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The ultimate police blitz on the ultimate red light jumping cyclists

Geelong's senior traffic cop warns top pros training for Worlds to stay within law...

There’s nothing unusual about police warning cyclists not to ride through red lights, as many news stories here on confirm. But when the police force in question is in the Australian city of Geelong, and the cyclists concerned are training for next week’s UCI Road World Championships there, you have to admit that it’s a novel spin on an old story.

According to the Geelong Advertiser, the Victoria city’s top traffic policeman, Senior Sergeant Shane Coles, is laying down the law to the world’s top pros after his wife noticed cyclists riding four abreast, and has threatened to ticket those caught breaking the law.

"If they are detected they will be booked, it doesn't matter if they are the world champion, the law is the law and they've got to comply with it," he told the newspaper.

"We're going to have a huge influx of bikes in the next week or so and all my members on the highway patrol, no one is having a day off so we are going to have a massive presence in the area."

Heaven help any riders who undertake a recce of the course lidless in defiance of the country's compulsory helmet laws.

The newspaper added that Michael Palmer, general manager of the UCI organising committee, had told it that certain cyclists were in the habit of paying scant attention to traffic signals and other laws while out training.

"Stopping at red lights is something they don't spend a lot of time bothering about," he said. "Basically people out driving around Geelong need to keep a bit of an eye out.”
Mr Palmer continued: "We're working with the teams to make sure they understand they've got to abide by the road rules, but there's plenty of examples ... there goes another one.

"That's at the corner of Myers and Moorabool and there's three in the last... while I've been talking to you, gone through red lights.

"We'll be talking with them to make sure they stop doing that," he added.

Let’s just hope that Senior Sergeant Coles and his colleagues are kept fully in the picture about when the training stops and the racing starts. He could always consult our guide here on

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Jon Burrage | 13 years ago

Cancellara and Millar hitting 85kph yesterday looked quite impressive - as was said above, its worrying that the 'wife' noticed but the senior sargeant didnt.

skippy | 13 years ago

Was the "wife" asking the hubbie to collect autographs?

The same problem arose at Sydney 2000b Olympic and when Dave Duffield tried to intervene the cop asked him to find something else to do whilst he did his job ! Cars were roaring around Centennial Park the wrong way as well as some of the Int. Racers were speeding according to the Radar guns !

MrsBYork | 13 years ago

They've got to catch them first...

Shiny Flu | 13 years ago

Words to describe Senior Sergeant Coles that come to mind: Pussy. Whipped.  19

demoff | 13 years ago

Good job that Senior Sergeant Coles's wife spotted what was happening!!!

alotronic | 13 years ago

Right then mate, so I clocked you crashing that red light there matey - don't you go denying it now! Yep, that's right, caught you red handed. 100 bucks. So... name? Stu O'Grady? Ok and what's your address? Annecy? Where the hell is that mate? Oh. Right. Well to be honest it's not likely that the ticket will reach you if we post it there so how's about you give us your Mum's address then? Adelaide? That's not really in our jurisdiction either so.... ummm. Look, we'll send it to this Annecy place and your Mum's place and you might have to end up paying it twice - that's fair I reckon...

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