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Giant Store Cambridge opens for business

Giant opens second brand store in historic city

The second Giant brand store to hit the UK opened its doors in Cambridge on Monday.

The store, which is run by an independent dealer, is located close to the city centre and train station and is a hot spot with locals.

Managing director of Giant UK Ian Beasant said: “Cambridge is a unique cycling city and we hope to offer the local commuter market as well as give non-cycling customers an experience they can trust.”

This pocket sized second edition to the Giant brand store family covers 150 square metres and offers customers a unique insight into Giant’s cycling world.

The store with a city style edge uses clean and modern design elements, features that are representative of the outdoors indoors, and it embraces the local area and the culture - caring about the community and the environment.

The Cambridge Store joins the company’s first UK brand store in Liverpool, and Giant propose to roll the concept out in key target locations, with further potential stores are already being planned in discussions with other independent partners.

Charlie Warboy, director of the Giant Store, Cambridge, said: “I’m delighted to partner with Giant on this project.

“This store will be the core of the local community and ‘m confident that it will be a huge success.”

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mrshozza | 14 years ago

Don't know if I would be too excited if I were you.

Went in to buy a commuter for my wife, they don't have a full range and if it's even mildly moist outside you're not allowed to cycle them. Even though they kept us waiting for the rain to stop saying we could? It's the trouble with grit from the roads you see. I guess the mudguards on the bike weren't up to much  2

But on reflection is it a good thing they only sell Giant, does this really give you a better range of choice. Don't you decide on the type of bike you want then compare across brands?

To me it just makes you have to travel to another store, given there is no cycle parking outside you may also have to drive there too.

Not sure about the commitment to commuters. With their 'fullish' exciting range available the guy who refused us didn't seem to be too interested that we wanted to purchase a practical bike; or maybe we weren't cool enough.

Rather than queue over hills road bridge you would get as much insight and better experience buying your giant from the internet.

cat1commuter | 14 years ago

How funny. I cycled past it on the way home yesterday, caught a glimpse of bicycles in the window and thought: "Oh look, a new bike shop in Cambridge, I wonder whose it is?" Now I read about it here!

Jon Burrage | 14 years ago

Open one in Bristol....

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