Live blog: Cyclist stands ground to stop car cutting junction on wrong side of the road (claim they're doctors in rush to see patients); cyclist unable to make Fred Whitton due to bike booking blunder; B'ham's new cycle routes blocked by bins + more

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12 June 2019, 14:30
Re Regent's Park...

Incidents like the one in the clip below could actually become a thing of the past thanks to a consultation that wants to close the Parks' roads to motor traffic, as we reported at the weekend. You can show your support by filling out the form here

12 June 2019, 15:04
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12 June 2019, 13:54
Confirmed: no Froome at Tour de France due to broken femur
Froome Ineos Oakley 2019


Full story here

12 June 2019, 12:05
"I'm going to take a photo of you to show my patients why I'm late". Doctors drive up wrong side of the road and are blocked by cyclist, and an angry exchange ensues for over five minutes

It's happened before and it will happen again, but the latest attempt by a driver to head down the wrong side of the road to turn right at this junction in Regent's Park has been foiled by a very determined cyclist, who stood in the way for five minutes before the driver and unrepentant passenger eventually back up. What ensued in between is an oscar-worthy few minutes of sarcasm, name-calling and excuses.  

While the driver honks his horn, the passenger claims they are doctors who are late to see patients, which is why they wanted to cut the traffic queue. The passenger admits to the offence, and even takes a photo of the cyclist to "tell cancer patients why they are late."  

The footage was retweeted by Jeremy Vine, who commended the cyclist going by the name Cycling Mikey on Twitter. 

Bizarrely, a taxi driver towards the end of the video berates the cyclist for holding up the traffic - even though for him the blockage would have been exactly the same whether the cyclist was there or not. 

Do we need more Cycling Mikeys, or would a camera snap and a quick call to the authorities been enough in this case? Do let us know your thoughts.  

12 June 2019, 11:58
Breaking news: Froome taken to hospital after crash at the Dauphiné, putting his Tour de France hopes in jeopardy...
Team Ineos Chris Froome Pinarello Dogma F12 (picture credit (17).jpg

Not good news for Froome or Team Ineos. Full story here

12 June 2019, 11:51
Man who missed the Fred Whitton thanks to Virgin Trains bike booking blunder demanding hotel and race entry refund

The disgruntled cyclist received £66 compensation from Virgin Trains for his ticket - but wants the full race entry and hotel cost off them too. Virgin asked for the matter to be handled via private message, to which the man insisted it be handled publicly to show them up. How do you think this will go? We'll be following in earnest with (hopefully) a full story coming later today...

12 June 2019, 11:20
Flying mount perfection?

Cyclocrossers and triathletes take note... Marianne Vos shows us how to nail the flying mount, and manages to roll smoothly back into the peloton like nowt happened. 

12 June 2019, 07:10
Cyclist captures numerous blockages along new Cycle Superhighway in Birmingham

The second city's first dedicated 'Cycling Superhighways' on the A38 and A34 were officially opened by Shanaze Reade and Jason Kenny last week, but some commuters are already complaining of blockages along the route from council bins, joggers and cars parked along it, according to the Birmingham Mail and several cyclists on Twitter.  

Speaking to the Birmingham Mail, PC Mark Hodson of West Midlands Police Road Harm Reduction Team said:  “We will be patrolling the new cycle routes on police bicycles to ensure that the infrastructure is being used in a lawful manner by all road users.

"When we witness any misuse or offences then we will deal with this through our usual combination of education and enforcement.”

12 June 2019, 06:58
Of all the things...

Some bizarre scenes captured here, where a helicopter blew multiple riders off their bikes mid-race. It looks like none were hurt as they battle to re-mount against the huge winds generated by the chopper. 

12 June 2019, 06:52
Bloody cyclists, never stopping at crossings or red lights...
12 June 2019, 06:48
A small consolation

This Irish cyclist managed to get a conviction from submitting evidence of a nasty close pass, with the driver getting three points and a 250 euro fine. Look out for our guide to submitting camera evidence in the coming weeks to make sure you know how to go about reporting dodgy driving like the above. 

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