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#mycyclingweekend: Bums, bicycles, and weddings on wheels

You lot sent in a few snaps of your derriers, plus some fantastic riding shots from another great #mycyclingweekend!

This #mycyclingweekend you showed off some of your bums, some of your fellow riders' bums, and there was even a bum on show. To ours and Cycle Surgery's  relief your photo entries this #mycyclingweekend weren't restricted to photos of rear ends - you showed us some some great riding shots, and even a wedding too!

But lets start with this week's competition winner.

Everyone's partial to a little bit of star spotting, and the closest thing to star spotting from our perspective is getting snaps of elusive team members out for their #mycyclingweekend rides.

Stefano Marazzi headed out for his Father's Day ride with Timsbury Cycle Group on Sunday. Surprisingly he was joined by's own Dave Atkinson. Stef managed to get a shot of Big Dave's behind, as they climbed through the West Country countryside.

We're still waiting for the elusive Atkinson twerk too, Stef.



Mike Wilkinson's bum clearly enjoyed itself this #mycyclingweekend, sat aboard his brand new Fuji Transonic. 



Elsewhere, prolific #mycyclingweekender and Instagram user zer0sandones took to British roads this weekend too, though his ride partners seemed to be less happy with the bum-focusses photo shoots.



No mate - they are fine - perfectly fine >_<. #vcmelyd #mycyclingweekend #howiescape #cycling #clubride #assos

A photo posted by anthony (@zer0sandones) on




All of us here extend our congratulations and awe to Tobias Feltus and his wife Lauren who got married this weekend and had possibly the best first dance we've ever seen!




Instagram user @otonnberg's friend Johan got a bit wet this #mycyclingweekend.

Interestingly though, the water didn't come from above...



#MTB just for fun. Johan goes for the island. #mybicycling #mycyclingweekend #värmland #hammarö

A photo posted by @otonnberg on


Remember, it's never too late to get involved in the #mycyclingweekend fun. Just fire over your photos to us by uploading them to Instagram or Twitter and including the #mycyclingweekend hashtag!

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