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"An everyday occurrence": Driver pulls out on cyclist in very relatable clip; DIY cycle lane pops up after council removes segregated infra; G's Cycling Trust; BathLive readers LOVE active travel; Alt Tour film; Strange kit release + more on the live blog

It's Tuesday live blog time! Dan Alexander is the man behind the keyboard for today's action...
26 October 2021, 15:29
How many mates to reel in Filippo Ganna?

A lot...

26 October 2021, 13:57
All too relatable...reader reaction to a very familiar driver pulling out video

Time for some reaction to our main blog story of the's all a bit déjà vu isn't it? You're riding along, approach a left turn, see driver waiting, driver starts to edge forward, 'surely not' you think, 'yep, they're coming out', BRAKE...

Andrew Potts suggested this and the left hook are all-time classics for the 'bad driving cyclists see' hall of fame. No arguments from me, although I'd love to add the must get in front overtake approaching a red light/stationary traffic that always ends with you rolling past laughing...

Rob Taylor thinks there's more to it, "I’m convinced it’s not just a case of I didn’t see you (no excuses for that) but one of...'its only a bike...they can stop and he/she isn’t going fast.' Not appreciating you could so easily be doing 25mph. Perceived speed for some drivers seems relative to mass."

Graham Black championed the trusty air horn for situations like this...

On Facebook, David Kelly commented: "It’s sadly an almost everyday occurrence stuff like that."

Of course, some said the cyclist shouldn't have been riding so fast...Stew Elliott mic-dropped that idea with this: "What I'm getting from the responses is a bunch of people who regularly moan that cyclists are slow and hold up traffic also think cyclists go too fast." Funny that.

26 October 2021, 13:40
New shades from Rudy Project
2021 Rudy Project Deltabeat

Rudy Project has just launched its new Deltabeat sunglasses which are now made with a bio-based polyamide frame material that’s called Rilsan Clear. 

Rudy Project says this new material developed by Arkema has the same properties of Grilamid TR90 which is commonly used for sport sunnies. “Rilsan Clear’s key properties are lightness, chemical and fatigue resistance, flexibility and easy processability which make this material extremely durable, resistant and perfectly suitable for sports use,” claims Rudy Project.

 Rilsan Clear is made from the oil of castor beans grown in the Gujarat region of India. “The beans are crushed to produce castor oil and the oil is further refined during several steps to produce the primary bio-based raw material in the polymer,” Rudy Project explains.

The Deltabeats are Rudy Projects’ sunnies with a large wraparound lens for maximum coverage and also include the brands’ head grip geometry that’s designed to optimise the fit for different faces. Vents are also included on the temples, frame and lenses to minimise the risk of fogging. We’ll get one in for review and you know our thoughts soon…

2021 Rudy Project Deltabeat
26 October 2021, 13:22
But cyclists...
26 October 2021, 13:09
Raleigh launches national competition: Vintage MK2 Raleigh Chopper and limited edition T-shirts designed by Johnny Vaughan, Pete McKee and Kid30 up for grabs
Raleigh competition

Raleigh has a competition where one lucky winner will get their hands on a pristine vintage MK2 Raleigh Chopper. Working in partnership with World Bicycle Relief, entrants can also win a collection of limited edition T-shirts and prints. All proceeds will go towards World Bicycle Relief's work providing bikes to those living in poverty within developing rural areas.

The MK2 probably needs no introduction, it's an iconic bike that Raleigh says, "transports many riders back to a time of fun and exploration from their childhood". Anyone here still a proud Chopper owner? Entries are £5 via the brand's crowdfunder...

26 October 2021, 12:31
DIY painted cycle lane pops up on Old Shoreham Road...just a month after council removes segregated infrastructure

Old Shoreham Road has a new cycle lane today, it's a little bit wonky (and not council-approved) but it's there...

The DIY painted lane appeared on the same road where the council removed a protected cycle route last month. Images of the new lane spread on social media, and show it painted sporadically along both sides of the road. In response, the council promised to remove the paintwork and warned the public "not to put unauthorised lining on any roads."

One unimpressed local told the Argus, "Honestly, we were shocked and appalled that someone had gone to such lengths to reverse the decision that was finally democratically made after 16 months. This is an illegal act of vandalism that needs to be dealt with by the police..."

Old Shoreham Road made headlines here at when a group of parents set up a school bike train in response to the council's decision to remove the infrastructure. Ben Kelly, a founder of the train and parent at a local school said: "It’s one hundred percent in response to the bike lane being taken out.

"Using that road is a lot more dangerous when you don’t have a cycle lane there. Cars whiz past at speed and in volume. It was not a nice journey in comparison. We thought we’d do a bike train to get safety in numbers, what we basically do is ride two abreast, take up the whole lane and cars can then drive around us."

26 October 2021, 11:21
Say goodbye to stinky kit...Muc-Off launches Anti-Odour spray
Muc-Off Anti-Odour spray

Aiming to solve one of the biggest issues of digging deep in-the-saddle - stinky kit - Muc-Off has launched its Anti-Odour spray (£11.99 for a 250ml bottle). The bicycle care brand is venturing into rider care with a spray that it says helps increase the longevity of kit and is perfect for using while away on riding trips to help protect your kit when it’s repeatedly used and can’t be easily washed.

The spray uses Silverplus tech which, according to Muc-Off, works by releasing the silver element in the formula onto the fabric to keep riders’ kit smelling fresh for longer. “The silver releases positive ions to attach to the negative ions of bacteria, which prevents the dreaded odour-causing bacteria from developing,” says Muc-Off. “It’s ideal for removing odour from helmet liners, body armour, shoe lining, gloves, pads, boots, shoes, synthetic fibre or any other textiles that come into contact with your skin and start to smell over time.”

Muc-Off says it’ll provide freshness for up to ten washes before another spray treatment is needed, and is suitable to use on leather, suede, cotton, polycotton, softshell, technical fabrics and synthetics. 

Brands are increasingly introducing products to increase the longevity of kit to reduce the environmental impact. Wondering how to make more eco-friendly choices when it comes to your cycle clothing? You can find out more over here.

26 October 2021, 11:14
Deceuninck-Quick-Step mark the off-season with a day out on the tractor

Believe it or not the only Quick-Step rider here is Yves Lampaert. At first we thought Tim Declercq was looking well, turns out that's an actual John Deere.

26 October 2021, 10:28
Mamnick raises eyebrows with this bizarre kit release

In the market for biathlon kit? Probably not. But Sheffield-based cycling clothing company Mamnick raised eyebrows with this interesting kit release well as the brand's no nonsense approach to dealing with unhappy replies...

I don't really know what to say about this. You can make up your own mind...

26 October 2021, 09:38
Rapha Gone Racing: Behind the scenes of Lachlan Morton's Alt Tour

As always with the EF Education-Nippo x Rapha collabs there's a great behind the scenes film documenting the trip. Lachlan Morton's Alt Tour film is worth the wait. We spent most of July just watching his little avatar zipping across France on the tracker, now you can actually see what it was like slogging away day after his sandals. Well worth a watch...

26 October 2021, 09:02
BathLive readers LOVE active travel

70 comments under this. Get comfy, grab the popcorn, we're going in...

Scotty Turner got the ball rolling: "Oh that plonker again, anti car cycalist(sic)"

Chris Dunn rather menacingly added: "Car owners are voters and you don't want to be upsetting them." 

Stuart Pike may have the solution though..."Unless they flatten all the hills out, it's all rubbish." Right, lads. Get that roller out and flatten some of those hills for us...

In fairness, a few people pointed out the need to make public transport more reliable and accessible, including Vanessa Roberts: "Our bus service to Bath is diabolical and the train isn't much better. I prefer to use the park and ride when I can as parking prices are high."

Any locals want to have their say? 

26 October 2021, 08:42
Geraint Thomas launches Cycling Trust aiming to get young people cycling

 G has set up the Geraint Thomas Cycling Trust (GTCT) so that "every young person can enjoy the spirit of cycling by participating in cycling regardless of their individual circumstances." Through grant funding and a support programme, the trust wants to encourage more youngsters to ride bikes, while also tackling the affordability issue that many face when buying and maintaining their bicycle.

On the sport side of things the GTCT has pledged to develop a network of community volunteer mentors, and more widely it will work with other cycling organisations and local cycling clubs and schools to support young people who want to cycle.

26 October 2021, 07:38
"An everyday occurrence": Driver pulls out on cyclist in very relatable clip

I'd wager if you're here reading and you've been riding bikes for any sustained period of time, then you'll be familiar with this manoeuvre. CycleGaz certainly has, he's even nailed down his cheery "Ohhh, thank you for looking. Thank you, really appreciate it" and ride on...

Presumably, the driver here didn't even consider the thought of a cyclist rolling up the bike lane on the inside of the stationary cars. Maybe it's a clip to highlight how paint on the road doesn't help keep cyclists safe, but I'd say it's mainly just a very relatable piece of bad driving.

Anyway, even if there was a segregated lane it might not have helped...remember this vid from Cork's new South Mall cycle path? One local rider took a spin down the new lane, only to narrowly avoid a triple collision with two drivers pulling into it without seeing him.

As is the way with Twitter, not everyone agreed the driver was at fault in the CycleGaz video...two accounts (both related to London taxi drivers) took issue. Our old 'friends' at Taxileaks blamed Gaz for riding like he's in a velodrome and took issue with the rider pressing his head unit afterwards too...that's a new one for the bingo cards.

It's a return to form for the self-proclaimed 'London's no1 Taxi news website/blog' which was last seen on the live blog arguing with Jeremy Vine about cyclists needing registration plates. The advice from fellow cyclists was more person recommended rechargeable air horns, another the advice "assume that every single driver will ignore your right of way and pull out on you"...

Got to love a WTF hand too...

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