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Retired pro Andrew Talansky under fire for Covid rant (Pogačar + De Gendt join in); Pidcock's Pinarello; CyclingMikey Podcast; Barriers to disabled cyclists; Trek raises $1.8M for World Bicycle Relief; Wheelbarrow fun + more on the live blog

Friday has arrived! The weekend is just around the corner, so kick back, relax and let Dan Alexander guide you home with the final live blog of the week
21 January 2022, 17:18
A message to take you into the weekend
21 January 2022, 15:14
Tadej Pogačar "adds the internet to his palmares" delivering a mic drop GIF to Andrew Talansky
Tadej Pogacar, Stage 19 of 2021 (picture credit Tour de France A.S.O./Pauline Ballet)

Tadej Pogačar, whose UAE Team Emirates team recently announced all its riders are fully vaccinated, chipped in with a GIF for Andrew Talansky and Thomas De Gendt. The Slovenian was part of De Gendt's analogy of Talansky's heavily-criticised view that Covid disappears if you turn your phone off and stop listening to the media...

In the context of the day's events the Mr Bean choice seems very apt...if only Talansky's performance was as funny as Rowan Atkinson's character...

We reckon Talansky might want to turn off his social media permanently after this...

21 January 2022, 14:46
Yeah, but how do you carry a wheelbarrow by bike?
21 January 2022, 14:11
The (literal) barriers to disabled people cycling in the UK

Before Christmas we saw the case of York's outdated gates causing disabled people, and those using cargo bikes, problems. One campaigner called the gates "shameful", and was pleased to see the council listen to his request, subsequently removing them over Christmas.

> Council removes “shameful” barriers that blocked access to York cycle route

The problem is obviously not limited to York though. Harrie's Tweet above shows some of the accessibility issues in Stockport, while Adam shared this pic of a cycle route in Nottingham...

And it didn't end there...

21 January 2022, 13:59
Ned Boulting held up by one abreast road users
21 January 2022, 12:26
Alexandre Geniez accused by his ex-wife of violent conduct — six-month suspended sentence requested

 Total Energies climber Alexandre Geniez appeared before the court in Rodez to answer accusations of domestic violence. The Frenchman has three times won a stage of the Vuelta, and in 2015 finished ninth at the Giro d'Italia.

Geniez's partner and mother of his two children said he threw his phone at her and threatened, "You will understand, you will see what will happen to you." Luci Garrigues produced two medical certificates showing a frontal hematoma and one other on the forearm after a second incident.

"I wonder what would have happened if my daughter hadn't been in the hallway when he took my arm," France 3 reports she told the court.

Geniez's lawyer said although his client accepts making threats, he disputes the physical violence claims. The prosecutor is requesting a six-month suspended sentence, the final judgement has been reserved for March 2.

21 January 2022, 12:05
Catch CyclingMikey on the Podcast
21 January 2022, 11:22
Tom Pidcock's Pinarello Dogma F

Yesterday we brought you Ineos' soothing video of Richard Carapaz's gold Pinarello being built. Today it's the turn of turbo Tom Pidcock. Pre-warning: you may find yourself getting sleepy with the relaxing music. Perhaps guided bike build meditation videos will be the next big thing.

21 January 2022, 10:50
Mamnick ads must be catching on...

If you've got no idea what we're talking about...

> Weird Mamnick gun ad breaches Advertising Standards Agency code

21 January 2022, 09:53
Thomas De Gendt's ingenious plan

When De Gendt goes on the attack you know you're in trouble... 

21 January 2022, 09:43
Trek raises $1.8M for World Bicycle Relief
2021 Trek 2021 Trek EmondaSLR7Disc_21_32565_A_Alt1.jpg

Trek's holiday fundraising campaign has raised a total of $1.8M for World Bicycle Relief's aim to benefit communities in developing regions through access to Buffalo Bicycles. Trek promised to match donations up to $500,000, surpassing the fundraising goal of $1M comfortably.

The amount raised is estimated to be able to help provide more than 11,000 bicycles to World Bicycle Relief works in Zambia, Kenya, Colombia and Zimbabwe.

Trek's president John Burke said he was "super proud of the Trek family for crushing our goal".

21 January 2022, 08:48
Retired pro Andrew Talansky under fire for Covid rant
Talansky break group Vuelta 2011 Stage 15 (copyright: Tour of Spain/Graham Watson).jpg

Andrew Talansky, eh. Most pros disappear out of the world of racing with little or no noise, you can look back on their achievements in a few years and remember watching them at their best. At most, you might hear occasionally from them in their new staff role at a team or when they release a product. That can't be said for Mr Talansky.

> I'm not cycling's Novak Djokovic: Greg Van Avermaet defends plan to delay Covid-19 booster

The 33-year-old retired in 2017 after a career including a Critérium du Dauphiné win, second place at Paris-Nice, fifth place at the Vuelta a España in 2016, and years of being touted as America's next big thing. But Talansky's post-racing fame has come for a very different reason to many of his peers, with the former Cannondale rider now catching heat for his outspoken views on social media.

Exhibit A...

Oh, there's more...

 One of Talansky's former teammates Nathan Haas was quick to reply, saying: "How old? And you still haven’t learned object permanence?" (That filthy climb near the end of your ride still exists, even when you can't see it)...

One (former) fan thanked Talansky for reminding him to unfollow the social media ranter, another said he was "somehow getting stupider". Perhaps the most effective reply was one simply asking for some peer-reviewed research...

In July, Talansky shared a story on his Instagram, which said: "Got your Covid 'cure' right here: daily exercise, fresh air, time in nature, eat healthy. The end. No [syringe emoji] or any other nonsense required."

In November, he caught a similar wave of social media criticism after responding to one person challenging him on his Covid comments by arguing "you have pronouns in your bio. Bye".

Think this is one and done for us on reporting Talansky's Twitter, mainly because I'm not sure we want to...two, because we may be blocked within the hour...

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