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MyCyclingWeekend - Fuelled by Soreen - Winner Announced

A truly International week with entires from as far as the USA!

This week's #MyCyclingWeekend has drawn in entries from across the pond. 

All you have to do to send them to us is use the hashtag #MyCyclingWeekend on Twitter, Instagram or even Facebook.


Benton sent in this great shot of perfect tarmac from just outside of Nashville. It looks like the local council take good care of the roads there, something that BANES could learn from!



Our winner though is much closer to home. This great shot from Dom shows just how many climbs are within a few miles of each other on the Mendips. You don't necessarily have to go far for a great ride.

Congrats Dom, we'll be in touch!

Let's take a look at a few of the other entries.



Ollie has been doing a spot of racing. Just look at that cornering lean!



I finally had the time to go out and test the complete TransAm setup. All the bags stuffed with everything I have planned to take with me. New 28mm Continental GP 4000 SII with 80 psi which felt amazing. Like riding around in a sofa. Two tail-lights, reflective tape at seat stays, forks and cranks, and a huge warning triangle on the back of my seat bag. I could be wrong but cars did seem to pass with more caution. Unfortunately my wife couldn't join me because life has a tendency of intervening. Did my standard loop around Reykjavik and despite some extra 5-7 kgs the the ride wasn't that much harder than usual. Looking forward to the journey! . . . . . #cycling #bike #bikelife #cyclelife #cyclingshots #ride_my_bike #bikingrepost #pedaljourneys #thecyclingculture #goroadcycling #thecyclinggoals #rapha #canyon #ultimate #revelatedesigns #travel #biketravel #bikepacking #bikepacking #biketouring #cycletouring #bikeporn #mycyclingweekend #iceland #baaw

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Sæmundur has been out testing his bike before the TransAm. Good luck in the race!



Looks like Andy headed out for a weekend of camping and MTB rides.



Whip prepped #mycyclingweekend

A post shared by Oli Pendrey (@oli_pendrey) on


Our very own Oli was towing some extra weight. Just what's needed on the hills around Bath...



Dan has only gone a conquered Ventoux 3 times in 1 day. Time for a lie-down, Dan.



This Girl CANNES Vs Les Grandes ALPES ! @APAlondon ‘s very own @Katihall13 . . So proud or this young lady - only Started last Nov. & Trained her Heart out under & Thanks To Wingman @fireflysteve . Cheers To Big B’Day Wkend in Belfast ! . . . Please DONATE Link in Bio To Support our Gladiators Inspired by the Courage it takes to fight Cancer ... “For Those Who Suffer We Ride” . . . @The_FIREFLIES_TOUR No June 12 - 20 2018 Route des Grandes ALPES 1,000+km To @Cannes_Lions in Aid of Beating Blood CANCERS @Bloodwise . . . . #ThisGirlCAN #TrainingRide #FireFliesTOUR // #CannesLions #ForThoseWhoSufferWeRide #BeatingBloodCANCER #Bloodwise #Sufferfest #ShutUpLegs #Peloton Rouge #Alpes #RoadsLikeThese #StravaCycling #RoadCycling #CyclingLife #Rapha #RaphaCustom #CyclingShots #wheindoubtpedalitout #velo #RidewithaView #fromwhereiride #CyclingAdventures #ridelots #Cycling #CyclingTour #GoneRiding #BeautyofCyciling #KitFit #CyclingApparel

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Kati has been killing it on the Fireflies Tour!



If you're feeling #naughty, the fields of wheat are ripe for running through RN

A post shared by Emily Childs (@emily.childs) on


Emily has been running through wheat fields. Careful Emily, you May get caught doing that... Sorry for that.

As per usual, we love looking through these pics, so keep them coming!

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