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Stedman sets British Everesting record; Do you prep your bike for autumn?; Council installed "dangerous" barriers on cycle route due to Strava KoM; Quintana denies doping; Chris Hoy in cake form; 'Shimeng' cassette + more on the live blog

Wednesday's live blog is served to you by Jack Sexty this morning and through the afternoon, with Simon MacMichael rustling up your evening course later on...
23 September 2020, 14:08
Stedman fails in Everesting world record attempt, but lowers British record

We've all been there, you're casually dropping the watts then bam, your legs say "no more." Well, maybe not at the speed that the Canyon dhb's Max Stedman climbs at, but we can all relate.

Max Stedman's effort yesterday fell short of the Everesting world record, though his provisional time of 7hrs 32mins netted him the British record. 

Stedman found his 36x32 lowest gear too heavy in the latter stages of his ride, but was helped out by Swift Pro Carbon's Tristan Robbins who provided a much-needed 34T chainring.

23 September 2020, 14:05
Shots fired

Poor old Ilnur Zakarin has missed out on selection for the Russian World Championships squad for this week's race.

He was last seen getting dropped on the descent of the Peyresourde so who knows, he could still be there... 

23 September 2020, 13:54
Yay, autumn...
Lapierre in the leaves

Liam here, just jumping onto the blog while Jack is away for a moment or two. 

It seems like autumn decided to happen overnight. There are leaves on the roads and we've entered that steady state of rain. I've looked at my mudguards a couple of times this morning. They need fitting but I want to know what you're doing to prep your bike for autumn. 

Do you go down my route of getting the winter bike out now? Do you cling onto the summer bike until the roads get icy? Or do you just ride one bike all year round?

Let us know in the comments below.

23 September 2020, 13:10
Strava segment used as reason to install "dangerous" barriers on cycleway: your thoughts on social media
barrier comments.PNG

While some have said that it could be seen as irresponsible to have a Strava segment on a shared cycling and walking route, others say that installing barriers that could cause harm are not the answer. Mark Johnson added: "The route is not dangerous, the barriers certainly are. Imagine coming across these horrors in the dark for the first time." 

What do you think? 

23 September 2020, 13:19
Somerset police sergeant to visit homes of youths accused of anti-social cycling
Wheelie (licensed on Flickr under CC BY 2.0 by Carlos Felipe Pardo).JPG

In his statement shared by PCSO Steve Hill on Facebook, Sergeant Dan Bishop says there has been "an increase in reports of youths on pedal cycles pulling wheelies through Wellington town centre", and the same youth were reported for not stopping at traffic lights and "narrowly missing" pedestrians on pavements. 

He added: "Anti-social cycling is not acceptable and will not be tolerated. The team are currently reviewing photographs of some of the youths involved. We will be visiting identified individuals at home and speaking to them with their parents present. There is both road traffic and ASB legislation that can and will be used to tackle this problem if it continues.

"I would encourage anyone who witnesses youths behaving in this way and putting themselves and others at risk of harm to bring it to the attention of the Wellington Police Team. This can be done by calling 101 or reported on line via the force website."

23 September 2020, 12:41
Why don't cyclists use the cycle lane? Or the bit just outside of the cycle lane?

Wandsworth has had a few stinkers as of late, with their council accused of causing mass panic by encouraging people to prepare 'emergency grab-and-go' bags, and being the centre of aggressive resistance to LTNs from drivers

This cycle lane appears to be the latest mishap in the London borough, with the bike symbols appearing on the outside of a strip of white paint that marks out the lane.  

23 September 2020, 12:31
Shimano? Shimeng.

If you're not familiar, the 'crappyoffbrands' Reddit thread is a mystical treasure trove of copyright violations... including this' Shimeng' 6-speed cassette with a photo of what looks like a genuine Shimano product on the box. 

23 September 2020, 10:37
Cycling up 162% during UK lockdown, reports Strava
London cyclists at traffic lights (copyright

It appears cyclists - or at least the ones who use Strava - cycled a lot more during the bleaker months of lockdown in the UK, with the social fitness giants reporting a 162% rise in two-wheeled activity in May 2020 compared to the same month in 2019.

In an analysis of Strava Metro data from ten major UK cities, Liverpool topped the list with a whopping 220% rise in the number of individuals cycling. Manchester was second (169%), followed by Glasgow in third (146%). London (119%) cam in fifth, just below Birmingham in fourth (139%). 

Chris Boardman commented: “During lockdown, roads were quieter and people felt safer so we saw a real surge in the number of people cycling and walking their journeys. Now we need to enable them to continue to travel on foot and by bike, making it part of their everyday routine.

“The data we receive from Strava Metro is helping us to get a greater insight into where, when and why people are cycling and walking. This sort of data is invaluable when making decisions about developing future infrastructure."

Unfortunately Strava data also appeared to be invaluable to Stockport Council when making the decision to install dodgy barriers on a popular cycle route, but that's another story...

23 September 2020, 09:17
Stockport Council installed "positively dangerous" barriers on popular cycle route after becoming aware of Strava segment and receiving two complaints

Back in July, Tom Timothy took to Twitter to complain about barriers installed on a segregated cycleway next to the A555 extension in Greater Manchester - and now James G has shared an FOI request from Stockport Council outlining their reasons for installing the chicanes. 

The council say that there were "safety concerns raised by pedestrians directly related to cyclists travelling at speed along this section", particularly where the footway and cycleway link near a local primary school... and it turns out there were three complaints in total throughout the whole of 2019. Two were from the same individual, and one was a letter sent to a local MP. 

When asked what they had done to research the supposed issue of speeding cyclists, the council say they were made aware of a Strava segment "with a leaderboard for the fastest times using the route"; while this does exist, it appears they fell short of investigating the matter aside from recognising that there is in fact a Strava segment on the route for justifying the installation of the chicanes. 

The council say they didn't consult with local cycling and walking groups, and link to an Equality Impact Assessment from 2013 to suggest that the barriers can be navigated by disabled path users and handcyclists. Addressing possible safety concerns, they say: "chicanes of a similar arrangement are in place as safety measures elsewhere on the A555 footway/cycleway and we are not aware of any concerns being raised previously regarding these chicanes."

Mr Timothy added: They [the barriers] are positively dangerous how they are positioned so colour blends into background with no warning, and on a straight bit so possible to approach at speed."

23 September 2020, 09:01
Roglic, Kuss and Dumoulin to ride the Vuelta?

Spanish media are reporting that Jumbo-Visma will be sending their big guns to the Vuelta after failing to secure yellow at the Tour de France - which could be bad news for Chris Froome and other red jersey hopefuls, unless someone young and plucky comes along and beats the lot of them again. 

23 September 2020, 08:25
"I have, and have never had anything to hide": Nairo Quintana strongly denies doping in press release shared on social media

The Colombian has made an official announcement to defend himself amid a doping probe into his team Arkea-Samsic, and had this to say:

I want to clarify the following: The French gendarmerie carried out an operation in the hotel where my team was staying on Wednesday, September 16 in Meribel, after the end of the Tour de France stage.

For the avoidance of doubt, I want to confirm that doping substances were never found. I also want to clear up a misunderstanding: during the recent Tour or during any previous race, I have never had any assistants or personnel from outside the team.

I, Nairo Quintana, have been a clean cyclist throughout my sporting life, and have an impeccable biological passport. I want to clarify for public opinion, to my fans and cycling followers that in my entire career - junior, under-23 and professional - I have never used doping substances, and no illegal substance was found in the police investigation. I, without fear, will continue to be strong, defend the truth and follow my path, no matter how much the crowd, at times, takes another course.

In this sense, it is necessary to emphasise that I have not been accused of anything by the authorities. For my part, I am and will be ready to clarify any doubts from the prosecution, as I already did on Monday and today.

For now, a preliminary investigation is being carried out and I have answered all the questions and doubts. I am willing to continue doing so on a voluntary basis until the whole situation is clarified on the basis indicated: have I used illegal substances that improve my sports performance and that betray the principles of the sport.

I have, and have never had anything to hide. Yesterday, at the summons of the French authorities, I voluntarily appeared before the prosecution and answered each and every one of their questions clearly and with a clear conscience.

Yesterday, we reported that French prosecutors had taken two people into custody as part of their investigation into suspected doping in the Arkea-Samsic team following a raid of the team's hotel after stage 17 of the Tour de France. Their manager Emmanuel Hubert insisted the investigation is not targeted directly at the team, and that it would“immediately dissociate itself” from any evidence that doping had taken place; although his claim that the entourage members taken into custody were not employed by Arkea-Samsic appears to contradict Quintana's claim that he "never consulted "any assistants or personnel from outside the team".

23 September 2020, 08:53
Bloody cyclists again

No respect for the rules of the road...

23 September 2020, 08:08
The winning bake from week one of this year's Great British Bake Off was an edible bust of Chris Hoy

The somewhat disturbing task saw the latest line-up of bakers in the famous tent ordered to make a famous person's head out of cake for the 'showstopper' round... and the star baker emerged as young Peter from Edinburgh, who rustled up a Chris Hoy to beat other notable heads such as Louis Theroux, David Attenborough and Freddie Mercury. Unfortunately for Peter, some viewers thought Chris Hoy in cake reminded them of something else entirely...

Also, surely a Victoria Pendleton sponge would have been more appropriate? (dad joke courtesy of Jo Burt). 

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