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My day with the Tour Series #2 !

Evening all, I am sorry to report that despite a few glimpses on ITV4 this evening, the t-shirt (in shocking pink) wasn't that visible on our nations TV screens.

My apologies to Dave and Tony.

Last years blog regarding Peterborough cyclings big night out focused on the support event local amateurs including myself were part of. You can read it by clicking here.

My afternoon started with a quick rush out of work and drive home before jumping on the Bianchi and riding into town to sign on.

It was a similar event again this year and it was made even better for me with my wife nipping out from work for a late lunch break to cheer me on as I struggled to get to grips with a circuit that had changed direction from last year.

The right turn at the bottom of Bridge Street was tricky as a left hander (unless like me you closed you eyes and just went for it). This year it felt like it flung you off the cobbles onto the dual carriage way. The wind whalloped you square on the jaw for that whole section and a road I have travelled in by car for 30 years was revealed to me as being uphill!

The turn off the Queensgate roundabout launched you down Cowgate and into the final 250 metres to sprint for the line.

First lap was ok, my heart rate maxed out at 176bpm and I rolled over the line with a middle of the pack time.

By the time I was lining up for my second lap my heart was still pounding and felt like it was right at the back of my throat!

I couldn't 'stay' for the second lap and was struggling in the saddle up the final straight before giving it a little bit of a sprint (for the crowd of course !!).

I then rode home for some well earned cheese on toast and then rushed back in for the pro race.

As with last year all the support on our little piece of barrier was for Sir Tony Gibb, and the great man (second only to Albert Timmer on my list) led the pack round for the first few laps.

Of course the final part of the race was blighted by Yanto Barkers "pitstop" and subsequent confusion caused by him unlapping himself whilst we thought he was making a bid for the win.

But as local radio said this morning, it didn't matter who won the race, Peterborough was the winner. And however cliched that might be, it is true.

More people have stopped me in the office today to ask about cycling than ever before and my hope now is that Peterborough City Council are true to their word and they do all their can to keep the Tour Series in the local calender for many years to come.




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