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“Nothing Spesh about it”: Specialized gets ripped for sharing pic of Tesla Cybertruck unable to fit a bike in the back; Dirty dancing with Primož Roglič; Why cyclists ride in the middle of the road + more on the live blog

Another gloomy Thursday, why not spend it catching up with all the latest shenanigans (and maybe some news too!) on the live blog with Adwitiya
16 November 2023, 09:09
“Nothing Spesh about it”: Specialized gets ripped for sharing pic of Tesla Cybertruck unable to fit a bike in the back

If you missed out on yesterday's blog about Elon Musk's latest vanity endeavour not really going anywhere (some may say downhill...), the bulletproof, refrigerator-like pickup truck with no crumple zones whatsoever, the Tesla Cybertruck was catching strays from left and right for not being able to fit a Specialized mountain bike in its cargo bed.

Judging from the many tongue-in-cheek and quite hilarious comments about the truck's ability to hold just half a bike, give or take, you'd expect brands, especially bicycle brands to stray away from sharing the same picture with the "two eyes" (👀) emoji?

Apparently not Specialized.

Ensue a string of more hilarious comments, and a little Tesla/Spesh bashing too.

"Silliest 'truck' ever. Great bike." said one user on Facebook, while another commented, "Bed looks as small as my Tacoma". Others meanwhile, pointed out that this was a bad look for Specialized, and that "your bike doesn’t even fit in the back of the KrappenPanzer".

What's the way around? Some Elon fanboys could tell you that they always preferred shorter frame sizes anyway... "I'm 6'5, but you know, kinda a S frame guy."

Some still noted the deficiencies of the Cybertruck, saying that "this is what you get when you ask someone to design a truck who has never driven a truck before, and one person was quick to point out on the social media platform Threads what was fairly my first thought: "I don't want to ride my road bike with these on the road. That is a death trap.Probably the least pedestrian and cyclist friendly vehicle outside of a semi truck."

Anyway, here's a video of the Cybertruck trying to take on an off-road hill. Wish they'd just use the Spesh bike...

16 November 2023, 19:07
HGV driver close passes cyclist, before cyclist is pulled over for 'phone use' (Liam, Twitter)
“Can’t the police use Google?” Cyclist mistakenly pulled over by police and threatened with ticket for “using phone” – and then gets lectured by officer for not wearing helmet or hi-vis

A cyclist who complained to the police after he was mistakenly pulled over by an officer for “using a mobile phone” while riding on the road – when, in fact, the cyclist was attempting to save footage of a close pass from a lorry driver on his bike camera – was later told that, while there is no specific offence for using an electronic device while riding a bike, his actions could still be deemed “careless and inconsiderate”.

During the incident, after stopping the cyclist the officer erroneously argued that it was illegal to use a phone or electronic device while cycling, telling the rider to “look it up”, said that he would have received a ticket – or been arrested or charged – had she not been on her own, and advised him that not wearing a helmet or hi-vis clothing could lead to him getting “killed or smushed”.

Read more: > Cyclist mistakenly pulled over by police and threatened with ticket for “using phone” – and then gets lectured by officer for not wearing helmet or hi-vis

16 November 2023, 16:03
Several North American cities considering copying Montreal’s ‘no turn on right’ policy to protect cyclists

Is it finally time to do the right thing for America's roads?

A rule which thankfully doesn't exist in the UK, drivers in North America can turn right even on a red light, leaving both cyclists and pedestrians vulnerable. Montreal, fast-becoming many cyclists' favourite destination, is one of the few cities in the continent to take charge and scrap this rule.

Now it seems that traffic advocates in other cities have taken notice, and are eyeing to implement to rule change, reports Canadian Cycling Magazine. 

> "It exists, and it's beautiful!": Cyclists rave about Montreal’s "incredible" cycling network

The director of road safety and safe mobility programs at the injury prevention group Parachute, Valerie Smith said in an interview with Global News that the change would be beneficial to vulnerable road users such as pedestrians and cyclists.

She said: "When I consider the potential opportunities for collisions, for serious injuries resulting from those collisions or deaths, I think that it really makes sense to strongly consider a ban on right turns on red."

Right turn on red light banned in Montreal

Currently, Montreal is the only large city in North America that bans right turns on red lights. It used to be that the entire province prohibited it, but that rule changed in 2003, making the Island of Montreal the only place left where it was disallowed.

> Montreal's "incredible" cycling network makes it to CNN as its Mayor calls on other cities to "do the right thing"

In New York City, there are some places that ban it as well. The city of Toronto has also considered such a ban several times as well. In 2020, city councillor Mike Layton floated the idea to, “proactively use right-turns-on-red prohibitions to make roads safer for pedestrians and cyclists.

Advocates for road safety, including the pedestrian advocacy group Pietons Québec, said that permitting right turns on red lights contributes to fatalities. However, people have noted that numerous drivers neglect the stipulated rule of coming to a complete stop before executing the turn, and they highlight the heightened risks posed by larger vehicles like SUVs to pedestrians.

“While we believe it makes sense to implement the no-right-turn-on-red ban, and we know that it’s going to protect the vulnerable road user, we want data to support that,” Smith said. “Does that blanket ban make sense from a vulnerable road user perspective? I would say yes. But for a city planner who’s trying to meet the needs of a variety of constituents, it’s going to be a little bit more challenging.”

16 November 2023, 15:57 Podcast episode 65 Podcast episode 65: Why the 20mph zone time trial ban could be the “tip of the iceberg” for British racing + Chris Froome’s bike set-up mystery explained

Could the widespread implementation of 20mph speed limits across the UK spell the end of Britain’s long and venerable history of time trialling? On episode 65 of the Podcast, we turn our attentions to Cycling Time Trial’s recent refusal to sanction courses that feature 20mph zones, and the serious impact this could have on clubs and the time trialling scene in general.

Meanwhile, later in the episode, we delve into a mystery that has baffled cycling fans for centuries (or at least the last three years)… What is going on with Chris Froome’s bike? Ryan sits down with professional bike fitter Luke Craddock, the owner and director of Synergy Performance, and tries to decipher the mystery.

> Why the 20mph zone time trial ban could be the “tip of the iceberg” for British racing + Chris Froome’s bike set-up mystery explained

16 November 2023, 15:10
Josu Exteberria (Caja Rural)
Spanish pro cyclist Josu Etxeberria in intensive care after being hit by driver

23-year-old Spanish road cyclist Josu Etxeberria, who rides for team Caja Rural, was on a training ride in Iza, Navarre, when he was run over by a driver, reports Spanish news agency EFE.

He was transferred to a hospital via a helicopter, and his team has now confirmed that the young rider, who featured at the classic San Sebastian and then at the Vuelta a Burgos earlier this year, is now in intensive care.

The team's statement read: "The Navarrese has multiple injuries and is in the ICU of the Navarra Hospital. He is conscious and moves his limbs."

Etxeberria turned professional with the Caja Rural team in 2021, after previously riding for their development teams. He had also previously fractured six vertebrae after a crash at the Ronde de l'Oise in 2022. 

16 November 2023, 13:43
“So many people are put off cycling by the threat of having their bike stolen”: Bike theft victims call for more secure cycle hangars as demand soars
Clean Cities Stolen Dreams bike storage campaign

Campaigners have placed 1,000 missing bike posters around London as new analysis reveals demand for secure storage has increased by a fifth – but some local authorities still show no signs of installing hangars.

Cycling campaigners and victims of bike theft in London – where around 50 bikes a day are reported stolen – have put 1,000 missing bike posters, known as ‘lamppost laments’, across the capital as part of a call for the installation of more cycle hangars, as recent analysis reveals that the demand for secure bike storage has risen by almost a fifth over the past 18 months.

> “So many people are put off cycling by the threat of having their bike stolen”: Bike theft victims call for more secure cycle hangars as demand soars

16 November 2023, 13:27
Buckle up! It's that time of the year when pros announce their next season goals!

Cycling season is dead, long live the cycling season!

While earlier today, Roglič's main goals for 2024 were announced, accompanied by a video of him showing off some killer acrobatic dance moves, his former teammates Vingegaard and Wout van Aert also seem to slowly announce their targets.

2023 Vuelta Primož Roglič and Jonas Vingegaard Angliru (Luis Angel Gomez/SprintCyclingAgency©2023/ASO)

Nowhere near as ambitious as Roglič, who will be aiming for the April monument at Liège–Bastogne–Liège (Roglič back for one-day races, yay!) and the Tour de Suisse, before going all guns blazing to challenge Pogačar and Vingegaard for the yellow jersey at the Tour de France. Other targets on his calendar also include the road race at the Paris Olympics and the UCI Worlds road race.

Meanwhile, Dutch rider Van Aert, who had a sort of a mixed season last year, has said that his main goal for 2024 will be the Giro, reports  . Finally, finally! Van Aert GC campaign? Sign me up!

Wout van Aert wins the 2023 Tour of Britain (Alex Whitehead/

Vingegaard riding the Tour de France and looking to win it for a third consecutive year shouldn't come as a surprise, but the Danish rider has said that the Olympics could be a bit dodgy for him. Despite having himself made available for the national team, he's not sure if he'll get picked. On the other hand though, Vingegaard is eyeing up the UCI Worlds road championship in Switzerland. Vingegaard for a pure ciclisimo event?! I'll see if anyone still comments "Jonas hates cycling"! 

16 November 2023, 11:55
"The future is now": Daniel Oss makes the switch to gravel with a new Specialized team, after 15 seasons on the road

Road cyclists at the twilight of their career switching to gravel is nothing new, but Specialized, already dominating today's live blog, is looking to build a team around the Italian from Pergine Valsugana, reports Gazzetta.

Daniel Oss (2023 Tour de France by Alex Whitehead/

Daniel Oss at 2023 Tour de France (Alex Whitehead/

Oss said: "Around me, Specialized will build its first team for Gravel by 2024. The intention for me is to do a high level activity, earn the blue for the European and World Championships, have fun while being highly competitive."

"Not out of the blue, but it was an evolution over time. I've always been a bit 'alternative'. Now road cycling is looking for the 'new', it looks more at young people, and I thought 'now either I go to a very high level team, or I dedicate myself to something else'. Gravel is a perfect opportunity, Specialized is aiming for it and I still want to be an athlete to one hundred percent of my potential, to achieve results. I'm mega-charged, for me it's a relaunch."

"For ordinary people: it's a world where you feel freer. Both to be yourself, without chasing performance at all costs, and to go outside the normal paths and therefore this means more safety. It makes you feel better, out of traffic, and off conventional routes. Then, the tourist aspect, because it adapts well to the idea of ​​traveling and discovering territories."

16 November 2023, 11:34
GCN+ 2023
The rise & fall of GCN+ – is the livestream party over for cycling fans?

"Changing media landscape" and all, the shutting down of GCN+ and its app is sure to come as a blow, even if it was foreshadowed and in the waiting for months, for many cycling fans. It wasn't just the livestreaming element, the relationship you develop with the presenters and commentators is something that is going to be missed, and that's not even taking into account all the other videos that used to be available on the platform about the history of the sport.

This column from Steve Thomas on is well worth a read if you have been trying to cope with the service's demise. Media consolidation, bloody hell.

> The rise & fall of GCN+ – is the livestream party over for cycling fans?

16 November 2023, 10:36
Why do cyclists ride “in the middle of the road” reason 482
16 November 2023, 10:33
With GCN+ going away...

Just going to leave this here. Make of it what you will...

16 November 2023, 10:07
Dirty dancing with Primož Roglič

Well that's one way to announce your goals...

"Did you know Primož Roglič used to be a ski jumper?" Yeah I know, and that probably explains the meticulous acrobatic posture? I wonder who'd come out on top between a Jonas and a Primož dance-off though...

16 November 2023, 09:51
"White and blue with orange stripes is a look. But is it a good one?": PostNL becomes the co-title sponsor of Team DSM-Firmenich, with a new jersey that is surely divisive

Team DSM has had its second renaming in a single year, thanks to PostNL, a mail, parcel and e-commerce corporation joining the team as its co-title sponsor. New sponsor, you know what that means? New jersey!

I definitely won't mind some new threads in the peloton, and given the recent sea of blue kits we had been seeing since the Tour de France this year, the team with one of the blue-est kits changing theirs should surely come as a welcome change? 

Or maybe not, as it looks like the new kit, now on a white base with a lighter shade of blue ornamenting the torso... and then some orange stripes.

I don't know about everyone else, but would it be too controversial at this point to say that I like it better than their previous dull, very, very deep navy blue jersey? Makes it easier to spot in the peloton and I would rarely ever say no to more colours on a kit!

Adwitiya joined in 2023 as a news writer after graduating with a masters in journalism from Cardiff University. His dissertation focused on active travel, which soon threw him into the deep end of covering everything related to the two-wheeled tool, and now cycling is as big a part of his life as guitars and football. He has previously covered local and national politics for Voice Wales, and also likes to writes about science, tech and the environment, if he can find the time. Living right next to the Taff trail in the Welsh capital, you can find him trying to tackle the brutal climbs in the valleys.

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Rik Mayals unde... | 8 months ago

Since when was Van Aert Dutch?

Barraob1 | 8 months ago
1 like

One object is from a company with questionable business practices, the other object is from a company with a questionable business practices.

LordSandwich | 8 months ago

What are car manufacturers doing with all the extra space they gain by making vehicles so big? It's not just Tesla doing this.

My car is probably half the size of a Cybertruck and I can fit my bike if I remove the front wheel. It's also a seven seater if I want it to be, though not at the same time!

Sriracha replied to LordSandwich | 8 months ago

My car is probably half the size of a Cybertruck and I can fit my bike if I remove the front wheel.

Is it a Citroen DS by any chance? Mind you, that was a rear wheel they removed.

LordSandwich replied to Sriracha | 8 months ago

That's quite amazing how stable they are!

Barraob1 replied to LordSandwich | 8 months ago

Anyone buying a cyber truck obviously believes they will be colonising Mars before the decade is out. As for other manufacturers, the race to create novelty size vehicles is done to justify price increases

LordSandwich replied to Barraob1 | 4 months ago

I would imagine that if the colony got to be of any significant size, it would be connected by pedestrian and maybe cycling tunnels. Any cars on Mars would have to have a pressurised capsule as the cabin, since there is very little atmosphere on Mars.

I wonder what cycling in 1/3g would be like... 🤔

ktache | 8 months ago
1 like

I have received an email about a parliamentary debate on dangerous driving resulting from a petition that I was directed to by a nice person on here.

Kendalred | 8 months ago
1 like

If you watch that Twitter video of Roglic, you'll see a sly dig from the background image right as the video stops.


Matthew Acton-Varian | 8 months ago

I think it's fair to say I am gutted for all the people who were a part of GCN+. The presenters and the BTS crew are a passionate bunch of cycling loving nerds and what they managed to provide was nothing short of spectacular.

Unfortunately the funding for building the platform came from WBD group when they invested in the project and bought out PSN. GCN and Play Sports Network were always going to be at their mercy where money was coming. No independent cycling media outlet would have the power or money to build what GCN have as an entertainment platform without big money backers, and that's what WBD provided when they invested in Play Sports Network.

As frustrating as their move is, it does kind of make sense. There are so many different streaming services out there, and all are on seperate subscriptions. If you had them all you would probably be spending £/$100 a month and consumers are not willing to pay that, especially when providers drop titles when they start getting popular, in order to save paying out shit tonnes of royalties. There aren't any decent options providing multiple subscription services under one bill so consumers are picking and choosing between what services they prefer and which provider offers the best value. Disney are looking to consolidate FX and Hulu onto Disney+ so it's not surprising that Warner Brothers are going to do the same thing. I just hope they don't waste the talent, effort and also the existing material that has been created on the platform.

hutchdaddy | 8 months ago

Tesla truck:
Horrible looking
Can't get a cycle in the back or fit a cycle rack
Almost certainly doesn't have a CD player.
That's 3 strikes.
I'll keep my Kermit green 13 year old Clio right now.

stonojnr | 8 months ago

Blue, orange & white are colours that should be easy to combine in an aesthetically pleasing way, and that aint it.

At least it wasn't a mid 2000s Rabobank style call back

brooksby | 8 months ago

I've always thought that the Cybertruck looks like the sort of vehicle that They thought we'd be driving around in about now, but in films made in about 1982 and with a soundtrack by John Carpenter...

mitsky | 8 months ago

One of the only times I remember riding in the "middle of the road" was because I was forced to do so.

Steve K | 8 months ago

I was in the Houses of Parliament last night and I walked past a room where the Bicycle Association appeared to be launching their manifesto.  However (other than an action to invite your MP to the event) I can't find anything more about it on line.



HarrogateSpa replied to Steve K | 8 months ago
1 like

Reluctant as I am to quote someone who has #gotBrexitdone in their Twitter bio, here is Selaine Saxby's Tweet about it.

I'm sure there Bicycle Association is delighted that she helped destroy their industry.

Steve K replied to HarrogateSpa | 8 months ago

HarrogateSpa wrote:

Reluctant as I am to quote someone who has #gotBrexitdone in their Twitter bio, here is Selaine Saxby's Tweet about it.

I'm sure there Bicycle Association is delighted that she helped destroy their industry.

Ta - I was tempted to gatecrash, but carried on to the event I was supposed to be at!

mattw | 8 months ago
1 like

Is the Elon Schmuck Tonka Tanker legal in Europe yet?


BalladOfStruth replied to mattw | 8 months ago

Can't say I've followed the Cybertruck since the initial announcement was all over the news, but isn't the body made out of a few sheets of simple bent steel to make it cheaper to make - i.e. sharp, rigid corners and edges, and very minimal crumple zones? I doubt it would ever meet EU crash/pedestrian safety regulations (such as 78/2009 which requires a certain amount of deformation to protect pedestrians in a crash - looking at the Cybretruck, it'd just cut the ped in half).

This could have been exhaustively discussed before though, I just haven't been paying attention...

Miller replied to BalladOfStruth | 8 months ago

Re Ballad, I was wondering that too about that stupid truck thing. It looks like it would fail every modern certification for pedestrian safety. Doesn't the US have such legislation?
Anyway, it'll be horrifically expensive and guaranteed to be driven by absolute dicks.

BalladOfStruth replied to Miller | 8 months ago

Miller wrote:

It looks like it would fail every modern certification for pedestrian safety. Doesn't the US have such legislation?

I need to watch that Not Just bikes video on SUVs/Pickups in the US again because I forgotten most of it - if memory serves, they do have pedestrian/crash saftey regs in the US, but pickups are (hilariously) exempt from them (as well as being exempt from certain taxes and stuff - hence their popularity over there). This is the reason you get stuff like this:


SimoninSpalding replied to BalladOfStruth | 8 months ago

This is correct, the reason US manufacturers like to flog "full size" (i.e. F***ing enormous) trucks is because if they made then smaller they would have to comply the relevant legislation for cars. Make it big enough and it is exempt from the requirements for cars on both safety and emissions.

stonojnr replied to Miller | 8 months ago
1 like

Isn't the whole point it drives itself ?

Sriracha replied to BalladOfStruth | 8 months ago

I thought the whole point of "pick-ups" was that they got a free pass on passenger car safety/emissions standards. Otherwise, what is the point of them?
Edit - oh, ninja'd, like three four hours ago!

Wingguy | 8 months ago

Why are you doubling down on the truck/MTB nonsense? Yes the truck looks stupid. Yes Elon is a strange and horrible man... but as was pointed out yesterday that's literally the standard, most effective and space efficient way of transporting MTBs in pickup trucks. It's how you're supposed to do it.

CyclingInGawler replied to Wingguy | 8 months ago
1 like

There is a difference between "in a truck" and "half in a truck"!
And I'm not sure I'd appreciate the damage to the down tube from it resting on the top of the tailgate.

Plus, I think you'll find the most space efficient way to transport your bike in on the roof bars. 
On the subject of the body design, I can only assume someone had borrowed the design team's French curves and just left the straight rulers behind.

Wingguy replied to CyclingInGawler | 8 months ago
1 like

More efficient than that?

Again, thousands of mountain bikers around the world shuttle their bikes in pickup trucks in exactly this manner every day. It's a totally normal thing. 


mark1a replied to Wingguy | 8 months ago
1 like

Indeed, that's why these things exist:

There's no way I'd transport my bikes outside of the vehicle though.


Patrick9-32 replied to CyclingInGawler | 8 months ago
1 like

You would fit a pad on the gate if you were doing anything but posing the bike for a picture: 

Rendel Harris replied to Wingguy | 8 months ago

Yes, much as I hate pretty much everything about this abomination it apparently does have a flatbed of 198cm x190cm dimensions, so a bicycle could easily be fitted within its confines lengthways or widthways; as you say, that is just the standard way to put a mountain bike in a pickup.


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