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LCC concern over Conservative’s refusal to fund urban speed cameras

Faster motor traffic equals hostile environment for cyclists

A cycling campaign group has expressed concern over the Conservative government’s refusal to fund any more fixed speed cameras following an announcement from Shadow transport minister Theresa Villiers to her party conference.

The ban would include average speed cameras on urban roads, which are arguably the most cost-effective means of enforcing 20mph limits. Their prohibition would effectively prevent the establishment of area-wide 20mph limits.

London Cycling Campaign (LCC) cycling development officer Charlie Lloyd said: “Area-wide 20mph policies reduce serious injury to cyclists and other vulnerable road users. Faster motor traffic creates hostile environments for walkers and cyclists."

New 20mph speed limits were introduced in parts of Oxford last month as part of a scheme to improve road safety and encourage cycling and walking in the city, and a similar pilot scheme was proposed for residential areas of Bristol to help reduce the number of accidents.

This time last year MPs on the Transport Select Committee called on the Government to increase the number of 20mph speed limits on Britain's roads. Commenting on this Roger Geffen, CTC Campaigns and Policy Manager, said: “Making 20 mph limits the norm for most urban streets would not only have huge road safety benefits for everyone, but would also encourage more people to walk and cycle, and allow their children to do so.”

Labour Transport Minister Lord Adonis highlighted that under a Conservative mayor, the Metropolitan Police and Transport for London have requested more direct funding for their Safety Camera partnership.

Mr Lloyd added: “There seems to be confusion between the Shadow Transport Secretary's plans and those of Conservative Mayor Boris Johnson over the best way to reduce danger on our roads.”

However, Villiers did announce the party will speed up permission for the Mayor’s 'turn left on red' experiment for London cyclists, as well as voicing support for more traffic police and education to reduce danger on the roads.

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