Footage of cyclist hit on roundabout leads to 'debate' on social media; Cancellara keeps Paris-Roubaix cobbles in sauna; XR planning pop-up cycle lane smash-and-grab; Manchester bike lanes removed?; Londoners filmed on packed buses + more on the live blog

Welcome to Wednesday's live blog, with Jack Sexty in charge and Simon MacMichael adding some pearls of wisdom later this evening...
13 May 2020, 16:00
Footage of cyclist hit by a van on roundabout emerges... and some people actually think it's the cyclist's fault

It's worrying enough that the driver who hit the cyclist has a licence, but some of the comments about it on social media make for rather worrying reading... 

hull comments 1.PNG
hull comments 2.PNG

This also prompted a tabloid newspaper to publish an article online with "who is in the wrong?" in the headline; but it's perhaps a relief that amongst the 800-plus comments on that article, the large majority identify that the driver of the van was clearly at fault. 

If you know of anyone who is unsure if they need to give way on a roundabout or not, please direct them towards this section of The Highway Code

13 May 2020, 15:39
Chris Froome heads back out for a ride

Monaco-based Froome has decided to venture out again now that the France and the Principality have relaxed their lockdown to allow outdoor exercise. Will he be going for a fifth Tour on the 29th August as is scheduled in the UCI's calendar? We won't hold our breath...

13 May 2020, 15:25
SRAM introduces wide-range gearing for Force eTap AXS groupset

It's wireless, 12-speed Force but with more hill-friendly gears - read all about the launch here and our full review here.  

13 May 2020, 13:51
Jacob Rees-Mogg heads back to work
13 May 2020, 13:36
Fabian Cancellara reveals that he keeps his three Paris-Roubaix cobbles... in his sauna

Spartacus told CNN Sport that he keeps the cobblestone 'trophies' he won for Paris-Roubaix victories in 2006, 2010 and 2013 in his sauna. What with them being cobblestones of course there's no chance of them melting, and he explained further: 

"It's different from all the others because it's flat and these cobbles are not easy, they are really rough and that's maybe why they are in the sauna, because there's a lot of sweat in those races."

Cancellara also said that he does believe bike racing can go ahead without fans if COVID-19 means that is necessary to restart the season:

"When a sports athlete is in his tunnel of concentration, sometimes he doesn't even see or hear fans because he is so in the mode of concentration that energy is only for that. 

"And if you go to the podium and there are no fans, of course it looks strange but everyone knows the situation."

13 May 2020, 13:12
It's official: Zwift doesn't count

Wise words from Her Majesty.

13 May 2020, 12:10
Bristol latest city to announce major cycling and walking improvements

Bristol 24/7 report that mayor Marvin Rees will today announce plans to 'radically alter' travel in the city, with new cycle lanes installed on numerous busy city centre roads, including the usually traffic-choked Stokes Croft. Cycling improvements will also be coming to Lewins Mead, the Clifton Triangle, Marlborough Street and Park Row, with numerous other areas getting widened pavements. 

Sustrans' Jon Usher told Bristol 24/7: “We’re delighted to see a comprehensive package of measures being brought forward. The council has worked swiftly in challenging circumstances to ensure people can continue to get around safely on foot and by bike as restrictions are lifted.

“These interventions are essential to help people access work and local shops safely, kick-starting our economic recovery. We congratulate the council for these actions that will help people to leave the car at home.”​

13 May 2020, 11:50
Transport for Greater Manchester accused of removing cycle lanes

As TfGM announced that bike journeys have increased by 42%, numerous images on social media have surfaced of cycle lanes that appear to be getting removed

It's unclear who gave instructions for road blocks to be placed in the lanes, as TfGM replied to the tweet above saying they will raise the issue, and have asked for the locations of where the removals appear to be happening. 

13 May 2020, 10:51
Cars in pop-up cycle lanes: it didn't take long

Hopefully the driver of this vehicle is dealt with accordingly.

13 May 2020, 10:15
Extinction Rebellion set to make their own pop-up cycle lanes this weekend, saying government's plans don't go far enough

Armed with chalk, spray paint and even toilet plungers to separate out cycle lanes (we've heard this one before), the climate activists say they will take to the streets to make their own bike lanes and extra space for pedestrians this weekend to bring about the "radical change" that is needed. 

XR's Caspar Hughes told I News: “We need to be highlighting to local authorities which are doing nothing that they have just got weeks now to prepare city and town centres to make it safe for people to get out and [remain] physically distanced.

“We need to highlight the depth of the problem. Virtually every town and street with any public facility - whether that is a shop or a pub or a library - will need to be changed to allow people to walk and physically distance safely.”

It's unclear how local authorities plan to respond if the action goes ahead, but a spokesperson for London's Mayor Sadiq Khan said that their Streetspace plan is already working on making the streets safer for cyclists, and that "any unofficial action could jeopardise this and put people in danger.”

13 May 2020, 09:28
Basso release ‘Reflect’ edition of the Diamante SV
Basso Diamante SV Edit-2

Jack really liked Basso’s Diamante SV frameset when he reviewed it and the Italian brand has just announced a new opal white colour “in an effort to add light and allow reflection in what is undoubtedly a dark period.”

Basso has created the paint scheme to match “the pseudo-chromatic optical effect” of the opal gemstone. Basso says that “the internal structure of both the mineral and the Basso developed paint technique diffract light, creating a ‘play-of-colour’ that discretely shows the entire spectrum of coloured light, depending on the angle of reflection. Such a resemblance to the precious mineral comes from not only the Basso developed paint but also the technique with which is applied.

Basso Diamante SV Edit-1

To create this colour, Basso used “five separate layers of different paints and different application techniques coated with a specifically developed transparent layer that protects the integrity of the colour while not inhibiting the light’s diffraction.”

If you like shiny things too, head to

13 May 2020, 08:57
Anger over government's mixed messaging as Londoners filmed head back to work on packed buses

While the government have advised those returning to work to cycle and walk where possible, as Grant Shapps put it yesterday, many people were seen piling onto buses and tubes in the capital this morning... but with large portions of London and other cities in the UK still badly lacking cycling infrastructure, and the message to return to work perhaps overriding the part about commuting safely, it's been argued that many don't have a choice. 

If the government are serious about the public avoiding public transport as they return to work, arguably they need to do better.

13 May 2020, 08:45
Liverpool unveil ambitious plans for vast post-coronavirus cycling and walking network

The Mayor of the city has announced plans for up to 100km of pop-up cycling infrastructure, more 20mph zones and increased pedestrianisation. The two major corridors set to get temporary cycle lanes are Sefton Park Perimeter and West Derby Road Route. 

Mayor Joe Anderson told The Liverpool Echo: “The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted our way of life beyond imagination but the challenges it has presented has also provided us with a once in a lifetime opportunity to reimagine how we use and travel within our cities.

“We are already doing much to alter how people use Liverpool city centre but we must now go further than we ever dreamed possible and use our highways network in a way which balances the needs of our economy, our health and our environment.

“This £2m programme for temporary cycle lanes and part-pedestrianisation is just one step on the long road to recovery but hopefully it will provide businesses and their workforce strong alternatives if they don’t want to use public transport and don’t have access to a car.”

13 May 2020, 07:01
Exercise rules change in England: what will you be doing with your 'unlimited exercise'?

The new guidelines now allow you to ride with one person from outside your household... will that change anything for you? Read our Q+A on what's changed for cyclists to make sure you're up to speed. 

13 May 2020, 08:30
"Don't be this guy", say Avon and Somerset Police as close pass shocker is captured on camera

The south west police force posted this to remind drivers of their responsibilities when passing cyclists... perhaps a hefty fine and points would be nice to go along with that 'reminder' in the post though?

13 May 2020, 12:24

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