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"Decision makers need to get out cars and experience cycling": Reaction to school 'bike train'; Gridlock returns after LTN ripped out; Strava art; Remco races gravel; Commute truths; Bloody cyclists; Funding cuts protest ride + more on the live blog

Happy Thursday! Dan Alexander is in the hotseat for your penultimate live blog of the week
21 October 2021, 15:40
"I didn’t want to be there": Miguel Ángel López reflects on year with Movistar
Miguel Angel Lopez at 2021 Vuelta - Copyright ASO, PhotoGomezSport

Miguel Ángel López's departure from Movistar was explosive enough, but now he's doing interviews with the media...

Speaking to reporters, López said he "didn't want to be there" and is looking forward to moving on when he returns to Astana in the new year. "It wasn’t due to my form," López explained. "It was like a cup overflowing. There were a lot of things that were building up, and the best thing I could have done was to leave Movistar. It’s not something I’ll do again, but the lesson I take away is that you have to be where you want to be in order to shine.

"There’s a bit of regret for not finishing on the podium, but there are details I prefer not to talk about, it’s a closed chapter now. I didn’t want to be there, and I arrived at an agreement, and that was the best thing that could have happened. Now I am in a place where I am valued, where they want me."

I'm pretty sure Netflix will want to reopen that closed chapter...

21 October 2021, 15:22
Endura says its Pro SL 3-Season Jacket is “one layer to rule them all”
Endura Pro SL 3-Season Jacket

Endura reckons that its new Pro SL 3-Season is “the ultimate autumn/ winter/ spring hardcore roadie jacket” that will “do a brilliant job in an incredibly wide range of temperatures and conditions”. “The Pro SL is designed to keep you warm on those chilly mornings and fast descents, while its excellent breathability and large ventilation zips prevent you from overheating when you’re working hard on steep climbs,” says Endura. 

Endura Pro SL 3-Season Jacket

The Pro SL – designed with input from former pro Marcel Kittel, according to Endura – is also intended to be waterproof and not too heavy. The outer shell is a mix of high stretch, waterproof membrane fabrics while a separate vest uses PrimaLoft’s new Evolve fabric to provide lightweight insulation.

 “The full-body venting system features two large two-way zipped chest vents, zipped wrist vents, and a special superpower feature: an exhaust vent at the rear – imagine the cooling system of a powerful engine with heat billowing out of the exhaust,” says Endura.

Endura Pro SL 3-Season Jacket

The jacket comes in an athletic fit with a high-cut collar. You get triple pockets at the rear with a zipped security pocket too. There’s also a zipped chest pocket, and subtle reflective details. Available in black and pumpkin, Endura’s Pro SL 3-Season Jacket is priced £179.99.

21 October 2021, 14:27
Retirement problem #54: What to do with all that kit?

 We've got a pretty strong idea of what conversations might be going on in the Martin household based on this tweet..."do you really need six pairs of Israel Start-Up Nation arm warmers?" The 35-year-old called time on his pro cycling career after Il Lombardia and clearly doesn't need quite as much kit as he once did. Get replying with your charities, clubs, personal offers etc. if you want a little piece of double Monument-winning magic...

21 October 2021, 14:23
Don't forget your snorkel...

Good for triathletes, not so much for the rest of us... 

21 October 2021, 10:47
"Well done parents. Shit job council": Reaction to Old Shoreham Road bike train

Plenty of love for the Old Shoreham Road bike train (and of course your daily dose of council criticism).

Andrew Anderson reckons some first-hand experience from those making decisions might make them more informed and empathetic towards cyclists, "The decision makers need to get out of their cars and experience cycling, perhaps they may actually get a different perspective of what it’s like for cyclists. For the sake of safety and the environment things have to change."

Jodie Hayes wrote: "Well done. Good luck. We needs kids to be riding safely to school and learning such a valuable life skill."

Richard Lawrence wins the comedy award: "Poor kid having the big golden sticker put on their face, how are they supposed to see?"

21 October 2021, 13:23
Black Cyclists Network celebrates third birthday
21 October 2021, 13:09
Protest ride organised in response to 50 per cent cut to London cycle training funding

There's a protest ride in London next Friday that has been organised by the IWGB cycling instructors branch in response to cuts to funding. The protest will meet at Trafalgar Square at 2pm before moving on to City Hall. Funding for London cycle training between October and December has been cut by at least 50 per cent across every borough. The group says this will mean no new groups of children will get training for the rest of the year and at least one employee is out of work.

21 October 2021, 12:51
Strava art: Questionable elephants (+ Yorkshire kudos), Nirvana, "Refugees Welcome" and giant snowmen

Elephant, gas mask, hazmat suit or Among Us avatar? Simon Warren gave creating an elephant-shaped segment his best shot...just a shame some on the internet didn't see the resemblance. 

Best reply?

'Yorkshire Kudos' is pretty impressive to be fair...

Does it deserve a place in the Strava art hall of fame? Nirvana's Nevermind album cover, "Refugees Welcome" and one huge snowman are just three of the benchmark GPS drawings to beat.

21 October 2021, 11:19
Bloody cyclists

21 October 2021, 09:33
Give me's not Cav...AGAIN (+ Remco planning to race gravel event during off-season)

It's going to be a long winter if Deceuninck-Quick-Step keep this up...

At least it gives me an excuse to mention the intriguing news that Remco Evenepoel is doing some gravel racing during the off-season. He's off to Kansas at the end of the month to take on the Belgian Waffle Ride, a 111.11-mile gravel race on Halloween. I'm sure he'll feel right at home surrounded by Belgian waffles and filthy bergs. His teammate, and 12th on GC at the Tour de France, Mattia Cattaneo is making the trip too.

21 October 2021, 09:18
Here we go again...Deceuninck-Quick-Step living rent-free in our heads

Is today the day? Quick-Step's social media admin has had us on strings these last few days. First it was James Knox, then Zdeněk Štybar. Could this finally be the Cav contract confirmation we've all been waiting for? Guesses in the comments which rider they're going to dupe us with this time... 

21 October 2021, 08:19
21 October 2021, 07:43
Why is nobody cycling? Gridlock at one of Ealing's ripped out LTNs...48 hours after the council asked more people to consider active travel for short journeys

Right on cue, this video dropped just as the jokes and fury were raging in for Ealing Council encouraging people to utilise active travel and public transport for short journeys...two weeks after they'd ripped out seven of the borough's LTNs. 

"Foul air and foul tempers," was how Better Streets Ealing described the gridlocked scenes at the former LTN21 site in West Ealing. Anyway, at least all the boundary roads will be empty...right?

Some pointed out how great it was to see better accessibility for all the people named as reasons for scrapping LTNs...

Better Streets Ealing on the scene reported drivers finally "able to escape expressing their frustration with extra bursts of speed and hurried, angry driving." One commenter came up with an ingenious solution to the problem...

How did Derek think of that? He's going places that lad...(slowly if he's in a car in Ealing). 

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