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Tony Gibb - I am a fan not a stalker!

You can see it in his eyes. Pro cyclist Tony Gibb of the team thinks I am stalking him.

It all started a couple of years ago when Tony was the guest of honour and presented the awards at our club dinner. He came across as a thoroughly nice chap who enjoyed being there and was open to have a chat and share some knowledge.

As a result of that most members of our club who went to that winter's Revolution track series in Manchester adopted "Gibbo" as our rider to support.

Every bike race I have been at has seen me craning my neck and when he has been visible I have been shouting in his ear "GO ON TONY, GO ON" This winter has seen more encouragement for the great man from trackside at the National Cycling Centre, but dejection when there was no sign of him at the Rutland CiCLE Classic.

The support was supposed to reach it zenith the other night at the Tour Series, but I think the volume of the cheer on his last warm up was so loud that it scared him... He certainly performed admirably during the race and it is great to see him back in form. But I would like to use this page to apologise to him for hurting his ears and if he would prefer I will keep my support quieter for the remainder of the season and beyond!!!

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