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Danish pro breaks leg on dancefloor; Great hack to check bike path smoothness; Xmas goodwill suggestion; Deliveroo cyclist filmed colliding with pedestrian; 5-year-olds verbally abused for cycling in park; Muc-Off tubeless launch + more on the live blog

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29 November 2019, 19:39
This is lovely

It also gives rise to a pertinent question at this time of year ... do you have any unwanted (or outgrown) kids' bikes or adult ones you could donate to a similar charity in your area?

It is the season of goodwill after all, and you could set someone up for a lifetime of cycling.

29 November 2019, 19:07
Here's a great hack for checking how smooth a cycle lane is ...
29 November 2019, 14:51
Danish pro Niklas Larsen broken his leg dancing at team party

The 22-year-old multiple Track World Cup medallist and road racer didn't look so good on the dance floor after the unfortunate incident - according to Skive Folkeblad, Larsen broke his leg at the ColoQuick end-of-season party at the Zwei Grosse Bier Bar in Skive last Saturday. He said: "I was just dancing, then twisted my foot and could feel something was completely wrong."

Larsen says he will have to wear a boot for six weeks before he can start training again. 


29 November 2019, 14:00
Adidas staff need their own rental bikes to get around

That's according to Chain Reaction Cycles, who were visiting Adidas HQ in Germany. 

29 November 2019, 13:53
The best bits from Velon's on-bike camera footage

There's been some cracking racing this year of course, and Velon's cameras have captured plenty of the action as you will see above. 

29 November 2019, 13:38
Oh dear...

This weirdness is courtesy of smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi... read all about it over on eBikeTips

29 November 2019, 11:51
Twitter row over Deliveroo cyclist's collision with pedestrian

Many in the comments are suggesting the woman who was hit was in the wrong for stepping out into traffic...

...but is that relevant? Rule 170 of The Highway Code says: "Watch out for pedestrians crossing a road into which you are turning. If they have started to cross they have priority, so give way" - and although strict liability (the more powerful vehicle is default to blame) isn't often enforced criminally in the UK, it has come up in civil cases.

In June, cyclist Robert Hazeldean was found partially liable for colliding with Gemma Brushett, with Brushett receiving compensation even though it was found she was looking at her mobile phone while crossing the road leading up to the collision. The judge ruled that bike riders “must be prepared at all times for people to behave in unexpected ways.”​ A crowdfunder was launched to pay for Hazeldean's legal fees in the days after the verdict. 

Should the cyclist in this instance have taken more care? 

29 November 2019, 12:13
Lights, Camera...Crap-tion.

A little glimpse behind the scenes of Dave Arthur's latest video's not all glamour you know!

29 November 2019, 12:17
This sounds like fun ...
29 November 2019, 11:29
A particularly depressing stolen bike alert

The Babboe City e-cargo bike was stolen from a garden in the E5 area of London last night. Ruth-Anna said her family are lost without the bike and continued: "Also feel devastated because it feels like it may have been someone who lives locally and could have been trailing us. We live on a quiet road with almost no people passing at this time of night."

It's a very distinctive bike of course, so do keep an eye out if you live in or around the area. 

29 November 2019, 09:44
Kenilworth school Cycle Bus group leader says 5-year-olds suffered abuse for cycling through park

The Cycle Bus group founder Adam Tranter - who also runs the specialist cycling PR firm Fusion Media - told the Kenilworth Weekly News that the group was shouted at by an angry resident in Abbey Fields for cycling through the park. A by-law technically prevents cycling in Abbey Fields, but Tranter has called for it to be lifted every Friday during term time so children can cycle safely to school with the cycle bus group. 

Mr Tranter said: “Unfortunately, on Friday morning (last Friday on November 22) we were verbally abused by another park user. This person took issue with our cycling in the park without being able to see the positive we're doing. When we asked 'Do you think it would be safe to take children on the roads outside?', they said 'I don't care'.

At the time it ruined our day but we're not going to let it get us down in the long-term. Since the confrontation, we've been flooded with support by the community and had well-wishing messages from all over the world, even as far as Australia."

"We are a volunteer and parent-led group who help young children cycle to school safely. These by-laws are stopping children and other vulnerable road users from cycling safely. There is no other alternative route for anybody who needs to get from one side of town to the other.

Mr Tranter said the Cycle Bus takes about 20 cars off the road each week with the organised school run, and pedestrians are always given priority when they ride on shared use paths. He also notes that the infant cyclists struggle to ride faster than about 5mph, "so really there is no confrontation unless somebody chooses for there to be.”

Local councillor Andrew Milton commented: “I was deeply disappointed to hear about the problems experienced by the Cycle Bus last week.

“I understand the sensitivities around cycling in Abbey Fields but I think some perspective is urgently needed here.

"Our town council and district council have both declared climate emergencies this year and in an emergency we need to take action quickly. The initiative that Adam and Aurelie have started along with other parents is exactly the type of thing we need to see more of and it has my full support. I'll do all within my power to make sure that the Cycle Bus can continue safely and unhindered.”

29 November 2019, 11:37
Pinarello launch new MAAT track bike
pinarello maat track bike 2019

It doesn't look quite as crazy as the new Hope/Lotus creation that will be ridden by Team GB at the Olympics, but we're sure Pinarello will say their new track bike is just as fast - full story on the site later today. 

29 November 2019, 11:16
Cyclescheme awarded gold accreditation as a cycle-friendly employer
cyclescheme gold award imagery

If your business is the UK's largest cycle to work scheme provider, it's probably only right you provide adequate provisions to encourage your employees to cycle to work - and Bath-based Cyclescheme have indeed being awarded gold accreditation as a Cycle Friendly Employer.

The Cycle Friendly Employer Scheme is about helping more people cycle to work, with bronze, silver and gold accreditations given out. Cyclescheme shown it’s an exemplary employer by providing showers, individual lockers, private cycle parking and a washing machine and tumbler to go the extra mile and get gold status. 

Cyclescheme's Lucy Anderson-Roberts explains how she was encouraged to start cycling after starting work for them: “Before joining the company, like many people I know, I was put off by the perceived drawbacks of cycling, like the cold weather and the practicalities of showering and changing at the office.

"Cyclescheme has made getting on a bike a simple and desirable option for me, and their approach is accessible to all, with resources and advice to support any experience level."


29 November 2019, 10:42
Muc-Off launch new tubeless range

After launching tubeless sealant and valves last year, Muc-Off have expanded the range with a whole host of new flat-protecting products. The glue and sealant remover (£7.99) helps remove rim tape glue or tubular glue residue, while they've also launched some tubeless rim tape (£14.99) made with Muc-Off's own 'proprietary performance material'. 

There's also the Ultimate Tubeless Setup Kit (£40) which includes rim tape, seal patches, valves and sealant, CO2 inflator kits (£24.99 for road and £28.99 for mtb) and the B.A.M! (Bottled Air Magic) latex foam and air mix for repairing punctures priced at £14.99. Finally there's the new Puncture Plug Repair Kit (£12.99) and an Essentials Case (£15) with dividers for valuable, tools and your phone. All the gear is available now on Muc-Off's website

29 November 2019, 11:12
It's Black Friday too!

Obviously you've bought loads already, but just a reminder that all t-shirts, cycling jerseys and shorts are 30% off today with the code BF30. Head over to the shop here to buy lots and lots of stuff. 

29 November 2019, 10:12
Protest against controversial Silvertown Tunnel taking place today

We reported that while Sadiq Khan has recently declared a climate emergency, TfL have also announced that a contract has been signed for work to begin on a four-lane urban motorway connecting Greenwich and Newham, which will cost £1 billion. 

Environmentalists say Silvertown Tunnel will make air pollution worse and generate even more traffic, and have accused Sadiq Khan of being a hypocrite. Labour councils either side of the tunnel have also opposed it, and the protest will take place at City Hall from 11am this morning. 

29 November 2019, 10:29
Merida to take 'new role' in Bahrain (formely Bahrain-Merida) World Tour team
Lombardia  2017 VNibali win bettiniphoto

The German bike behemoths have announced they will no longer be a headline sponsor of the Bahrain team for 2020, but will still continue to provide them with "the best material possible" as their official bicycle supplier and technical partner. No particular reason has been given in the press release (Rohan Dennis, anyone?) but Merida's marketing director Andreas Rottler said: "We are immensely proud of the last three years and what we have achieved. Being part of the team from its very beginning and securing two Grand Tour podiums in the first season gives us a great sense of accomplishment and an eagerness to stay involved with the Bahrain World Tour team. It is a great honour as well as a responsibility to continue with one of the most successful teams in the peloton, and we are looking forward to our new role."

29 November 2019, 09:38
Your daily "Why don't you use the cycle lane?"
29 November 2019, 09:27
Cyclist in York died after hitting parked car

The York Press reports than Colin Marron, 51, died in a "tragic and very unusual" incident according to the Coroner. A North Yorkshire Police collision investigator claimed that a peaked baseball cap Mr Marron was wearing may have obscured his view of the parked BMW he crashed into, and that the dropped handlebar bike "encouraged riders to look down rather than up." ​

The coroner said highways officials had investigated whether the proximity of a cycle lane to a residents’ parking bay where the BMW was parked had been a factor in the accident; they also noted that Mr Marron had been cycling without a helmet, on a bike borrowed from a friend and was "travelling neither quickly nor slowly" before he crashed. He was taken to Leeds General Infirmary where it was confirmed that he had suffered a severe head injury, and died the following day. 

29 November 2019, 09:12
Vulpine's 'Do Good Friday' offer

It's kind of become an irony in itself for retailers to reject/do an alternative version of Black Friday nowadays, but to our knowledge this spin on it is a first from cycling apparel brand Vulpine - you get 50% off everything, and decide how much of the other 50% you want to give to their partner charity Wheels for Wellbeing. The charity supports disabled people to enjoying the benefits of cycling - check Vulpine's Do Good Friday promo here and the Wheels for Wellbeing website here

29 November 2019, 08:54
Adam Blythe becomes Genesis bikes ambassador

While this is hardly groundbreaking news, it's interesting to see a recently-retired pro throw themselves into the world of work so keenly. Blythe is going to be a busy lad having took on a sales and marketing role at David Millar's Chpt3 brand, and alongside that the former British road champion will be working as an ambassador for Genesis in 2020. He'll also work with Genesis' parent company Madison, who distribute Shimano, Lazer and 100% amongst other brands in the UK.

Blythe commented: “I can’t wait to start working with Genesis and Madison as a whole. There’s a lot of fun stuff that we have planned with a lot of cool collaborations as well which I think is going to be great.
“I also can’t wait to repay Madison, they always stood by me through my career – even though I was in a different team they’ve always helped me as much as they could. I really can’t wait to just start working with them and show everyone what we can achieve together.”

Blythe is set to take on "some incredible challenges" across the country on Genesis bikes, and we're told to expect wide tyres and bumpy roads rather than marginal gains...

29 November 2019, 08:51
Welcome to the normal live blog

We've also got a deals blog running today as well, where the Dealclincher (i.e. Liam) will be seeking out some of the best Black Friday deals throughout the day - click here to have a browse. 

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