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Go faster (possibly) with the Aero Hump Pocket aerodynamic cycling jersey upgrade

Aero Hump Pocket offers claimed aerodynamic improvements as well as useful extra storage

If you’ve already invested in every available aerodynamic cycling product in an effort to go faster, such as an aero frame, deep section wheels, helmet and tight-fitting Lycra, then it might be time to consider the Aero Hump Pocket.

The eBay seller describes the Aero Hump Pocket as being able to “transform your jersey into the fastest cycling jersey ever.” Surprisingly, no wind-tunnel data is provided. But it does provide estimated improvements.

It reckons that you’re looking at a 10 watt, or 5%, drag reduction at 32kph. That's a truly impressive claim, especially considering it costs just $30. Even better than that,  “comparing to a traditional jersey carrying a raincoat in the lower pocket, the improvements above are about doubled,” the seller adds.

- The fastest aero road bikes

What is it?

It’s a foam hump. You send your jersey off to the seller and a pocket is sewn to the back of the jersey, into which slides a foam insert. It’s compatible with any cycling jersey.

However, it’s more than just an aerodynamic aid. The Aero Hump creates two pockets, one on top of the other. Into the top pocket goes the foam, which provides the aerodynamic shape, which we assume is designed to smooth airflow off the back of the helmet onto the back. The second pocket is available to store extra clothing, effectively providing a fourth pocket.

The Aero Hump Pocket adds about 20g to a jersey and comes in just one size. It measures 200 x 300 x 140mm. It costs $29.90 with $10 shipping costs and is made in Italy. You can buy the kit, with a choice of colours, and if you’re handy with a sewing machine, attach it to a cycling jersey yourself. Alternatively you can arrange to send your jersey off to have the Aero Hump fitted.

Interested? Find out more and buy it here.

Motorcyclists have been wearing similar humps in leather jackets for many years, and there have been attempts to bring this sort of aero aid to cycling, the best example we can think of is Frank Schleck using a hydration pack underneath a jersey during a time trial back in 2011. 

We're off to check the UCI rules on this one, but what do you think?

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