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In wake of Alliston verdict, Wiltshire man calls for police to re-investigate 2016 cycling incident that resulted in his wife's death

Agrees with Kim Briggs’ husband that dangerous cycling laws should be brought up to date

Following the prosecution of London cyclist Charlie Alliston, the husband of a woman killed in a 2016 cycling incident in Pewsey in Wiltshire is calling for police to reinvestigate the collision.

The Gazette and Herald reports that Diane Walker was struck by a cyclist on Pewsey High Street on May 13, 2016. She was airlifted to the Great Western Hospital and died two days later but no charges were brought against the cyclist.

A jury at the Old Bailey this week found Alliston guilty of a charge of causing bodily harm by wanton or furious driving under section 35 of the Offences Against The Person Act 1861 after he hit and killed Kim Briggs.

Briggs’ husband, Matthew, has called for the law regarding dangerous cycling to be brought up to date.

Edward Walker now wants his wife’s case to be reopened and investigated.

He said: “The police said that under the 1947 Road Traffic Act there wasn’t anything they could do in an accident between a cyclist and a pedestrian.

“At the time of my wife’s death I went to our MP Claire Perry and said that the 1947 act is 70 years old and that cycling accidents should be included in the Act. This is the same argument the person in London is going down in relation to the 1861 Offences Against the Person Act.

“Wiltshire Police don’t seem to have taken this or the 1991 Road Traffic Act into consideration. We will see what happens.”

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