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Cyclist in Italy knocked off bike, gets fined in A&E for breaking lockdown; Riders celebrate rubbish home trainer set-ups; Backlash vs lockdown op piece; Hoy accused of making 'unnecessary journey'... on Zwift; Van Avermaet's Virtual NMOTD + more

Friday's live blog is brought to you by Jack Sexty, with the odd contribution from the rest of the team...
24 April 2020, 19:30
Cyclist in Italy ends up in A&E after being knocked off bike - and gets fined for breaking lockdown

A cyclist in Italy who was taken to hospital after he was knocked off his bike ended up getting more attention in the A&E department than might have happened in more normal times, when police arrived and fined him for contravening the country’s strict lockdown laws.

The incident on Tuesday evening happened in the town of Schio, near Vicenza in Italy’s Veneto region, which is one of the hardest-hit by the pandemic.

The website VicenzaNews gave no update on the rider’s condition, but said that the man, someone already known to the police, was sanctioned for being away from his home without a justified reason.

24 April 2020, 14:10
People are sharing their rubbish home trainer set-ups, and it's way better than pristine ones

Tired of getting envious over massive tellys, superbikes mounted to trainers that cost a grand or more all in a dedicated home gym? This thread is for you... 

From ironing boards used to shelve monitors to swimming floats for propping up front wheels, the thread celebrates the more DIY side of home training. Richard Jones - who rides for Ribble-Weldtite Pro Cycling - is awarding extra points for unsuitable rooms, poor equipment and random clutter hindering the training experience. 

While we can't see the full shabang our winner is this wonderfully wretched set-up that is reportedly from the late legendary Scottish cycling champion Ivor Reid, conjuring up delightful images of sweaty dispair... 

24 April 2020, 15:32
Pedal Me explain how they've scaled up e-cargo deliveries and deliver vital goods to the vulnerable

The cycle courier and taxi service are delivering essentials to those in isolation during the lockdown, and in this video one of their directors explains how they're managing to make up to 400 drops a day. 

24 April 2020, 15:11
Froome "never taking riding on the road for granted again"

Lockdown isn't the only thing that's kept him away after that horrendous crash last year.

24 April 2020, 13:47
Wales Online accused of misinterpretation of latest Welsh government advice

The article cites guidance released by the Welsh government today, with point 19 stating: 

"Cycling should be local, as a rule of thumb limited to travelling no further than a reasonable walking distance from home. Exercising by cycling significant distances from home is not considered to be a reasonable excuse for leaving home."

However after quoting the guidance, WalesOnline go on to state: 

"We understand that "reasonable distance" is within 10 miles of your home.

"If you were found cycling 20 miles or more from your home and are stopped by police, this would not been seen as a "reasonable distance"."

There are no laws in England, Wales or Scotland that put a specific time or distance limit on the daily exercise allowance. For our latest advice in line with current government guidance, check out our Dos and Don'ts guide to riding responsibly during the pandemic. We'll have a full story on the latest Welsh government guidance later this afternoon.

24 April 2020, 12:32
Backlash against article that claims cycling with earphones is a "pointless and selfish risk", while referring to one hour exercise rule
cycling news fb comment 2 24 april 2020.PNG
cycling news fb comment 4 24 april 2020.PNG

The article on Cycling News - titled "The pointless and selfish risk of riding with earphones during lockdown - argues that riding outdoors with earphones is a "selfish act" regardless of the pandemic, while going on to suggest that making "unnecessary risks" could put further strain on the health service. 

cycling news fb comment 1 24 april 2020.PNG

While comments on social media denounced this opinion, others also took issue with the author's interpretation of the lockdown rules in the United Kingdom* when he says: ..."in the United Kingdom and other select global territories, cyclists are authorised to practice an hour of outdoor riding and it is something which serves incalculable anxiety mitigation during lockdown."

The author also cites that headphones were found at the scene when cyclist Nicky Hayden died in Italy three years ago to argue his point that earphones are dangerous. The author then refers to "the one hour allocated daily road ride" in the final paragraph. 

In the UK there is no specific time limit on how long citizens are allowed to exercise during the lockdown; although it's claimed that some have some have attributed the 'one hour rule' misconception to comments made by Minister for the Cabinet Office Michael Gove, who personally suggested that a walk should last an hour and a jog 30 minutes. 

For our latest advice in line with current government guidance, check out our Dos and Don'ts guide to riding responsibly during the pandemic. 

*Update at 3:46pm: Cyclingnews have updated the article removing reference to a one hour exercise rule. 

24 April 2020, 15:09
Our full story on the latest guidance from the Welsh Government
24 April 2020, 15:20
Muc-Off Launches range of versatile antibacterial sanitisers & cleaners
muc-off Anit-bac

Muc-Off's new collection of antibacterial sanitisers and cleaners are designed to offer maximum performance across a broad range of uses, so say Muc-Off; although we're still waiting to find out if they have proper anti-viral properties. Full story on

24 April 2020, 11:12
Sainsburys planning to expand their relaunched ChopChop one hour bike delivery service


Chop CHop delivery riders (picture via Sainsbury's)

Earlier this month, the supermarket re-introduced ChopChop to deliver up to 20 essential goods to those in isolation inside one hour from the point of sale on their website; and after the scheme was successful in London zones 1 and 2, they're now looking at ways to expand it across the country. In an email sent out to mailing list subscribers, Sainsbury's say they will keep customers updated on their progress in a wider roll-out. 

24 April 2020, 10:44
Chris Hoy's 'unnecessary journey': the best comments

But as a few people have mentioned, we'll leave it there now as the poor fella in question was apologetic when he realised his mistake... doh!

24 April 2020, 10:37
Addis Ababa goes full steam ahead on cycling infrastructure

A 100km cycle network was recently completed in the Ethiopian capital. 

24 April 2020, 09:02
"I’m pretty sure you can’t catch the Coronavirus on Zwift": Twitter user makes comical gaffe mistaking Zwift for real life

Zwift will be patting themselves on the back this morning over their clearly super realistic-looking graphics, after Chris Hoy was called out for making a potentially unnecessary journey by a Twitter follower who clearly didn't realise the Olympic champion was playing a computer game. 

Hoy was joining in with BBC presenter Louise Minchin's 'Big Bike In', a 100 mile indoor session to raise cash for Children in Need and Comic Relief; and he managed to see the funny side of being accused of breaking lockdown rules...

The man who made the gaffe owned it and apologised numerous times for getting mixed up; as he says, at least he wasn't telling us to cure ourselves of a deadly virus by disinfecting ourselves or anything... 

24 April 2020, 08:33
Greg van Avermaet's Rouvy avatar is nearly taken out by a car

You have to say that this virtual near miss from yesterday's Digital Swiss 5 makes you wince even though it's only Greg Van Avermaet's avatar. 

Van Avermaet is taking part in the five-stage digital version of the Tour de Suisse, hosted on virtual training app Rouvy (that appears to have a  couple of dodgy in-game drivers if the footage above is anything to go by). Today's race is 33km from Fiesch to Nufenenpass, featuring a fearsome 'climb' towards the end, and other star names taking part from the discomfort of their homes include Julian Alaphilippe, Primoz Roglic, Vincenzo Nibali and Edvald Boassen Hagen. 

Van Avermaet told the BBC: "After my first taste of virtual racing a couple of weeks ago, I'm interested to see how I go.

"Virtual racing is definitely not easy. The races may be much shorter than normal races but the effort is much more intense and you have a much smaller window of opportunity to make the difference when it comes to tactics."

The BBC are streaming the races on their website, more details here

24 April 2020, 08:14
Cycling UK call on public to write to their local council to demand reallocation of street space during the pandemic... but is it out of their hands?

Cycling UK have a form to fill out on their website which allows you to send and edit draft letters to let councils know how much extra street space is needed. They say:

"Temporary cycling and walking space won't only help people get their daily exercise safely, but will allow key workers to cycle to work, whether they are hospital staff, care workers, or others providing vital services. Please let your council know how much this is needed, why it's important in your area, and how easy it is to do."

That said, we reported on Wednesday's live blog how Hackney councillor Jon Burke claimed the government have failed to remove red tape that allows them to install temporary road closures... who's telling the truth? We've asked Cycling UK for their view. 

24 April 2020, 08:08
A frontline doctor on the benefits of Brighton's road closure for motor vehicles

More space for exercising and commuting = safer streets during the pandemic... should it stay that way when all this is over?

24 April 2020, 11:10

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