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Pointless tour...

I spent a little of my increasingly rare down time in front of the television last night and with little interest in Manchester United ended up 'glued' to the Sky Sports review of the Tour of Qatar.

Now before the comments flood in, I know that this is a strategically good event for the UCI in a wealthy (albeit slightly less nowadays) country with great weather to enable the pros to get a bit of sun and ride themselves into form.

I am down with that, honestly.

But it doesn't stop it being the least entertaining cycling spectacle on television.

Every stage seemed to finish at the same place in front of the same two spectators having been down the same faceless dual carriage ways getting battered by the winds.

The only day it got interesting was when the road hadn't been built at a roundabout junction and loads of the break got punctures.

The main event wasn't much of a competition so it appeared the riders switched to their own event which was "see who could get the shiniest mirrored finished lens in their sunglasses".

The prize went to Tom Boonens and his BBB efforts.

At least there is a different race on Eurosport tonight. I can't wait to see what the Tour of Oman holds...

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