Ho hum. another day, another stick in the wheels of cycling in Bath. The much-vaunted new 'transport interchange' will, it transpires, do away with the ramp that serves the London-bound platform. So it's bikes in the lift then, or up the poky stairs with the narrow bariers at the top. Funny how when people harp on about integrated transport they're only really thinking about integrating the bits that they can make an easy buck out of. Trains. Buses. Parking spaces. Sorry, you want a what-park?

To be honest, if you've even made it to the station without being 1) run over on the Churchill Bridge gyratory or 2) been moaned at for scooting your bike over the footbridge then you've done pretty well. My best hope is that we can campaign for some decent cycle parking on the side of the station that'll still have a slope. Obviously that won't help if you're actually taking your bike on the train, but since that requires a form in triplicate and a deposit via postal order these days (or something), it's getting to be less and less of an issue...

You can find out more about the campaign to save the ramp, and how to make your voice heard, here:

There's a Facebook group, too:

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