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"This has UK written all over it": Another why cyclists don't use the cycle lane classic; Local wearing builder's hat drops Israel – Premier Tech pros in Rwanda; Wiggo predicts "amazing" Pidcock success; Britain's best LTN + more on the live blog

The spring weekend weather is well in the rear-view mirror, cheer yourself up with some live blog action, brought to you on this grey Tuesday by Dan Alexander
01 March 2022, 17:20
LOOK ends sponsorship of Gazprom-RusVelo Cycling Team "in light of the recent shocking and unforgivable news"
01 March 2022, 15:38
G celebrates St David's Day

Happy St David's Day! 

01 March 2022, 15:19
Further 70 bike hangars to be installed in Glasgow this week
Bike hangar in Hackney (image courtesy of Cyclehoop)

Following on from the last post, it's a double-header for Scotland's most populous city...

In partnership with Cyclehoop the council has announced another 70 bike shelters (like the one in London pictured above) will be installed across the city this week. The Glasgow Times reports Cyclehoop has opened applications for 36 of the shelters, with the remaining units applications expected to go live in early March.

The initial 61 shelters installed last June saw huge demand. More than 1,000 applicants are currently on the waiting list for full shelters.

Cllr Anna Richardson, city convener for sustainability and carbon reduction, said: "It’s great that we are now able to expand our on-street cycle storage scheme following the fantastic response to our initial pilot programme.

"A lack of suitable storage in flats and tenements has long been raised as an issue as bikes kept in stairwells can cause obstructions and be at greater risk of being stolen.

"We always knew there would be interest in the storage scheme but the demand for spaces during our initial programme has been remarkable."

Spaces will cost £6 per month and each shelter holds space for six bicycles.

01 March 2022, 15:07
Glasgow cycling charity Bike For Good launches emergency crowdfunder

 Glasgow Live were the first to report the news that the city's largest cycling charity Bike For Good has launched an emergency crowdfunder to help fund its work refeurbishing and selling donated bikes, repairing bicycles and enabling people to make cycling their main transport method.

The charity has pointed to inflation and rent and utility increases for its struggles, saying its property costs (rent and utilities) are up 51 per cent, while admin and overhead costs are up 22 per cent.

Bike For Good hopes to raise £10,000 through a crowdfunding campaign and has so far received £3,981 from 117 backers.

Here's the link to the crowdfunder on Local Giving...

01 March 2022, 14:19
Le Samyn interrupted by rogue tractor on the route

Tim Declercq may have missed the Opening Weekend, but at least one tractor sighting has made it onto our TV screens this week. We'd rather it was the breakaway-munching Quick-Step pro too, but this will have to do. This incident passed without any riders crashing or tanks being stolen... 

01 March 2022, 13:49
"You couldn't make it up": Reaction to that dodgy bike lane + another classic of the genre

Reaction time...

Do we have a higher bid in the crap cycle lane auction?

Looks like bring your kid to work day went well...

Luke Edwards had some local knowledge: "That's a virgin media box, the council can't remove it so build around then fix after virgin remove it, it's quicker and cheaper to do that than to wait for its removal first. (Pic is from the Chingford Road side of the Bell junction in Walthamstow)" In the meantime, get bunny hopping...

Ali Dow couldn't help but point out there's a "perfectly good bike lane to the right of box".

Tony Carroll's after a job at the council...he suggested this edit...

Cycle lane live blog comment

 While Alex Hemmingway reckons Danny MacAskill pulling off some of his famous stunts on Britain's worst infra would be a decent video idea...good luck to whichever producer would have to compile the list of potential sites...

01 March 2022, 11:50
Tech detective work...Quick-Step Alpha Vinyl rocking new wheels at Le Samyn?

You'll need to go through to the tweet to see the full photos, thanks to the way embedded tweets crop the photo, but Liam reckons he's spotted some interesting details on the Quick-Step boys' bikes before the start of today's one-day race, Le Samyn.

Firstly, those are definitely some new S-Works tyres which interestingly, with the painted sidewall, we can assume are tubeless. Meaning that, well, so are the wheels...a new tubeless offering from Roval? 

01 March 2022, 11:33
"Amazing" Tom Pidcock will be a "force to be reckoned with this year", predicts Sir Bradley Wiggins
Tom Pidcock in U23 TT at UEC Championships in Plouay 2020 (copyright Alex Whitehead,

As far as safe bets go, predicting Tom Pidcock will be successful in 2022 seems sensible. The 22-year-old is making his return to the road after a rainbow jersey-winning winter in cyclocross, and was prominent if not podium-threatening at the Opening Weekend of the Classics.

18th at Omloop Het Nieuwsblad having made the front group and visibly animating the race at Kuurne-Brussells-Kuurne on Sunday, Sir Bradley Wiggins is predicting big things for Pidcock once again this year.

"He is amazing, isn't he," Wiggins said on his Eurosport podcast. "Obviously he has moved on now from his Olympic title and the Vuelta a España he rode. He is going to be a force to be reckoned with this year. He has got a very old head on his shoulders, hasn't he."

Wiggo also spoke about Mark Cavendish's early season form, saying you "would not put it past him" to get Tour de France win number 35...

"Another superstar, Mark Cavendish, he is already winning this year," Wiggo continued.

> Mark Cavendish will race Tour de France if he's better than Fabio Jakobsen, says Patrick Lefevere

"He has picked up where he left off last year, which is fantastic for us, and he has hit the deck again. If Cav does do the Giro — which starts in Budapest — or the Tour — which starts in Copenhagen, which will be great for Mark because he loves Copenhagen — you would not put it past him to go one better than Eddy Merckx and beat that record."

01 March 2022, 11:19
Britain's best LTN? Snake Pass becomes a cyclist's paradise...

> Snake Pass now “belongs to cyclists” as Peak District climb closed to motorists for at least a month

Make the most of it if you live near the Peak District...

01 March 2022, 10:03
Local wearing builder's hat drops Israel – Premier Tech pros in Rwanda

It's the long-awaited sequel to Rigoberto Urán drafted by backpack-wearing local at 45km/h. Different continent, different team, different outcome. Not content to just sit on the wheel of the flash pros visiting Rwanda for the country's premier bike race, this local took an attack, winding up the watts before flying past the three-man group. Sign. Him. Up...

Sporting a fetching yellow builder's hat the rider powered his mudguards past the group in full team-issue kit aboard their sparkly Factor machines. It's all about the rider, eh? Shades of Ian Stannard mugging three Quick-Step riders to Omloop in 2015.

Back in June 2020, Urán's impromptu training partner, a man in khakis, work boots and carrying a backpack, grabbed a tow with the WorldTour pro at 45kph. No amount of Cannondale SuperSlice TT aero tech could budge the plucky punter from his wheel.

> "The real competition is out on the road": Rigoberto Urán drafted by man with khakis, work boots and a backpack at 45km/h

The question is: backpack-wearing local vs builder's hat-wearing local? Individual pursuit. Who wins? 

01 March 2022, 10:26
POLL: Pick your fighter?

Create a Poll

Let's have a silly poll to brighten up Tuesday morning...

Backpack-wearing local is more dependent on his teammates' aero savings for his speed, but builder's hat-wearing local might tire himself out with an explosive long-range attack.

We know Colombia produces loads of incredible climbing talent maybe the stage profile makes a difference too...

01 March 2022, 09:44
Meanwhile in Edinburgh...
01 March 2022, 08:44
"This has UK written all over it": Another why cyclists don't use the cycle lane classic

It's been dubbed the 'Danny MacAskill special edition bike lane' opportunity to practise your jumps and tricks on the way to work...

Today's 'why cyclists don't use the cycle lane' comes from an unspecified, secret location where anyone looking to stay off the road will have to dodge a sneakily well-camouflaged...hmmm, what would you call them? A utility box, perhaps?

Someone speculated this particular ingenious infra idea is in Walthamstow, with another saying that would make sense as Waltham Forest Council, "have a policy of putting in the lanes before street furniture is moved rather than waiting for it all to be shifted before starting as I remember.

"It gives them some leverage with the utilities I guess." Now we might be getting somewhere (just not in that bike lane, as things stand). Either way, it was a really nice touch to paint the bicycle as close as is physically possible behind the obstacle.

In the meantime you better get practising your bunny-hopping...

Presuming the box will soon be kicked out, attention turned to the end of the lane which appears to quite abruptly chuck cyclists back into the road...

So how will it look when it's 'finished'?

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