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Your chance to feel the power of the plaid

Fashionistas the world over take note: for as little as £35, which includes post and packaging to anywhere in the mainland UK – and remote Scottish islands too – you can experience the power of the plaid for yourself and become the envy of cyclists everywhere.  Modelled here by editor, Tony. We all reckon that plaid has not only knocked years off him but he looks thinner too, and unofficial tests confirm that he's more aerodynamically optimised when wearing it*. That's the power of the plaid and we're sharing it around in five sizes: S, M, L, XL, and XXL.

*PB for desk to biscuit barrel and back dropped by 0.0001, from a sitting start. Imagine what he could do on a bike where the ability of all those little diamonds on our (patent nearly pending) Plaidyester™ fabric to cut through the air really comes into its own.

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DaSy | 15 years ago

A wool jersey would be great, preferably a wool mix like Sportwool etc if poss, as it tends to avoid the baggy pockets syndrome of pure wool...

Tony Farrelly | 15 years ago

Glad you think so - we'd like to do a wool one next.

yeah, I already hate the quote  1

Golf wasn't what we were thinking of when we designed it, in fact it was only afterwards that we realised it Garmin Slipstream used a plaid in their jersey too - mind you it isn't quite as full-on as ours.

holbroni | 15 years ago

well they do say that cycling is the new golf!!!! very cool

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