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"We can't earn so lycra-clad 'athletes' can tootle around": NIMBY locals thrilled by Commonwealth Games road closures; Horrendous speed bump crash during Burgos sprint; Christoph Strasser wins Transcontinental; Dreamy bike path + more on the live blog

It's Wednesday and Dan Alexander is here to take you through the middle of the week on the live blog...
03 August 2022, 16:07
The ESSENTIAL Guide to Shimano Groupsets - Di2, Mechanical, Disc Brakes, Rim Brakes & More
03 August 2022, 15:29
Horrendous speed bump crash during Burgos sprint

Jumbo-Visma 'pulled off' another 1-2-3, but the result is very much an afterthought on today's stage as a horrendous crash, caused by a speed bump in the final few hundred metres, brought several riders down.

The third Jumbo rider, believed to be David Dekker, lost his grip on the bars on impact with the speed bump and was sent flying to the tarmac at high speed. Davide Ballerini and an AG2R Citroën Team were also badly affected.

In the end, Timo Roosen took the 'win', while everyone else was left to pick up their damaged bikes and bruised bodies. We hope for as few medical updates to this one as possible... 

03 August 2022, 15:06
"I'm taking on a lot, but I'm excited": Cyclist with motor neuron disease attempting 260-mile ride

A Scottish cyclist diagnosed with motor neurone disease four years ago is marking the anniversary of his diagnosis by taking on a 260-mile ride across Scotland's five highest roads, along with a group of friends.

Davy Zyw says his health is "deteriorating" but while he still has the opportunity to ride his bike he wants to make the most of it. "I don't know how many more chances I'll have to do something like this again," he told BBC Scotland.

"This challenge is difficult for a fit person let alone someone who has MND. I'm scared. It's a step into the unknown and I'm not sure how my body will react. I'm taking on a lot, but I'm excited."

Davy was diagnosed after returning from a snowboarding holiday in Canada. Initially presumed to be carpal tunnel syndrome, Davy's thumb stopped working on the trip, and he kept his MND diagnosis secret for two years.

"When I was first diagnosed I didn't think I'd be alive in four years. I wanted to live my best life rather than shouting it from the rooftops. But after two years I came out and now I'm turning this into a positive by deciding to do this cycle."

The group, including Davy's twin brother and friends, will have to ascend more than 5,000m of elevation and are raising money for My Name'5 Doddie.

More information and the link to donate can be found on the RideForMND website.

03 August 2022, 14:09
When a WorldTour race visits your hometown
03 August 2022, 12:52
Dutch Sport Tech Fund invests in Tom Pidcock's Link My Ride app
Tom Pidcock, Tour de France 2022, stage seven ( Zac Williams/

[📷: Zac Williams/]

Forbes reports Dutch investment firm Dutch Sport Tech Fund has invested in the community app founded by Tom Pidcock. Link My Ride will allow riders to connect with other riders, clubs and brands via a smartphone app and website. It is set to launch at the end of the year and was described as "ticking all the boxes" by Dutch Sport Tech Fund CEO Alexander Jannsen.

"As a fund, we were eager to penetrate the cycling market and community. Link my Ride stood out, ticking all the boxes; a great business model, founders, advisors, and influencers; a charitable focus, a young and ambitious team, and a cool app," he said on the investment.

03 August 2022, 12:49
DON'T BUY another bike until you watch THIS - Shimano Ultegra 12-speed Di2 review

03 August 2022, 11:14
"We can't earn so lycra-clad 'athletes' can tootle around": NIMBY locals thrilled by Commonwealth Games road closures

Nothing like a yellow jersey winner, former world champion, and pros fresh off the Tour de France racing outside your front door to light the NIMBY spirit in Facebook comments sections...

And, in fairness, there are just as many supportive comments here, and a few asking why the event couldn't be held at the weekend? The answer to that we assume is, as is standard at the Olympics and World Championships, the road races come at the weekend meaning — for adequate rest between events — the TTs end up being mid-week affairs.

Anyway, let's get down to why we're here...the excited locals who just can't wait for tomorrow's races...

Straight in with a cracker: "The only thing that surprised me is that Wolverhampton Council hasn't closed all the roads in Wolverhampton for months and built special extra-wide cycle lanes for the race. Funnily enough the worst congestion in Wolverhampton for months has been caused by the closure of much of Wednesfield Road at Heath Town to create sodding cycle lanes and it's not part of the race route.
What exactly is it with Wolverhampton and bikes?" A strong start...

> "Thanks Essex, we love you, from Surrey x": NIMBY locals love RideLondon relocation

"Lots in the news about 'Heat or Eat' and we can't earn so some lycra-clad 'athletes' can tootle around Wolverhampton and Dudley, neither are in Birmingham." It's good to hear Lycra-clad again, isn't it? We're guessing they mean Geraint Thomas, Rohan Dennis and Ashleigh Moolman-Pasio...

Superb bit of bingoing worked into the next one... "Amazing for the area, pity the cyclists training tonight ran the red light and almost wiped us out in Sedgley. If the cars stopped think they should have too."

Refreshingly the top comment was more positive: "Lovely stuff. And great to see Wolverhampton and surrounding area getting a bit of the action for what is effectively a once-in-a-lifetime event."

The course certainly looks 'interesting', Scottish hope John Archibald summed it up on his Strava recon... "Never seen a course like it. Up, down, left, right, figure eight, dual carriageway, death descent, 20 per cent bergs and more." Good luck going down the descent at 4:25 on a TT bike...

03 August 2022, 10:37
Christoph Strasser wins Transcontinental

A post shared by Apidura (@apidura)

03 August 2022, 09:49
Filippo Ganna extends Ineos Grenadiers stay for five more years
2023 Pinarello Bolide F Ganna - 1

First Aaron Ramsey, now Filippo Ganna...if you've no idea what I'm talking about go check out yesterday's live blog, including a picture of Dave Brailsford proud as punch next to his new signing...yep, the Welsh international midfielder...

> Brailsford signs British star hoping for one final shot at glory… and no, it’s not Cav

Ganna has signed a deal with the team until 2027, with Rod Ellingworth hailing the news: "Filippo is one of those bike riders whose ability to generate power through the pedals is just incredible. You can never tire of watching him execute a time trial or being on the front of the bunch single handedly ripping a race apart. 

Interestingly he also mentioned the techy stuff they're Ganna do together (sorry): "To have a talent like Filippo in the team is a huge bonus to us from an equipment development point of view too. From working with him in wind tunnels, to seeing him ride on the track, it's in part due to him that our equipment is at the level it currently is. I'm looking forward to seeing what we can achieve together over the coming years."

03 August 2022, 09:37
"Fast and efficient" bike washing

So how does a four-time world champion wash their bike?

03 August 2022, 09:14
Dreamy Belgian bike paths

I mean, it's okay...but it's no Shoreditch High Street...

03 August 2022, 09:01
Trying not to jinx Transcontinental

Ferry drama last night as several riders' progress was slowed by being stuck on the wrong side of the Danube, and missing the ferry. Up ahead, and safely over the water, Christoph Strasser looks like he should be heading to victory.

There's top-tier fashion on show too...

Please don't give Rapha x Palace any ideas...cue Lachlan Morton surfacing with pink tin foil knees covered in ducks... 

03 August 2022, 07:45
Cyclist reunited with stolen bike... after mate spotted thief on train
Lancaster station (Google Maps)

A cyclist whose bike, worth £4,000, was stolen from outside a shop was reunited with his ride after a friend spotted a familiar-looking bicycle while travelling on a train later that day and raised the alarm.

Following the theft from outside a shop in Arnside, the thief boarded a train where they were later spotted by a friend of the victim. The eagle-eyed pal checked with the owner before raising the alarm by texting British Transport Police who met the train at Lancaster.

The Lancaster Guardian reports the suspect was arrested and passed on to South Lakes Police.

"Right place, right time," the BTP concluded. Someone owes their mate a pint...

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