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Check out the Recommends Accessories of the Year 2023/24: the very best helmets, glasses, tools, bags & more

Gear Up! Take a look at the best-performing cycling accessories that we've reviewed over the past 12 months

Discover the best accessories that won a spot in Recommends in 2023. From helmets and eyewear to tools, bags, and even an e-bike conversion kit, this category has a bit of everything. It’s our most diverse awards category with only the most finest products earning special recognition.

How the Recommends awards work

We love bringing you the absolute best bikes, clothing, parts, and accessories. Every month, we carefully select top-notch products from our reviews on, as well as and ebiketips, and add them to Recommends, the section of our site dedicated to showcasing exceptional products. 

Unlike bikes (which we'll be telling you about next week), we don't rank components, accessories, and clothing in top 10 lists. Instead, we give three types of awards:

  • Bargain Buy This goes to the product that we feel gives the best value for money.
  • Money No Object We take price out of the equation for this one; it’s all about performance.  
  • Editor’s Choice This award is given to the product that offers the best combination of performance and value for money.

We don’t always give out all three awards in each category; it comes down to what we feel the components deserve.

Let’s crack into the Recommends Accessories of the Year 2023/24…

Trek Velocis Mips Road Bike Helmet £229.99

Trek Velocis Mips Road Bike Helmet

This is an excellent helmet, offering impressive lightness, good ventilation, and a remarkably comfortable Mips system. While it comes with a relatively high price tag, the Velocis Mips is a worthy investment.

The helmet looks cool, with a design reminiscent of a sleek sports car. Reviewer George Hill said it reminded him of a Ferrari 458. Believe it or not, after we published our review in July, the helmet designer got in touch from the USA to say that George was correct, the inspiration was the 458 as well as the Ducati Panigale V4 bike. The sharp angles on the vents and the low-profile top, crafted from OCLV carbon, add to its eye-catching appearance.

The Velocis puts in a strong performance too. Trek's 'cool is fast' tagline is apt, as the helmet is engineered for both aerodynamics and ventilation. CFD (computational fluid dynamics) modelling and wind tunnel testing have both been used to optimise airflow,

Achieving a perfect fit is simple, the 360° Boa system allowing easy adjustment via a dial on the back and a Boa lace circling your head. The low-sitting and supple harness adds comfort, providing a cradling sensation rather than too much pressure.

The Mips Air system adds an extra element of safety without compromising comfort. The system seamlessly integrates into the helmet, avoiding vent obstruction and remaining practically invisible. The weight of 235g is very respectable; it’s among the lighter helmets we've seen at this price.

While the price might seem steep, the Velocis holds its own against top-tier competitors. In terms of comfort, ventilation, and overall performance, it is one of the best. This is a fantastic package, delivering on its promises of lightness, comfort, and superior ventilation – and making it look like you have a Ferrari on your head.

Why it’s here Very comfortable and well-ventilated helmet… and it looks like a Ferrari!
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Schwalbe Tyre Levers £4.99

2023 Schwalbe Tyre Levers

Controversial! Tyre levers right up there amongst the best accessories of the year? What is thinking?

Well, these are very tough, they have built-in clips that help mount tyres, and they’re perfectly shaped. These are among the best tyre levers you can buy, and they’ll cost you a fiver, maybe less. Who should buy the Schwalbe tyre levers? Everyone.

The unusual feature of Schwalbe's tyre levers is a hook in the lever body that you use to pin the tyre bead in place as you install it.

Ever experienced that tricky moment when you're fitting a tyre onto a rim when the mounted section pops off as quickly as the previously unmounted segment goes on? Well, fear not, because Schwalbe has your back with these clever levers. They come equipped with a nifty hook in the body that grabs onto your wheel’s rim, ensuring the bead stays put as you work on fitting the rest with ease. No more tyre-related acrobatics!

Even when the fit is ridiculously tight, the Schwalbe levers hold the tyre in place and allow you to final bit of the bead over the rim. Easy peasy!

The Schwalbe levers shine when it comes to taking tyres off too. The hook delicately narrows to a fine point at the end of a smoothly curved design, sliding under even a snug tyre. While you still need a bit of finesse to position the levers just right, they lift the bead off with ease.

Next time you find yourself in need of levers, buy a set of these. They’re the business.

Why they’re here Great tyre levers; buy some
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Smith Dispatch Helmet £159.99

Smith Dispatch Helmet

The Smith Dispatch Helmet is a top-tier choice for commuters, packed with features that justify the investment. While you might raise an eyebrow at the price, this high-end lid offers a relatively low weight, decent ventilation, and a handy rear light. You also get added safety features like Mips for rotational force reduction and strategically placed energy-absorbing Koroyd

Ventilation is sufficient for most urban rides, and the rear LED adds a practical touch to boost visibility. The Microbrim Visor offers a touch of protection from the elements, and its two small vents minimise fogging on your glasses. The fit is easily adjusted with the VaporFit dial and the magnetic Fidlock strap buckle.

At £160, the Smith Dispatch Helmet is more expensive than many rivals, but considering the features and the overall quality, it’s well justified. This is a high-quality lid with added safety tech and some neat touches, and year-round commuters will appreciate the benefits.

Why it’s here Splash the cash and you'll be rewarded with one of the best commuter helmets around
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Topeak Power Lever Pro £29.99

Topeak Power Lever Pro

The Topeak Power Lever Pro is a versatile and lightweight tool that provides essential functions for both road and trail riders. Its compact design incorporates tyre levers, a chain tool, and master link pliers for both opening and closing your stored replacement link, making it agreat choice if you're looking for an all-in-one solution for on-the-go repairs.

The Power Lever Pro performs okay as tyre levers, although you may find the angle and thickness a bit tricky with certain tyre and rim combos. Its plastic construction makes it unsuitable for extremely tight beads. The master link plier function, while requiring a bit of practice, is smooth and reliable in both open and close modes, and there's no risk of the tool slipping sideways.

The highlight of this tool is undoubtedly the chain tool, with reviewer Mike Stead describing it as “a work of miniature art”. High praise indeed! It is compatible with all chains on the market, including SRAM's 13-speed flat-top chains, and it works beautifully.

Weighing just 62g, the Power Lever Pro is a premium piece of kit that's well worth the price. As long as your tyre beads aren't super-tight, the Topeak Power Lever Pro is a strong option if you’re looking to streamline your on-bike toolkit.

Why it’s here A light, compact and high-quality tool for modern chains, with tyre levers as a bonus
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Craft Cadence Backpack £94.99

Craft Cadence Backpack

The Craft Cadence Backpack is a stylish and functional option for commuting, with a sleek design and clever storage.

This is a really well-constructed bag. Made from 600D polyester with a thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) coating and welded seams, it’s tough and waterproof. Reviewer Nick Ball faced unpredictable weather during testing, but the bag held its own, keeping his belongings dry and safe inside.

The reinforced bottom section adds durability; a little rough handling isn’t a problem. The roll-top closure, secured with a strong metal buckle, is easy to use, and you can remove them if you’re not a fan.

The backpack features three storage areas: a 21-litre main compartment and two zipped outer pockets. Inside, an eight-pocket organiser sleeve, including a dedicated pocket for a 15-inch laptop, keeps things tidy. It’s handy for quick access to items like keys and passes.

Waterproof sealed zips on the outer pockets and numerous additional fixings for locks and lights add to the bag’s functionality. The shoulder straps offer a comfortable and adjustable fit, while the EVA foam panels on the rear, designed to improve airflow, add to the cool and comfortable experience.

Overall, the Craft Cadence backpack is thoughtfully designed, durable, and functional. This is an easy one to recommend. 

Why it’s here Great quality, loads of storage, comfortable to carry, and waterproof
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Bell XR Spherical Road Helmet £209.99

Bell XR Spherical road helmet

The Bell XR Spherical Road helmet is exceptional in terms of comfort, ventilation, and secure fit. It's a top choice if you’re looking for a versatile and reliable lid and is well worthy of a place in our roundup.

The Mips Spherical Technology is a ‘Russian doll’ concept in that the helmet comes in two parts, with the outer shell able to move relative to the inner section. This is designed to reduce the rotational impact in the event of a crash. The system also amps up comfort by allowing helmet manufacturers to put pads in more places.

Adjusting the fit is easy, the cradle and rear dial system offering a secure and customisable feel. The strap arrangement, running through the inner and connecting to the outer shell, adds comfort and creates a seamless look.

The sliding magnetic clip adds to the user-friendly design, making the helmet easy to put on and take off even when you’re wearing thick winter gloves, while ventilation is impressive thanks to the Mips Spherical system which allows air to flow freely.

Little details, like rubber grippers for glasses and helmet pads that strike a balance between plushness and not being too absorbent, show that Bell has thought things through with this design.

This helmet impressed us massively. If you’re looking for a well-rounded high-performance lid, it’s a fabulous option.

Why it’s here An innovative helmet that offers comfort, ventilation and seamlessly integrated Spherical Technology
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Magicshine Windbreaker Classic Sunglasses £38.99

roadcc recommends awards 2023-24 - Accessories of the Year - Bargain Buy

The Magicshine Windbreaker Classic Sunglasses are a fantastic cycle-specific option, offering a great combination of style, comfort, and performance at a reasonable price. 

Weighing just 30g, these shades are impressively lightweight, and they're a comfortable fit with or without a helmet.

The wraparound-style polycarbonate lens reduces glare while improving contrast and clarity. You can go for photochromic and polarised versions if you prefer. The glasses come in five frame and lens combinations and are suitable for most face shapes.

Comfort is exceptional, with no temple pressure and a customisable nose-piece. The glasses remain stable and secure as you ride, with no annoying sliding or bouncing. The clarity of vision is better than you’d expect for the price, with a tint that works well across various conditions.

The peripheral vision is excellent, and the lens design avoids fogging. Reviewer Lara Dunn had a minor niggle about the visibility of the nose-piece, especially since it was orange on the glasses tested, but that’s a small trade-off for the overall quality offered at such an affordable price.

Compared to high-end brands like Oakley, the Magicshine Windbreaker Classic Sunglasses are an attractive alternative without compromising on style or protection. The included semi-rigid zipped case, soft drawstring bag, and cleaning cloth add further value to an already impressive package. These sunglasses are a superb choice, providing style, comfort, and performance at a budget-friendly price point.

Why they're here Stylish, effective, light and comfortable, they punch far above their weight for the price
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DJI Osmo Action 4 Adventure Combo £469

DJI Osmo Action 4 Adventure Combo

The DJI Osmo 4 is an excellent action camera, outperforming rivals from GoPro and all other brands out there. Its responsive touchscreen and intuitive software improve the user experience, as do its remarkable lightness and stability.

In daylight, the Osmo 4’s footage competes with, and even surpasses, the recently released GoPro Hero12. It boasts impressive recording capabilities, reaching up to 4K/120 for smooth slow motion at a 16:9 aspect ratio. This is in HDR, 10 bit, at up to 130Mbps data rate. While the GoPro marginally outperforms the DJI in terms of stabilisation, the Osmo 4’s image quality is better.

Reviewer Tom Weijand said, “My favourite use was actually not to record my experience of a ride, but to strap it to my back and record my young son’s permanent grin as he hit the bumps on the back of my bike. Though the camera is no more than 30cm from his face, he’s framed perfectly.”

The DJI ecosystem offers a range of accessories, with the Bluetooth GPS Remote Control standing out. Battery performance is good, the Osmo 4 lasting nearly an hour and a quarter, and the optional battery case adds convenience. The absence of a desktop app is a drawback for efficient editing, though.

Despite minor drawbacks, the Osmo 4 delivers an impressive overall package that outshines its GoPro competition.

Why it’s here One of the best, if not the best, action cameras currently available
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Exposure Link+ Mk3 Front and Rear Combo with DayBright £90

Exposure Link+ Mk3 Front and Rear Combo with DayBright

The helmet-mounted Exposure Link+ Mk3 Front and Rear Combo with DayBright is a UK-made gem that provides 360° visibility and boasts 450 lumens at the front and 50 lumens at the rear. The construction quality is excellent. Over months of urban commuting, its reliability hugely impressed reviewer Nick Cox.

Weighing in at 90g, the anodised aluminium build is simple yet durable, designed to fit vented helmets with a circular screw mount. Controlled by a single top-mounted button, the light is simple to operate, offering three brightness levels and various modes.

Although charging is a bit fiddly due to the rubber dock cover, this is a small inconvenience for the water-resistant (IP65) design. With over three hours of battery life on full power, it easily covers daily commutes, and you get up to 32 hours at lower settings.

The Exposure Link+ Mk3 isn’t the cheapest option, but it delivers high-quality, reliable, and versatile performance. This is a really impressive piece of kit that's well worth considering.

Why it’s here A really brilliant helmet light that could make you feel safer on your commute
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Igaro S1 Pro dynamo USB charger £233.33

Igaro S1 Pro.jpg

Igaro proudly claims its S1 Pro is ‘the world's best dynamo hub USB charger’, and after putting it to the test, we’d agree that it’s a game-changer for those heading off on long adventures where dependable USB charging is a huge benefit.

The S1 Pro’s secret weapons are two super-capacitors within its sleek cylindrical body, serving as short-term power storage. Tailored for the SON28 dyno hub (although it works fine with other hubs), it knows how much power is available at a given speed and uses two tuning circuits to extract as much as possible, which goes into the super-capacitors.

What sets the S1 Pro apart is its intelligent intermediate step. It activates the main USB port only when there's enough stored energy for a stable charge, ensuring a more consistent power supply independent of the dynamo's output.

Encased in a robust alloy tube with two USB-C ports and LED lights to tell you various things, the S1 Pro comes with two mounts that allow you to put it out front on your handlebar. If you struggle for space on your audax/touring setup, you can hang lights or cameras from it.

The S1 Pro justifies its price with top-notch build quality, reliable performance, and a space-efficient design. It’s a niche product, but if you’re planning extended tours or ultra-distance events, it's an excellent choice.

Why it’s here Really well-realised dynamo USB charger that adds a bit of bar real estate too
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OneOdio OpenRock S Open-Ear Air Conduction Sport Earbuds £83

OneOdio OpenRock S Open-Ear Air Conduction Sport Earbuds

If you like listening to music or podcasts on your bike, the OneOdio OpenRock S open-ear headphones offer an excellent alternative to bone-conduction options, allowing you to hear what’s going on around you as you ride. 

Coming in a smart case that doubles as a charging station, the OpenRock S earphones are impressive in form and function. OneOdio claims a 60-hour runtime from the case and 19 hours from the earphones alone. Even if you’re low on battery, a quick five minutes in the case gives you an hour of playtime. The four-bar LED display on the case tells you the charging status and battery level.

While the earphones are slightly larger than some rivals, they’re exceptionally comfortable. The adjustable ear loop ensures a snug fit, and once dialled in, you forget you're wearing them.

The IPX5 rating means they’re suitable for light rain, while touch-sensitive pads on each earphone allow for easy music and call control, though adjusting volume requires your phone. The 16.2mm dynamic driver delivers a sound quality that’s better than bone-conduction alternatives, with a well-rounded range.

Although wind and traffic noise can occasionally compete, the open-ear design allows you to hear traffic. The OpenRock S earphones aren’t cheap but they’re not bad value either. Despite minor quirks like touch controls that require a bit of practice, these headphones are excellent in terms of comfort, sound quality, and battery life.

Why they're here Really good sound quality and unbeatable battery life, and you can hear the traffic too
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Zefal Adventure Frame Bag £29.99

Zefal Adventure Frame Bag

If you’re looking for additional storage for your cycling adventures, the Zefal C2 Adventure frame bag is a 2.2-litre star. Secured by sturdy Velcro straps, it adds practicality without taking up the whole of your top tube. The 280 x 10 x 65mm dimensions allow ample room for water bottles, even on smaller frames

The Velcro straps provide a secure fit, and their inner material prevents rubbing on paintwork. The bag’s frame doesn't always sit completely flush with the front of the triangle of the frame, but this doesn’t affect performance or usability.

With a large pull, the top-side zip is user-friendly. Despite a tendency to bulge with larger items, the bag maintains shape with the help of a protective rubber ‘bumper’ along the edges.

The water-resistant coating protects against splashes, although heavy rain may get inside. The hidden zipped pocket for valuables, running the bag’s full length, is a useful addition, while the bungee-style strap at the bottom is handy for items like a mini-pump.

The Zefal Adventure Frame Bag’s quality and price mean it's certainly worth considering if you're looking for something small for bikepacking or just a little unobtrusive extra storage for day-to-day riding.

Zefal's Z Adventure C range has undergone a significant evolution since we published our review, now having a double coating on both the inside and outside for increased waterproofing. On top of that, the zips have been reinforced for greater strength. 

Why it’s here A great-value and well-designed frame bag that performs well above its modest price tag
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Post Carry Co Mini Handlebar Bag £31

2023 Post Carry Co Mini Handlebar Bag-4

The Mini Handlebar Bag from Post Carry Co proves that good things can come in small packages. With a 1.5-litre capacity and a convenient clam-shell design, it's ideal for long rides where you want to carry more than just the most basic of essentials. It fits on even the smallest of bikes too. 

Made with a durable 600D polyester outer layer and a 200D polyester interior, the bag maintains its shape with the help of a discreet plastic plate. Securing it to the handlebars is simple, two wide Velcro straps keeping it stable even on rough terrain.

Available in six colour combinations, the Post Carry Co bag features dual zippers that allow you to open it to a full 180°, providing easy access and a clear view of the contents inside.

In real-world testing, this bag proved to be etremely versatile, serving as a store for extra layers of clothing in the winter and a snack stash for long spring and summer rides. Its smaller size makes it perfect for quick adventures or daily commuting, allowing you to save pocket space while it attaches and detaches in seconds.

This bag is exceptionally good if you're looking for a sleek, low-profile option that doesn’t sacrifice practicality. 

Why it’s here Great small-volume handlebar bag for long rides and for keeping the back pockets empty
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Rudy Project Egos helmet £169.99

Rudy Project Egos helmet

The Rudy Project Egos helmet combines style, comfort, and functionality. It is low-profile and sleek, the vents direct the airflow well to keep you cool, and the overall quality is high.

The dual-density inner shell is designed to provide greater energy absorption than the main EPS (expanded polystyrene) part of the helmet in the event of a crash, while airflow is very good thanks to 23 well-positioned vents. The front scoop, coupled with the vent placement, efficiently channels air over your head and out the back, helping you stay cool and comfortable. Effective padding adds to that comfort, and a mesh covering the front vents stops unwelcome insects from getting in. 

You can fine-tune the fit via Rudy’s ‘Retention 11’ dial which adjusts a thick cable that extends around most of the inside of the helmet, while the chinstrap is secured by an easy-to-operate magnetic FidLock system.

While lacking Mips technology, Rudy Project says that the Egos has passed its in-house rotational impact test which is inspired by motorcycle helmet standards.

Rudy Project has delivered a comfortable, well-ventilated helmet with some really good features, all without breaking the bank. A top buy!

Why it’s here A comfortable, well-vented helmet that show lots of attention to detail – and the price isn't stupid
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Elops Seat Post Pannier Rack 500 £24.99

2023 ELOPS Seat Post Pannier Rack 500.jpg

The Elops Seat Post Pannier Rack is a versatile and practical addition to your bike, providing excellent performance at a reasonable price.

With a maximum load capacity of 10kg, this rack transforms your road bike, mountain bike, hybrid, or e-bike into a moderate load carrier. Installation is simple thanks to a simple design with four bolts and a protective split sleeve to prevent scratches on seatposts ranging from 25-32mm in diameter.

The rack is compatible with both panniers and trunk bags, and the option of removing the side rails for beam bags sheds a little. We used it with various panniers, including the Vaude Aqua Back Lights and Altura Heritage series, and all fitted easily and securely without compromising heel clearance. While it may not offer the quick-release convenience of some, this rack is stable without any swinging or swaying.

The Elops Seat Post Pannier Rack is simple and effective, with very few signs of wear even after months of use. This budget-friendly option proves itself a reliable choice for converting non-touring bikes into efficient commuters or day-trip luggage carriers, eliminating the need for a bag on your back. The straightforward design and reliability make it an outstanding choice.

Why it’s here It's excellent – cheap, tough, easy to install and great at carrying loads securely whether in a beam bag or panniers
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Apidura Packable Backpack (13L) £46

Apidura Packable Backpack 13L

The Apidura Packable Backpack is an excellent solution for unexpected loads, whether on or off the bike. Made from a durable waterproof material, its best feature is the ability to pack into a compact bundle. 

Yes, it costs £46 – and you could buy any one of hundreds of decent small backpacks from outdoor shops for that money or less – but they’ll be far heavier and bulkier. That’s what you’re paying for here – less weight and less space taken up when not in use.

Packing Apidura’s bag down is a breeze with a square of Velcro keeping it together. It measures just 7 x 8 x 9cm in this state, with a removable strap allowing it to be fastened securely to your bike frame.

Unpacking is swift, with the bag resembling a drybag with a roll-top design that doubles as a convenient carry handle off the bike. 

In use, the backpack sits comfortably high between the shoulders during rides, with loads of adjustment options from the shoulder and sternum straps. Reviewer Mike Stead even used it for enduro-style mountain biking to test its performance to the limit and it stayed securely in place throughout.

Reflective dots enhance visibility, and tape-sealed seams keep water out. Although it weighs only 110g, the Packable Backpack is functional and durable and Apidura’s lifetime warranty underscores the product’s quality.

Why it’s here Excellent cycle-specific backpack that squashes down to almost nothing when not in use
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Cytronex e-bike conversion kit for Brompton T Line £1,395

roadcc recommends awards 2023-24 - Accessories of the Year - Money No Object

This is a huge change of pace: an e-bike conversion kit for a Brompton T Line folder – although Cytronex offers options for other bikes too. It’s much more expensive than anything else here, but it’s an outstanding product. 

Brompton, a name synonymous with folding bikes, introduced the ultra-light T Line titanium and carbon model (£4,415) in 2022. This Cytronex conversation kit is not an official Brompton model, but it is specifically tailored for the T Line. The Cytronex for Brompton T Line could well be the lightest multi-geared electric folder out there at this weight (11.65kg).

The unpowered T Line itself is a marvel, with an all-titanium mainframe, carbon handlebars, forks, cranks, and a steel-armoured carbon seatpost. Without the Cytronex kit, it weighs 8kg. The Cytronex T Line conversion kit, weighing around 3.65kg, is certainly among the lightest out there and, by our reckoning, the most efficient. Fiitting it to such a light, efficient bike is a match made in heaven.

The latest Cytronex iteration for the T Line includes a Boost switch with five power levels, a high-capacity bottle battery, and Bluetooth functionality for monitoring and control via a smartphone app. On the road, the system is simple and efficient, providing smooth motor assistance, and we managed over 30 miles on a single charge. Hill climbing, while requiring a bit more effort than larger systems, is effective.

Like any other Brompton, the T Line shines when it comes to folding and carrying. As a train commuter, it can't be beaten, with the legendary Brompton fold adding to its portability. The addition of the Cytronex battery increases the stepover height, but this is still a fabulous system.

While the price tag might seem steep, the performance, lightness, and portability put this combo in a class of its own. It’s a sound investment given the exceptional resale value.

Why it’s here The best lightweight e-bike conversion kit out there
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Apidura City Messenger £91

Apidura City Messenger

The Apidura City Messenger is a really good bag that’s made with attention to detail. It’s waterproof and comfortable, with the flexibility to switch the main strap from one side to the other. You get well-thought-out features, including pockets to keep your essentials safe, and while not the largest, it’s perfect if you want to carry a 13-inch laptop with additional room for a bottle, snacks, and even a jumper. A City Messenger for an 11-inch laptop is available for £80.

If you’re a commuter accustomed to a backpack, you’ll appreciate the messenger bag's airflow design which helps prevent a sweaty back. Its waterproof fabric and welded seams provide impressive rain performance, keeping your belongings dry even on the soggiest days.

Internal features, such as a laptop sleeve and mesh pockets, add to the bag’s organisational skills. Little touches like laser-cut slots for a rear light and reflective strips enhance safety.

Considering its features and durability, the Apidura City Messenger comes at a very reasonable price. If you’re after a top-notch messenger bag for your laptop without unnecessary bulk, this one hits the mark splendidly.

Why it’s here High-quality, adjustable, waterproof, and neatly sized for 13in laptops
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Exposure Boost-R with ReAKT and Peloton £90

roadcc recommends awards 2023-24 - Accessories of the Year - Editors Choice

This is a fantastic rear light that boosts visibility and offers impressive runtimes, along with a couple of nifty features that really do elevate the performance above that of its rivals

In making the new Boost-R, Exposure took the already highly acclaimed Trace-R, which earned a whopping nine out of 10 in our review, and doubled the runtimes while adding just 10g. That's quite an achievement.

You get an anodised 6063 aluminium body that contains a 1400 mAh Li-Ion battery and a red XPE-R LED. The aluminium is tough, as is the thick plastic lens. Runtimes range from six hours in the brightest constant mode up to a huge 48 hours in the lowest flash mode. 

The ReAKT function means the Boost-R flares when you brake and adapts to the surrounding ambient light conditions in order to improve visibility. The Peloton feature detects when you’re cycling in a group and dims automatically to avoid dazzling the rider behind. Both work really well out on the road.

Yes, there are cheaper rear lights out there – many of them – but this is an outstanding option that should last you years. Sometimes it pays to invest in quality.

Why it's here Excellent rear light with impressive runtimes, a high build quality and useful features
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