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London’s going to get £2.5m worth of bike parking

Plan includes improved parking outside 10 stations in the next 12 months plus 1,400 new spaces in residential areas

Half of Londoners say a lack of bike parking is one of the main factors deterring them from cycling. Transport for London (TfL) will therefore be investing £2.5 million over the next year to boost the number of spaces.

London’s Walking and Cycling Commissioner, Will Norman, said: “To enable more people to cycle it is essential that we not only make our streets safer but also make cycling easier and more convenient. If people know there is good cycle parking at their local station or at their place of work, they are much more likely to use their bike.”

TfL has collected data on every street in London to get a comprehensive picture of bike parking in the city.

The research indicates that more than half of stations either do not have cycle parking, or do not currently have enough spaces to cope with demand. Town centres in every London borough need more bike parking spaces too, with demand also high in many residential areas.

There are currently 145,449 cycle parking spaces on London streets, but TfL says that at least 36,000 additional spaces are needed to meet current demand, with a further 12,000 spaces needed by 2025.

The aim is for all stations outside Zone 1 to have at least 20 cycle parking spaces within 50 metres of the station and a minimum of 30 per cent spare capacity to meet future demand.

The plan for the next 12 months is to improve cycle parking outside 10 stations and to add 1,400 new spaces in residential areas. TfL will also provide at least 80 schools and two universities with new cycle parking over the coming year.

“I’m delighted that this plan and new investment will help meet the growing demand for cycle parking,” said Norman. “Together with our investment in new high-quality routes, we are enabling more people to cycle as part of their everyday routine, making our streets cleaner and greener for everyone.”

Christina Calderato, TfL’s Head of Delivery Planning, commented: “Enabling more people to cycle is vital if we are to tackle London’s air quality and inactivity crises, but many people can be put off cycling to everyday destinations such as their workplace, the shops or the station by a lack of space to park their bike. We want to work with organisations and partners across the capital to make sure that every cycling journey begins and ends with a place to park.”

Councillor Julian Bell, Chair of London Councils' Transport and Environment Committee, said: “More than half of those living in London say that a lack of cycle parking prevents them from getting on a bike. As an avid cyclist myself, I understand this frustration.

“This is why London Councils is working with Transport for London to expand cycle parking across our boroughs. Doing so will not only promote healthier transport options and curb emissions, but will also make our city more vibrant and accessible to everyone.”

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Sriracha | 5 years ago
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Let's hope they take the opportunity to do some proper research and install parking infrastructure that discourages theft of bike parts, without requiring the cyclist to carry several hefty D locks. Not easy given the various shapes and sizes of bikes. Protection from the elements would be good too.

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