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An introduction to the hound…


I was born in January 1959 making me 50 years young, and I still want to go out with my mates to play on bikes. I commute to work, do a few summer time trials and may write from a "it wasn't like that in my day" position.

This year I have signed up for a Scottish C2C (off road) and intend doing the Tour of Flanders sportif where my riding mate works for the main sponsor of Silence-Lotto. May get a chance to tell you all about my espresso with Cadel! Last year I did a 3 night bivvy on the Pennine Cycleway between Berwick and Derby and looking to do something similar this year. Can also bore everybody with my diet, 6lbs in three weeks. And will I manage to avoid buying a carbon frame or fancy wheels? I don't need them.... I am also in the run-in to early retirement within the next two years if the economy improves, though beginning to look as if I may have to work longer  2

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