We have a winner for the Vulpine autumn clothing bundle worth over £500

You told us your favourite thing about autumn riding to win some top Vulpine Schwag from their men's or women's ranges ...

Right, we’ve waded through the 1220 comments you left about what you like most about autumn cycling which included having to read POEMS (note to self, never, ever, ever ask people to do that again) but the psychic trauma has been worth it. We have a winner… and because the standard of entries was so high a couple of bonus runners up too who will be getting some roadcc socks.

Our Vulpine Schwag Grab podium is filled by the speakers of two universal cycling truths and one rather personal truth.

Almost but not quite for robbiezhaorobbiezhao for masterful use of the sympathy card with “The cold rivals that of the heart of my wife” - until you realise that it’s not really that cold at this time of the year, even in East Anglia. (Maybe we should send her some socks too.)

Socks also for tells-it-like-it-is “I just love wearing tights” from wrevilo but somehow it lacks the poe… magic of our winner the tells it like it even more is:

“Shining torch through the fog/mist whilst making light saber noises. Obviously…” by Mattclimb

Yep, that's autumn!

Our winner and runners up have been informed - those who posted poems about nature’s paintbrush turning the trees the colours of their fave beige Vulpine shorts - your names are on a list. First offence, but don’t push it eh.

Thanks to Vulpine for a fab competition, thanks to all of you who entered, commiserations to the 1219 of you that didn’t win, but there WILL be another schwag grab along soon.


The whole caboodle is worth more than £500 (£502 to be precise) and includes Vulpine’s:

Original Rain Jacket

Cotton rain trousers

Long Sleeve Merino T-shirt/base layer

Padded Merino Boxer/Boyshorts

Storm Cap

Dogtooth Merino Silk Socks

We’ll pick the lucky winner next Monday, usual Schwag Grab rules apply.

You can find out more about Vulpine's autmn/winter range at www.vulpine.cc

Good luck!


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