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Surrey County Council to debate banning cycling on A24 following petition

Leatherhead driving instructor says adjacent cycle paths need to be improved and bikes banned

A petition calling on Surrey County Council to ban cycling on a dual carriageway between Leatherhead and Dorking is to be considered next week. Leatherhead driving instructor Martin Davies, who started the petition, has argued that cycling on the A24 is “very dangerous for all road users, especially the cyclists.”

The Surrey Mirror reports that Davies’ petition attracted 306 signatures and will now be discussed on November 9.

Davies will be given three minutes to speak and says he will be urging the council to improve the cycle paths that run alongside the main road – local cyclists having previously said that they avoid them due to the condition they are in.

It has also been pointed out that on the cycle paths bikes don't have right of way at junctions, meaning it can at times be less safe to cross.

Speaking in August, Davies said: "When I set up the petition I worded it in a way to bring attention to the council about how dangerous the road is and show how the cycle lanes need to be improved to make it more accessible. I know I got a lot of abusive responses so it backfired a bit on me, but it's all about their safety. If there are better cycle lanes this would make it safer for both cyclists and drivers."

After Davies has spoken, the council will put forward its response.

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