boy arrested after violent attack on cyclist near Box Hill which left victim seriously injured with punctured lung when masked thugs on motorbike kicked him off popular cycle path
07 June 2024, 13:01
Transport for London offers unlimited free Santander Cycle rides every Sunday in June
Cyclist in London santander cycles hire bike - copyright Simon MacMichael

Transport for London and Santander Cycles are offering unlimited free 30-minute rides on Sundays in June as part of the launch of TfL Cycle Sundays, a new programme of leisurely routes deisgned to encourage more Londoners to enjoy the city by bike.

Find out more on the TfL website.

07 June 2024, 12:32
Britain's "most expensive street" bans cyclists and pedestrians – after complaints about "dangerous" cyclists causing "near misses" and putting residents and diplomats "at risk"
07 June 2024, 10:52
Dauphiné dropouts continue — Juan Ayuso and seven others won't start stage six

More than a few riders sporting bandages at the start today... 

Juan Ayuso and seven others, including 20-year-old British rider Lukas Nerurkar (who finished third on stage three and seventh on stage two), are out of the Dauphiné and won't start today's stage. However, far from crash injuries, the Brit has tested positive for Covid (how very 2021 of him) and teammate Harry Sweeney has an illness too. It's all going on over in France.

Ayuso, who was eighth on GC and one of six UAE Team Emirates riders to crash yesterday, is the biggest-name dropout ahead of today's HC summit finish at Le Collet d'Allevard. There'll be plenty of bruised bodies out there today.

07 June 2024, 09:46
Lifeplus-Wahoo will continue Tour of Britain despite bike thefts

Good news from Wrexham, Lifeplus-Wahoo will start the second stage of the Tour of Britain. 

"All of our thanks and appreciation goes out to the many teams that offered and gave their spare team bikes and their mechanics' time to get our girls on the road. We wouldn't be starting without them!"

Lifeplus-Wahoo at the start of Tour of Britain stage two (Lifeplus-Wahoo/X)

There could be no more popular stage winners today... 

07 June 2024, 09:23
Chris Froome: I was one of the lucky few

Speaking to ITV's Daniel Friebe, Chris Froome said he was "one of the lucky few" who avoided yesterday's crash. 

"I just went off into the bushes when I saw what was happening on the road," he explained. "Just carnage. The roads were super slippery coming down that descent and all it took was one or two guys to touch their brakes... one crash turned into 60, 70, 80 guys all on the floor at high speeds. Pretty gnarly. One of the more nasty crashes I've seen."

07 June 2024, 09:05
British squad hit by bike theft at Tour of Britain as all 14 bikes stolen from mechanic's van – just days after team's rider was hit and "threatened" by 4x4 driver
07 June 2024, 08:55
One month on from Simon Pegg's 'me passing cyclists' skit... actor faces second driving ban for speeding in three years

Almost one month to the day since this live blog...

Simon Pegg 'me passing cyclists' skit (Simon Pegg, Instagram)

> Is he (Shaun of the) Dead wrong about cyclists? Simon Pegg slammed for 'me passing cyclists' skit, blasting people on bikes "riding two abreast" and "in the middle of the road"

The Evening Standard now reports Pegg faces his second driving ban in three years after being caught speeding at 36mph in a 20mph zone in Hackney in October. The Hot Fuzz, Shaun of the Dead and Mission Impossible actor served a six-month ban in 2021 after amassing 13 penalty points for four speeding offences, but he has now pleaded guilty again to an offence in the autumn, meaning he faces another potential ban.

At the time of his last ban, Pegg's lawyer told Wimbledon Magistrates' Court that he "deeply regrets" the offences and a ban would cause him "difficulties". However, court documents show Pegg was caught by a speed camera in Hackney Wick driving at 36mph in a 20 zone and he has pleaded guilty, the sentencing hearing expected to be held on June 24.

07 June 2024, 08:46
Scramble for refunds as cycling sportive organiser goes into administration after suffering heavy losses through the pandemic
07 June 2024, 08:25
Castelli's "aero sleeves" base layer amuses us all

For 99 of your hard-earned pound sterling you too can be the owner of this, the Castelli Bolero Short Sleeve base layer and add "aero sleeves for aerodynamic gains" to your cycling wardrobe...

In fairness, it's quite obviously a product for people who ride professionally and don't have to pay for their kit or those with too much money to care but still, you can't be putting pictures of that on your website and not expect the internet to do what it does best — take the piss.

Weighing just 54g (because it's missing more than half the base layer), Castelli says these are "sleeves with aero trip ribbing for maximal aerodynamic gain"... "If you have a keen eye, you'll have noticed the lines running down the arms of our pro riders when they race TTs. These aero ribs are our Bolero sleeves — here in a short-sleeve version. The ribs create aerodynamic trip strips, making our Aero Jerseys and San Remo Speedsuits even faster."

100 Climbs author Simon Warren joked he's waiting for the gravel version, while Gareth Cartman was begging us to tell him it's actually the result of asking AI to design an aero cycling product release. Admittedly, others did take things a touch more seriously...

 I hate to think what would happen if we got one of these in for review...

07 June 2024, 07:44
"A good 300 metres... just sliding, hoping to stop at some point": Critérium du Dauphiné riders' "pretty scary" day, as shocking roadside footage emerges of high-speed crash

The doctors and physios of the Critérium du Dauphiné were working overtime last night, the peloton trying to get its head around the sheer scale of how many riders were involved in the high-speed crash that brought an end to racing on stage five yesterday afternoon. The person behind the @keyshawn__bava account on Twitter/X shared roadside footage of the incident that shows the quite incredible high-speeds that riders were sliding down the wet road at.

 British pro Fred Wright was one of those involved, explaining to ITV and the other TV cameras: "Everyone had that feeling, 'it's a little bit slippy maybe'. We were racing to the top of the climb to get into that descent in a good position. It was a straight road but maybe just a touch on the brakes and bikes underneath people at the front... when that happens there's not really much you can do.

"It's a memory I don't think I'm going to forget for a long time, I was just sliding downhill for what felt like a long time, I've never slid on my back... a good 300 metres, didn't know where my bike was, just sliding, hoping to stop at some point. Pretty scary stuff."

Team Visma-Lease a Bike confirmed that Dylan van Baarle and Steven Kruijswijk will miss the Tour de France, the former suffering the suspected fractured collarbone many predicted when he was seen sat on the roadside with his arm in a sling. Kruijswijk has "a small fracture in his hip".

The UAE Team Emirates medical update confirmed that SIX of the team's seven riders were affected, all "provisionally cleared to race" today. Dr Adrian Rotunno earned his money yesterday...

Kruijswijk, Van Baarle, Ådne Holter, Rémy Rochas, Axel Mariault, Laurens Huys, Milan Menten and Luke Durbridge were the DNFs from yesterday, while Intermarché–Wanty's Kobe Goosens is listed as a rider who will not start stage six. Let's see how everyone else feels this morning... stiff, sore and bruised, I'm guessing... and having 'enjoyed' the 'joys' of trying to sleep with road rash. Grim.

Dan is the news editor and has spent the past four years writing stories and features, as well as (hopefully) keeping you entertained on the live blog. Having previously written about nearly every other sport under the sun for the Express, and the weird and wonderful world of non-league football for the Non-League Paper, Dan joined in 2020. Come the weekend you'll find him labouring up a hill, probably with a mouth full of jelly babies, or making a bonk-induced trip to a south of England petrol station... in search of more jelly babies.

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Hirsute | 1 week ago

Rosie Holt (Tory MP) has tweeted
"It was today I learned that immigrants are CLOGGING UP THE ROADS #bbcdebate"

Finally, it's not cyclists!

ktache | 1 week ago

This was mentioned on tonights Have I Got News for You, did it get a story here?
He looks like a very happy cyclist.

mdavidford | 1 week ago

What's petty about those wheel pictures?

Hirsute | 1 week ago

Warning - This bike is exceptionally heavy and needs a winch to recover.


Trike off to be fixed [🤩] Very grateful to @ETAservicesltd for their really inclusive cycle breakdown cover. I'm not able to fix punctures or push my trike if there's issues, so having their cover is really reassuring and helps me keep cycling. "

dreamlx10 | 1 week ago
1 like

Simon Pegg is a f@nny

brooksby | 1 week ago

This isn't to do with cycling, but certainly falls under 'road safety'.

Police officer ordered witness not to call 999 when he caused head-on crash


After a witness said ‘we should call the police’, [the officer] said ‘no don’t call 999, I just veered off and hit the car’, a court heard.

[The officer] told [the other party] he was a police officer and was ‘very insistent’ he could deal with the matter himself.

quiff replied to brooksby | 1 week ago

Bit conflicted on this one. It may well be the case that the police don't need to be called to every RTC, but I might be reluctant to take that statement at face value from a police officer *who had just crashed into me*.     

wtjs replied to brooksby | 1 week ago

It pains me to say it, but The Law seems to have got the penalty right, for once.

mctrials23 | 1 week ago

I feel that anyone who has been banned from driving for points accumulation should A) find any subsequent bans lengthened exponentially as they clearly haven't learned anything from the first ban. B) Have any sentences/punishments that come as a result of dangerous driving in future massively increased as well. 

For example if you have been banned for speeding and you hit and injure/kill someone in future then your sentence should be increased considerably. 

brooksby replied to mctrials23 | 1 week ago

When the directors of a limited company fail to file their accounts with Companies House within the set period allowed they are fined when they do finally file them (with the fine increasing, the longer past the due period the accounts were when they were finally filed).

If the accounts are late for the next period, the fines are doubled.

Seems reasonable to do something like that for driving bans, driving FPNs, etc. 

Steve K | 1 week ago

The Venn diagram of "famous people who complain about cyclists" and "famous people who drive illegally" is pretty much just a single circle, isn't it?

BalladOfStruth replied to Steve K | 1 week ago

Steve K wrote:

The Venn diagram of "famous people who complain about cyclists" and "famous people who drive illegally" is pretty much just a single circle, isn't it?


Steve K replied to BalladOfStruth | 1 week ago

True - but it's the famous ones who get the media attention.

belugabob replied to Steve K | 1 week ago

he "deeply regrets" the offences and because a ban would cause him "difficulties"


FTFY, Simon Pegg

Clem Fandango | 1 week ago

Drive safe.

quiff | 1 week ago

I got served an ad for those Castelli Bolero sleeves a few days ago. My wife already thinks all the variations of cycling kit (short sleeves, long sleeves, no sleeves, just sleeves, shorts, longs, 3/4s, leg warmers, knee warmers, toe warmers) are hilarious, but even I wasn't going to defend this one. 

Clem Fandango replied to quiff | 1 week ago
1 like

Well, you could get some more innovative tan lines at least...... 


quiff replied to Clem Fandango | 1 week ago

[Tries and fails to find vaguely recalled picture of a London commuter wearing arm warmers without a jersey.] 

Rendel Harris replied to quiff | 1 week ago

Orlando Bloom notably gave it a go…

quiff replied to Rendel Harris | 1 week ago
1 like

A good effort, but the one I'm thinking of was quite something, topped off with a Respro mask if memory serves. Kind of like Bane on a bike.  

Paul J replied to Rendel Harris | 1 week ago
Rendel Harris wrote:

Orlando Bloom notably gave it a go…

Why? Why would someone do this? It's so hot you don't want a jersey on, yet.. cold enough to need arm warmers? WTF?!!!

Neil MG replied to Rendel Harris | 1 week ago

The Bolero short sleeve will fill those gaps nicely!

Tom_77 | 1 week ago

Shitty cycle parking outside my local Londis.

Tom_77 replied to Tom_77 | 1 week ago

Had a look on Google Maps, the cycle hoops were there first, and the dog shit bin was placed in between them at a later date. Who thought that was a good idea?

Patrick9-32 | 1 week ago

I feel like the UCI should be regulating wet weather tyres with some grip in conditions like this, if they all had to use them it would mean nobody had an advantage and maybe they would be able to stop safely. Most of those who went down did so before they got to the crashed riders ahead. It was as if they were trying to brake on ice and everyone who put the brakes on lost the front wheel instantly. 

Rendel Harris replied to Patrick9-32 | 1 week ago

Patrick9-32 wrote:

I feel like the UCI should be regulating wet weather tyres with some grip in conditions like this, if they all had to use them it would mean nobody had an advantage and maybe they would be able to stop safely. Most of those who went down did so before they got to the crashed riders ahead. It was as if they were trying to brake on ice and everyone who put the brakes on lost the front wheel instantly. 

What would these wet weather tyres be? It seems to be generally agreed that tread on road bike tyres is more or less useless, indeed slick tires actually have better grip, so I can't see what they would put on that would make them safer. I suppose they could mandate a maximum tyre pressure but the logistics of policing that would be massive.  The real problem is not the tyres but the tarmac, the crash occurred on a stretch of shiny new tarmac which had probably been laid down for the race but this can get incredibly greasy when it rains, either the organisers need to think about planning further in advance so that any repairs made for the race have a chance to bed in or they need to be aware of where the new tarmac is and be prepared to neutralise the race over those stretches in unfavourable conditions.

OnYerBike replied to Rendel Harris | 1 week ago

Tread might be useless for bicycle tyres, but various brands claim to utilise different compounds that may provide better grip in the wet e.g. the "Control" version of the Vittoria Corsa; the "AS" version of the GP5000. Think Goodyear had a prototype "Vector LTD Wet Weather Race" tyre out at Tour of Flanders.

mark1a replied to Patrick9-32 | 1 week ago
1 like

Patrick9-32 wrote:

I feel like the UCI should be regulating wet weather tyres with some grip in conditions like this, if they all had to use them it would mean nobody had an advantage and maybe they would be able to stop safely. Most of those who went down did so before they got to the crashed riders ahead. It was as if they were trying to brake on ice and everyone who put the brakes on lost the front wheel instantly. 

Do you have any examples of wet weather tyres for suitable for road bikes?

[edit] - RH beat me to it.

quiff replied to Patrick9-32 | 1 week ago

TBH I'm not sure how much effect wet weather tyres would have - judging by how far they were sliding off their bikes that (newly laid?) surface must have been incredibly slippery. [Edit - Rendel beat me to it too!]

fwhite181 replied to Patrick9-32 | 1 week ago

With the pressures involved in bike tyres (~75+ PSI) compared to the ~25PSI of car tyres, the physics of wet tyres doesn't make sense for cycling. Tread on car tyres is there to shed water that builds up between the road and the tyre, allowing the rubber to stay in contact with the tarmac (preventing aquaplaning). For a car running 25PSI, the speed of aquaplaning is ~40MPH. For a cyclist at 80PSI, it's about 95mph. Therefore, wet-weather/tread-patterned tyres don't do anything for road cyclists except reduce the amount of grip they have. (The ever-useful Sheldon Brown did the maths here:


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