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New film highlights HGV danger

Production aimed at cutting cyclist deaths

A new film which is aimed at cutting the number of cyclists killed by lorries has been produced by Transport for London.

The film uses real lorry drivers in congested situations to show how HGVs – particularly those turning left – can’t always see cyclists coming up their inside.

Six cyclists have died in collisions with lorries in London, five of them women. Although the film is shot in London, the advice is useful for anyone cycling in a built-up area where lorries are prevalent.

A TfL study two years ago found that women are far more likely to be killed by a lorry because, unlike men, they tend to obey red lights and wait at junctions in the driver’s blind spot.

Among those killed this year are Eilidh Cairns, 30, who died in a collision with a lorry at Notting Hill Gate in February.

Mayor Boris Johnson said: “I want Londoners to feel excited about our cycle revolution and to feel 100 per cent confident about getting on their bikes.

“It is crucial that lorry drivers and cyclists look out for one another on our streets and behave in a way that keeps them safe. I urge drivers and cyclists to watch this short film and would encourage everyone to give cycle training a go.”

Tips for cyclists in the new film include:

• Remember that if you can’t see a vehicle’s mirrors, you probably can’t be seen by the driver

• Avoid overtaking HGVs on the inside and don’t overtake a lorry that is stopped at traffic lights - unless the lights have only just turned red

• Ensure you position yourself far enough ahead of an goods vehicle (in stopped traffic) that the driver can see you

The film is also aimed at HGV drivers who often cannot see cyclists in their mirrors on their left hand side.

To view the internet version of the film visit

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