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Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy becomes law this week

Though we'll have to wait until the end of the year for the full funding strategy...

The much-anticipated Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy becomes law next week, with the full funding details expected by the end of the year.

Last week it was confirmed the law will come into force on 31 July, which places a duty on the Transport Minister, Patrick McLoughlin, to set out a long-term vision to increase walking and cycling, a statement of funds allocated to achieve those aims, and a detailed investment plan identifying objectives, with the legal requirement to report to Parliament on the progress made in terms of targets. The Strategy must be reviewed at least every five years. 

Campaigners have been asking cycling minister Robert Goodwill and the Treasury to give the law "teeth" by allocating at least £10 per head per year to cycling - widely agreed as the minimum figure to help more people use bikes for everyday journeys.

- Government announces work will start on Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy  

Last month it was announced work had commenced on the Strategy, which was hailed as an "historic moment". At an event in Newcastle cycling minister, Robert Goodwill, said: "We want everyone to be able to see what we are doing for cyclists and judge for themselves whether it’s working.

"Which is why towards the end of the last parliament we passed a law saying that the Department for Transport will publish a Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy.

"I have instructed my officials to begin work to commence the relevant section of the Infrastructure Act."

Ralph Smyth, transport lead for the Campaign to Protect Rural England, thanked supporters for sending "thousands of emails" to see the work commenced before the summer recess. Smyth launched a petition before the summer budget this month, calling on the Treasury to commit to cycle funding.

The CTC's Sam Jones said: "What we would like to see is that the Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy has teeth, with proper funding of at least £10 per head. There is real concern when all you see is cuts, cuts, cuts from George Osborne."

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jollygoodvelo | 8 years ago

It's better than nothing!

BTW I still maintain that the phrase "what is being done for cyclists" is divisive and creates resentment.

severs1966 | 8 years ago

So a law has been passed to require the government to publish a vision, but not for another six months.

There is a legal duty to report achievements vis-a-vis targets. Therefore, it seems, that the law will be complied with if the achievements are reported as "nowt, Mr Speaker".

Actual work on the ground does not appear to be compulsory, only the writing of strategies on pieces of paper and the reporting thereon.

The strategy, once written, does not get reviewed for five years; what an interesting coincidence that this is not, at the very latest, until just after the start of the next government.

Looks like the plan will probably be "do nothing" then. That's a strategy. It is not a very welcome strategy, but it is a strategy. After all, it will fit the austerity agenda. Meanwhile, billions will be spent on roads for cars.

Always remember: YOUR government does not care if YOU live or die.

mrmo | 8 years ago

And with a plan, I guess it is time to hold an inquiry to find out why people aren't walking and cycling.

andrejserafim | 8 years ago

So, they have a plan to make a plan. Excellent start.

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