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Yoga for Cyclists, part 7: Knees

Are your knees kinky? Get them back in line with our handy guide

In this, part 7 of our Yoga for Cyclists video series, our resident yoga expert Karen Burt takes us through some simple exercises to strengthen the muscles that protect the knees.

It's particularly important for us two-wheelers; as Karen puts it: "The action that controls the knees is that of the quadriceps and the hamstrings, which is where we get all our power for cycling."

During cycling, the knee never hyperextends; instead it remains ever so slightly bent, to protect it - but because it's permanently slightly contracting the hamstrings or quads, it puts a lot of strain on those muscles, some of the largest in the body.

Tight hamstrings can affect the posture too, pulling the pelvis out of alignment, so care of the hamstrings and quads is essential to everyday wellbeing.

Watch installment 7 of Yoga for Cyclists to discover why Tony's knees are kinky, and what he can do about them:

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