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Video: Kangaroo jumps onto cyclist's front wheel

Cyclist tries his best not to cause panic. Fails.

Cyclists and kangaroos really don’t seem to be a great combination. We’ve reported on a number of incidents where cyclists have been knocked off. On this occasion even a calm, wary style of riding didn’t seem to help the rider involved. reports that Australian cyclist Neil was riding with friends on a path near Prospect Reservoir, west of Sydney when they came across a pair of kangaroos.

While the riders slowed and tried to give the kangaroos space, one panicked and leapt across the path at Neil.

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“Normally we see the kangaroos, but never really come into close contact,” he said. “This last ride saw two kangaroos panic and turn to change direction, with one launching and landing on my front wheel.”

Apparently both Neil and the kangaroo were unharmed. A few minutes later, on a different stretch of road, another kangaroo dashed in front of his wheel. Fortunately, Neil managed to stop in time.

Back in February, we reported on a rather more spectacular and rather more painful collision with a kangaroo. We’ve also had a former Australian cricketer brought down by a kangaroo while cycling home; a kangaroo who clipped a cyclist’s helmet while leaping across him; and a kangaroo who attacked two cyclists on an off-road trail.

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